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Monday, February 8, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Koi

the warm days
and food.

Friday, February 5, 2016


is a fictional book I've just finished reading.  I'm not sure I would say I enjoyed it but I did read every word.  It is an inside out look of an abused family who to the world are the perfect high society happy family.

Not so and as I read the tale I realized how many, people not books, may be out there. Things happen in homes we never know because like Mom always said, "You don't air your dirty laundry".

Having come from an non-abusive family, it is difficult for me to understand but Ms Plain told the story well. For insight and an easy to read tale of domestic horror and triumph, try it.

This is not my normal type of reading but I buy my books at Salvation Army at a bargain price. Then I donate them back to a local resale shop who helps abused people improve their lives with safe houses, products and services available.  Now, that's kinda weird that this book is going there.  I hope it helps someone to break away and begin anew.

I lean toward horror, mystery, and suspense novels. Also I enjoy educational books, spiritual and real history. I finish every book I begin...which sometimes is horrible torture but most times a delight.
What are you reading?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sunshine On Water

Gotta love it in February.
Reminds you all is right with your world
there's a zombie apocalypse,
an unfriendly world invasion of alien life forms,
a catastrophic natural event that plunges the world into an ice age 
or a nuclear winter 
Or you computer dies.

Kinda puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Up On The Roof

Temperatures in low seventies had us hustling to get work done before winter stays for a few weeks. February is always our worst winter month.  Not so far.  The first day was perfect so up in the tractor bucket. We were lifted with heated tar to stop a leak in the roof and check out the gutters with Andrew at the controls.

I'm not one for heights but didn't know it until I was grown.  I thought that heart stopping breathless condition when I climbed trees to the top was just the thrill of the conquest.  It wasn't.  Found out later on, in fact, when Hubby and I went to the county fair. I was terrified when we stopped on the very top of the Ferris Wheel.  Didn't help that when Hubby started to swing our seat. He has always enjoyed making me scream and still does!

So we were slowly raised in the tractor with a bucket of hot tar which is the way we seal cracks and leaks on a roof around here.  Ideally we would get a new roof but ideally is not always an option so we do what we know how...make do with what we have.
Andrew, the bucket operator, could not resist tipping the bucket to get a reaction from me.  Papa made over!
The chimney was tarred as Dad did to get ahead of any possible leaks.
This is a steep roof.  I am still gripping the bucket and trying to clean the gutters. The thought of getting onto the roof had me about ready to pee my pants!

Andrew felt sorry for torturing me and monkey climbed the tractor arms and bucket to help the old man on the roof.  Since Hubby is my senior by around three years I was ashamed.  Not ashamed enough to climb up and help.
Having developed a leak on the front porch we wanted to get ahead of it by trying to stuff all possible places with hot tar to keep the rain out.  That is a male "we" as the female me is still gripping the bucket with a death grip.  It's not pretty but who's going to see it?  May this be the solution.  It has been a tried and true method our fathers used so cross your fingers.
And the younger generation learns by watching!
In the background you can see my worm pit/compost.  My sitting area that I bored you with this summer.  You might also note how terribly high we are from the ground.  I prefer the ground.  

If we have more warm days maybe we, uh, they can accomplish some more daunting tasks.  I wish we could call a roofer.  No funds.  This roof was installed right after our big tornado a few years ago. The company who did it were idiots taking advantage of the tornado damage or we would not be having these problems.  Oh, well, another life lesson.

What did you do yesterday?  I bet it wasn't as heart stopping as this was for me!
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