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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Heather for The Sunday Whirl

She was our foster child, a daughter of the heart, possibly a legal daughter. It was easy for us until it wasn't.

Stop!  Deal with this now, speak to me, please.
The secret is worming through as it rots your soul.  We are not them.

We were wiser but the amber eyes didn't trust nor believe we might be the answer.

No amount of motherly chirping could convince her to be ours.  The screaming of a raptor reached its crescendo and its departure.

There were no happy endings.  She could not believe in that possibility.

Exploring Natural Vegetation

 Indian Turnip?
 or Ginseng?
Fungi and no, Alex, I don't know what kind of fungi!
 sabatia angularis
Button Willows around the pond
All enjoyed on an August day At The Farm.
May your day be full of beauty.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Freaky Nature Or Goodly Lessons?

A tree bent by nature will now grow this way.
Bending but not breaking as many of us have experienced in life.
Look at those colors!
Orange, green, white, gray and brown...
They all seem to be coexisting without problems.
Signs of the Templar Knights?
An ancient language?
Proof of early settlement?
Simply a rock marked by life
yet it remains solid.
Is this a trail tree or merely a tree handicapped in its youth?
It continues to grow even with many difficulties.

Freaky nature or life lessons?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Epitaph

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie
B&P Shadorma and Beyond – The Epitaph 
The challenge is to write our own epitaph.

Here's lies Gail
end of trail swinging
on the gates
she's giving the angels hell
no surprise...it's Gail

Also sharing with Poets United:  Poetry Pantry

Trailing Purple

a trick of the light leaves an illusion of purple by her mouth as she swims.
I can't explain.  I think it was a gift for me to see purple today in a surprise place.