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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

i am seth

from the first
and the second
i am third

with sheep and clay
i work
the ones i protect
live forever
with my hands                                                                    sheep. (Image by Flickr user Atli Harðarson, CC)
i copy life but
it can only be
a copy
i can not create
nor breathe life
into my images
i mold and shape
but hold not
the power
The Creator

i am seth
from the first
and the second
i am third

For dVerse~Poets Pub


X said...

Even though it is but a copy, in creating I think we touch something like the Creator. Even in our imitation of life.

Abhra said...

I like the repetition effect - it establishes you piece well, and true and artist can not give life to their creation - but they live beyond life, don't they?

Claudia said...

those that i protect... i love that... i think that is as important as the act of creation..to protect what is entrusted to us

brudberg said...

I love how you have created this.. to create is always a creation even if it just reflects the brilliant truth.

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

I liked that very much indeed. Excellent!

Susan Anderson said...

This is a powerful piece. Love it!


Martha said...

Wonderful piece!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this. It tells a story in just your few words. I feel I know Seth and his people.

Lowcarb team member said...

Well done again Gail.
I like the way the poem is shaped ...

All the best Jan

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