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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Knew Today Was Gonna Be Fun...

when I began my morning by putting the toilet paper roll on backwards.   I know this is not important to many but my life is just wrong if the roll is backwards.

I like the roll to spill the paper counter clock wise so, if needed, I can just spin and the paper will be at my finger tips.

On the other hand and the other direction, I become a basket case over where is the toilet paper.  If it lays on the wall, it bothers me.  I prefer for it to free hang in the air. I don't know why I dislike the paper touching the wall first, it is clean and after all I am only wiping my behind.

I could have simply reinstalled the roll but then I would not have been able to write this.


An English Shepherd said...

I have heard the expression getting out of bed the wrong side but never the wrong side of the toilet roll !

I am sure your day will improve :-)


becky said...

haha! isn't funny how we have to do things a certain way? I do the same with my toilet paper... and no matter if I'm running late... I always have to make my bed before leaving the house. The dishes, on the other hand can wait!
happy sunday !

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

yay, another person who puts toilet paper on correctly. Whew, I'm releaved to know that. Everyone else in this house is backasswards when it comes to tp and the proper positioning.
Funny how it matters huh....but it does.
Have a super right way day today and tomorrow.

allhorsestuff said...

That is too funny.
I am the opposite, I make the little (room service has been here)triangle fold, at the end as well. NO! Not every time... just with a fresh roll or after I've cleaned the BR!

I got cancelled on for th day at the stables and am still in my jammies! it is that kinda day! I had your kind on Friday, good thing it was a short wk day. I may have messed someone up.

Irene said...

I agree with you on the toilet paper, but I'm the only one who puts it on the holder, so there's no problem. It's for hygenic reasons that we do. Even if the wall is clean. Your hand may not be. Oh, gross!

Rudee said...

Last Thursday, my husband and I had a lengthy discussion about the proper was to hang the toilet paper on the stand. I like it hung so it rolls counterclockwise, and he prefers the opposite. I reminded him that if he wants it that way, he can hang it that way himself. He is not the one who replaces the empty roll.

What would life be like if we didn't pay attention to the minutia?

Pat said...

Wait, does this mean you like it over, as opposed to under?

I'm an over person. I hate having to dig around for the end when it's "under". When I go to other people's houses and the toilet paper is "under", I am tempted to switch it to my liking. Is that sick?

Carolina said...

Hi, stopped by your blog after visiting Allhorsestuff.
Thanks for the laugh ;-)
I might have the solution to your problems. We have a toiletroll holder that hangs from the ceiling. Very designerish. It's an aluminium U-shape on it's side with a wire from the middle of the top 'leg' of the U to the ceiling. (Heck, I might need to post a photo, describing isn't my forte.) But the paper never touches the wall. Clever non? It's toilet paper on a swing ;-)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi, dropped by here after visiting All Horse Stuff. Well, of course, the toilet paper needs to be right doesn't it, or the day just go to the dogs. Very funny.

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