Thursday, December 18, 2014


in a time
when America
is called no lady
words fall loosely
with rules
and extremes

'Bible thumper'
'clam head'
'rag heads'

the names
fly easily
and cover
wet blankets of blame

So we all
can be shamed
into a slush
of political correctness
that keeps
no one safe

One country
of hu-mans
cannot tolerate
the truth

the tribes weep
the melting pot
boils dry
as the minions
follow the most recent
in a long line of injustices

until we know
all are the same
we will fight
and place blame
not on truth
but on the newly downtrodden

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Good Fences...

I enjoy seeing wonderful fences.  
Today I'm sharing a favorite.
Split rail fence
The Trimble House in Calico Rock, Arkansas
View many good fences at

My Favorite Store...

TerrapinTradingCompany is on Face Book and in down town Norfork, Arkansas, home of the Wolf House and where the Norfork River joins the White River.  A beautiful town to visit with other shops but the only one I see is Terrapin Trading Company with Amanda and David Quinney and their wonderful dog!
I feel badly I didn't ask the dog what her name was. Amanda had her sit for the picture.  I had to play ball and visit a little, no, a lot!  Amanda and co-owner/husband are artists and make amazing silver jewelry.  Displayed are local art pieces, natural products and clothing along with, you guessed it... ROCKS! Or should I say crystals, jewels, and stones, oh, my?!
There were drums, rain sticks, wind chimes, smell goods. finger-less mittens, art, clothing, cards, jewelry, purses, and pretties, lots of pretties.
I was as happy as a pig in a mud hole!!!!  Every where I turned discovered new products and endless items to delight me.
There is a reading room where you can relax and read, play drums, or just have fun visiting.  They do mail products, too so if you take a liking to something give them a call or contact them through FB.
I was successful in taking the dog's picture.  I had to sneak around because this dog is all about playing ball.  I tried to trick her but the dog was smarter than me.
Something for every one
and something for me.
Pure silver hand crafted rings with Amazonite and snow flake obsidian
using two different design styles.
 A silver pendant using my amethysts, an orange calcite and David's amazing talent.
The photos do not do justice to the place nor the pieces.

So if you're ever traveling north of me stop in, visit, play ball and carry home a treasure.  In addition to my jewelry I found a book and a drum I could not leave behind. I can guarantee you will leave with a smile and a warmer heart form meeting Mr and Mrs Quinney.