Monday, April 27, 2015

Someone Made A Mistake!

Through Wishes, Dreams And Other Things by way of McGuffy's Reader I have been graciously awarded  the Creative Blogger Award.  Thank you for this honor.

I thank who awarded me, link to them, and tell my deep dark secrets (something) about myself.

1. I began my blog in September '08.   A variety of subjects were written about during my seven years of blogging. I have bared my soul, told scary fictional and non-fictional tales, written some "poetry", shown my "art", shared my ideas, my laughter and tears of farming and life.  If there's a subject you are interested in, type a word in the search at the upper left of my blog and you can see what I thought about that subject at the time.  I'm not out of words yet!

2.  Life is full of changes and so has my blog writing changed.  In the beginning I feared showing my face.  My first profile photo was a goat's behind sticking out of a feed sack.  I don't know that my face is better but it's different.   One thing blogging has given me is bravado.  The best thing I have gained is many wonderful friends.  They support me, encourage me, cry and laugh with me and appreciate me just the way I am...or so they say.  Oh, and I tease a lot.

3.  I have a Rebel camera and am trying to learn how to take pictures better than just click and shoot.  This may take me a while so please be patient.

4.  You who know me are gonna laugh cause this ain't a secret...I love dogs, horses, nature and rocks!

5.  I believe we are stewards of the land and hope to leave it better than it was.  I believe in The Creator and the Boogie Man (he/she has many faces).  I believe we make a difference when we write. We make the world smaller by coming together.  I believe there is always something to learn and yet also believe there is nothing new under the sun.  My wise grandmother told me to believe nothing I hear and only half of what I see so I have some cynicism but much optimism.
I hope it balances out.

Thank you for sharing this award with me.

One more thing:  My mind, like Diamond Lil in this picture, is always busy whether it shows or not.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Conversation Among Dogs

Whatcha got?
Let me see!
I don't see it!
You callin' me a liar, old dog?
Who you callin' old, you one-eyed jack?
I'm the snake killer.
I think all were on the job.
The only piece of snake I could find.

Out! Damned Stain

Use the words above and create poem or prose.

Clip this diaphanous garment from me
The lace is mottled with shades of red
Out, damned stain!

Dissonant purse, be gone! 
I demand iridescent cloth
To cover me in crying weather 

Alone wrapped in velour
I write with ink no more.
Tears cause words to run
And that's what I'm posting

Saturday, April 25, 2015

To Learn Patience

you must be tried.  It helps a little to have egg on your face or a foot in your mouth. Thus begins my tale.

During the excitement of the annual Junior/Senior Prom most guys have to rent a tuxedo.  We just don't have many occasions for them.  However on a night when young ladies gather in gorgeous dresses and are looking for a dance partner, you rent a tux.

Tux ordered, measurements taken, tried on...jacket too long.  So the sweet (clueless) helper proceeded to explain to a sensitive grandson that he's legs are too short, not that the jacket style is longer this year, not that they may have made a mistake, but only that his legs were too short!  And this was after I had to call them to see if the suit was in...I was told my phone was out of order.  I don't think so, ma'am, I politely said when I called.  Is it in?  Yes.  Okay, A will pick it up.  Originally the suit was to have arrived in time for any needed alterations.  Now we're a few days from the event.
A brings the tux home and tells me about the conversation...his legs are too short.

It was sad and when a grandson is sad a grandmother gets mad.

I proceeded to go on line and in a proper pretentious way I named each clerk, their behavior,  their aforementioned promises and even the price of the rental. I added for good measure I would never darken their door again.  No reply but I had gotten it out of my system.

Imagine my shame when I arrived to return the tux today and I had contacted the wrong store!!!!  Egg and foot!  So I decided since I had already been ugly, I would not try that again...lesson learned...maybe.

I returned the suit and asked for a receipt to say they had received the suit.  The young well-mannered gentleman did not know what to do.  No one had ever asked that before.  I said, Just sign your name on a piece of paper and I will have proof you've received the suit.  He asked the Supreme Lady behind the desk the question and she rolled her eyes!!!!!!  This lady was at least fifty and that is way beyond eye rolling age in my book.  I don't care how old you are, eye rolling in my neck of the woods is a challenge to a duel.  My family knows that.  As I was telling my story my daughter said, Oh, no, the lady rolled her eyes!!! I surprised everyone by taking my receipt from the wonderfully mannered clerk and leaving without a word.

It rained all prom night but it didn't dampen the spirits of those attending.  Every one had a great time.  Blowing wind, lots of rain, A had escorted his date inside and then parked his truck.
Not bad for a guy whose legs are too short.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Once Upon A Time

Far, far away
There was a rock
And there he laid

Alone he thought
And talked aloud
"I wish to be
Important somehow."

His fairy godmother heard him
(We all have them you know)
They know our deepest wishes
They're always sure to show

The fairy godmother
Waved her wand
To add a little sparkle
To the rock she sat upon

The rock shared his wishes
To make a  difference in the world
Fairy godmother said,
"You do!" as she whirled

"Do you not know
What great things you've done?
You were liquid, then a giant mass
Here for millions of years in the past"

"The animals have visited
to lay on you and warm
Many have sheltered beneath
And came to no harm"

The rock listens
But he didn't understand
The importance of his existence
On this spot of land

"What is so important
about being?" he asked.
"I want to make a different
I want to take life fast."

"Oh my dear rock, my friend
You haven't got a clue
Of the things you've given Earth
Of all the things you do!"

"The rains made you smaller
Parts of you become the land
The ice has broken you apart
So you could fit in a hand"

"Your carry your history within you
You once lived on an ocean's floor
You are full of history
And so very much more."

Then a child happened by,
Every one grew quiet
Cause if the world knew they talk
There would certainly be a riot.

"Oh, Mom, look!  It's a pretty rock."
He picked it up, held it with a squint
Saw fossils, sparkles and smiled
Into his pocket it went.

Fairy godmother whispered
Happily to the rock
"Now you know being loved
That's the best job for a rock."