“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” ― Helen Keller

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How To Make A Woman From Scratch

Mix thoroughly equal portions of Joan of Arc, Etta James, Georgia O'Keeffe,  Sara Conner, Scarlet O'Hara, Emily Dickinson and Laura Ingalls Wilder with a dash of Mother Teresa, Katherine Hepburn and Belle Starr.

Stir well while adding a sense of adventure, a quirky personality, and a great sense of humor.

Top with equal amounts of wisdom and honesty and integrity.

Sprinkle generously with a love of life and all creatures.  Season liberally with laughter.

Ability to feed all the quiet voices of  humanity's soul.  Can be served at any temperature as a main dish or dessert.

**Wishing I could find these ingredients!  For Poetry Jam, HOW TO

Happy Thanksgiving.

It's Not Every Day You Turn Sixty...

Just November 19th for me.  Yep, the big six o.  Hubby woke up and said, If you go to Walmart with me, I'll buy you lunch for your birthday.  How can I turn down a romantic invitation like that?

It's early so Walmart should be okay.  We head to the Walmart in Mountain Home. There are two or three closer but none of those towns have Salvation Army.  That was my first birthday stop.  I bought a wallet and a beautiful three tier basket for fruit and didn't even burn a ten-spot.

Next stop Walmart.  Wasn't so lucky there but hubby's paying so I bought two new skillets and a cutting board.  I don't get out much.

Visited with my nephew, Jason, and saw an old friend I haven't seen in years. My guess is if you stay at Walmart long enough you might see every one you know.

Bonnie needs a new collar, I hear.  Okay, what kind?  A big one.  Okay.  I search through the collars and find the x-large.  I hear, Bonnie likes blue.  Okay, how do you know Bonnie likes blue?  I just do. She won't wear another color.  She likes blue.  Okay, so my newly turned-sixty body is squatted digging through all the blooming collars looking for a blue one.  I'm not balanced very well.  Hubby has the cart to lean on so he's steady to give directions.  I, on the other hand, am having trouble finding a BIG BLUE collar and breathing and keeping my balance.  Each one I show him has to be adjusted to Bonnie's size so he knows it will fit.  Decision made.  Blue collar in the cart.
This was the next part of  my present...another job.
Hubby says he is replacing outlets
but I know who'll be doing it.
And you thought Mel's Diner was just on tv!
Had a great birthday lunch with Hubby and nephew, Toni.
I can't go to Mountain Home without checking out the gun shops, that's right, I dream of gun shops. I wait in the truck while Hubby finds some shells "we need". Notice the big rock out front?
You know I had to get a closer look!
My best birthday surprise is when he turns toward the town of Norfork, Arkansas and The Terrapin Trading Company!!!  Hubby asked if I had my rocks with me.  Yes.  He parks here and walks to the gun shop next door while I'm allowed to go wild. 

The owner knows my name!!!  The dog doesn't bark, she knows me.  Maybe Hubby should not have "allowed" me free rein in here, my favorite store.  I pulled out my little sack of carefully chosen stones and we talk design.  That's right.  The owners make silver jewelry.  I gave him some of my extra stones and he gave me a "pocket rock" of labradorite.  

I've already received the call.  My pieces are ready!

Not a bad birthday for a gray haired over weight sixty year old lady that doesn't bend as well as I used to...now I must get to these outlets. They won't install themselves.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I Dream Of Men

in jeans and pick up trucks
with crow's feet and smiles
etched forever in their faces

I dream of men
                                who say "ma'am",
                              "thank you kindly"
                                       and "howdy"
                            as they lift their hat

I dream of men
                    with heads full of dreams
                           and eyes full of hope
                         men that slap their hat
                          against their pants leg
                   to leave some dust outside

I dream of men
                         who whisper to horses,        
                                               and ladies

I dream of men
                      who always carry a lariat,
                         a gun, a knife, lollipops,
                       and a willingness to help
                             in their pickup trucks

I dream of men
                        who know how to work,
                              laugh, love, and live
            with every ounce of themselves
  leaving no doubt you are the only one
                                       in their dreams

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