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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I Like Dogs!

You may remember when Ki-Anne joined the family as an abandoned pup.  Ki took a few days to name herself and it was full steam ahead.  Never knew what she was, just a blessing I thought.  Then, due to my over site, she was bred before I had her spayed.  Bad me, but then we kept Junior and found good homes for the others.

After Marcy's ENT check up ("Come back in five years, cancer free!") we went to Salvation Army.  Always an outing we enjoy.

Walking by the second shelf a man asked me "Are you familiar with Mountain Curs?"  I answered, yes and the flood gates open.  I saw pictures of his pups, heard tales of all his dogs, and then we moved on to Bowie Knives (He was a blade smith), his son's military service, The Alamo and back to Mountain Curs again.

I ran through the store quickly and apologized to Marcy for taking so long.  Not a problem, gave her time to see every thing.

First I wondered...do I smell like a dog?  How did the man know I was a dog lover?  Had he asked every one that came in the same question?  It was an enjoyable educational day.

I remember reading the Compton's Encyclopedia and studying each breed of dog. Trouble was they showed only AKC.  I now have books on multiple dog breeds.  Call me weird, I like dogs.  I wanted to be a vet. Life happens so now I just have an eerie fascination with all animals along with an obsessive thirst for learning...and I love dogs.

I think I have discovered the mysterious breed in the lineage of Ki-Anne and Junior.  The facts fit!  How could I be so unaware?  Being a Mountain Cur (UKC breed and mainly an American dog)  is what makes both of these dogs a valuable farm pair.  They are the main poison snake committee, the watchers of the family yet always ready for a "Good dog!" or a pat on the head.

This fits the pair to a T.  http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/mountaincur.htm  I thoroughly enjoyed the temperament, origin, and description of the breed.

This link http://aboutdogmountaincur.blogspot.com/2013/01/basics-of-mountain-cur-training.html has an almost twin to Ki-Anne.

Now I know why she named herself after a hot pepper.  Ki-Anne, my undaunting, protective, intelligent, loving, useful farm dog.  It was a lucky day indeed when she was carried into my place of business.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Enter Their Realm

and you pay an admission price
Where there are ants
there are ant eaters
many ant eaters
When I finished clearing what I thought needed clearing I built a sanctuary in the same area with all their occupation requirements. Bon appetit, my precious bug eaters.
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