Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poetry Jam's Desert

The desert stole my heart
I probably would not last long.
The formations,
The rocks,
The plants and animals
moved me.
I was humbled by my summer trip last year
and certainly want to explore more.

Deserts for Poetry Jam

Arid desert lands
Scorch me
Enrich me
Envelope me
With heat and wonder

The desert nourishes my soul
Shows me her history
In colors and formations
Lost in the beauty 
I reach for the sky
The mystery of difference
Excites me
I wonder
If I'd survive
Or die
Becoming just another bone
O'Keeffe would want to paint.
I smile
In wonderment
Simply enjoy the view.

Editing Dummy Here...

I am working on a clip so you can finally hear Andrew play.  I have no idea how to begin but just know I am trying.
I, the photographer, am fired. I have fired myself.  Andrew has practiced twice with the new 289 Band since they have changed things up.  Two old members remain four were added.  

Andrew was the only invited "special guest" with the band.  The Izard County Consolidated High School opened this act with their school band.  The entire band played well.  I'm a sucker for sax and horns...they were great.
The theme for this show was the history of rock and roll.  Chuck the writer/announcer/guitar player told the story as we traveled from the forties to the present.  We heard Beatles, Sonny and Cher, The Turtles, CCR with John Fogerty, The Carpenters, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nix, Booker T and The MGs, Janis Joplin, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lynyrd Skynyrd The Kinks and many more I can't remember...not because they weren't good but because I forgot!
Andrew played three solos I think and was on stage playing back up the entire time.  He had been there since one o'clock and the show ended at nine.  He was tired but still had energy to get phone numbers
from some fans.  A young lady wanted him to join her in a talent show.  She sings.  He plays.  That's all I know.  Andrew ain't talking!

The crowd was great.  Hoots and hollers from old gray haired people...that includes me. Many people stood up during one of Andrew's solos.  He played solos in Hey Joe, Pride and Joy, Green Onions and more that I've forgotten.  Next time I will take notes and no pictures.

"...and the crowd went wild" was true this night.  The radio station from another county was there broadcasting live.  A good friend suggested maybe the radio has a recording of the complete performance

This was the best family photo I could get not including me, Hubby, Jake (middle grandson) and Stormi, Toni's daughter.  I was happy to catch this many in one spot with SOME of them looking at the camera.
Left to right:  Zander (youngest grandson, son of Maria), Toni, (nephew), Maria (daughter, Andrew's mom), Melissa (oldest daughter, mother of Jake) and our star of the night, Andrew.

I am so proud of Andrew's God gifted, self taught talent.  I am proud of all my family.

It was just a magical night.  

Soon, I promise, I will figure out how to edit film and make it small enough to post.

May your day be filled with wonderful music.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Down and Dirty On Easter

Many know we have live water from springs.  This is pumped into the house for our convenience (I have carried many a buckets from this spring).  Our water is far better and sweeter tasting that any city water I've had.  The rock circle is where the pump sits suspended in clear spring water.  My grandpa and Dad made this years ago.  

The bad part about all this is we have to clean and flush the spring at least twice a year according to conditions.  Well we missed last year (Hubby's and Marcy's illness).  Our water remained clear and sweet but this day of work was long over due. 

This is not a one man job.  So we invited family with the lure of Marcy's cooking and they went to work.
First you make a plan.  The culvert for over flow was removed to flush out the area removing moss and two years of natural deposits in the bottom of the holding pond.
Then you jump in and start moving the mud.  The more mud moving out the better.  The blanket moss goes out with the current.
Basically it is like making wine.  You squish the mud and work it down stream with your feet.  Andrew kept us hydrated.
Second grandson Jake ran to get whatever we needed, sometimes driving the Ranger or running as fast as he could go.  Andrew and Jake played some foot ball
and then they deserted us.
Shoveling muck is fun.  Now maybe we won't have to clean it again till next spring...hopefully!
We scrubbed everything, dug muck and pushed water.  We've done this since childhood but it was all done by hand then.  We would dig grass from this branch all the way to the creek.  It was an all day job for four generations.
 We rescued critters
and moved them to a safer place.  Our plan was to bleach the main spring to kill the blanket moss but not the live things.  The bleach will do its job and it will dissipate before it reaches the pond or creek.
Boots were no good.  
All was work was done barefooted.
Melissa, my oldest daughter,
captured a mother/daughter portrait.
The work continues and the water level lowered.  Melissa said she never saw any pictures on my blog of her.  I wonder if she will be proud of this one!  Bev, my sister, is working that mud so it can move on out.
Marcy, my oldest sister, came over to tell us she had cooked a feast.  Toni, my nephew, did work although I have few pictures of it.
We chlorinated while Hubby dammed the creek.  We ate a mouth watering belly filling delicious dinner at Marcy's and returned to the spring.
Busting the dam.
Replacing the culvert with Toni looking like a Highway Department employee we are nearing completion.
Now we are back in the pure water business again.
As the world celebrated the Resurrection
we resurrected our water source.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pushing Stumps

On a farm you never get done with cleaning and clearing.  Trees die, tornadoes blow them down and ice storms break them.  It is a continual job with much satisfaction.  You can measure your work by the piles of debris.
One stump plagued Dad for years.  Den finally got it out.  Another stump defied his powerful pushing.  It was a cedar.  The red heart center is the strongest and oldest growth.  We use it for fence posts.  This cedar stump will set some more. It refused to move.  Notice the bright red of the splinters.
The pile grows slowly
as the Dogwood flowers
and farmers work on and on.
Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

'Twas The Night Before Easter

And all over the farm
Animals rested safe from harm
The chickens had roosted
The cows in the barn

Hubby and I were
Were sleeping like logs
No one snoring
Not even the dogs.

There were no dreams
The Bunny would come here
We were too old
And didn't really care.

I jumped out of bed to a terrible sound
I yelled out loud,  What's going down?
I put on some clothes doubly fast
Grabbed my Dr Pepper and hid my stash

I grabbed my spotlight
And my gun
The dogs were now barking
Run, varmint, run

Out the door I ran into bright moonlight
Eager to see what was out at night
The spotlight lit the darkness like day
There's a big monster bunny not running away

The dogs were nervous.
I was too.
All I could think was
That's a lot of stew!

I was just setting the monster in my sights
When the dogs grew silent and the night became light
The monster had turned to look right at me
It asked, "Whatcha doing?" as clear as can be!

I've seen Bigfoot, Spirits and Ghosts
But a Talking Rabbit was something to toast
I thought since It could talk I would ask
What the heck it was doing in my fresh mowed grass.

It turned slowly with basket in hand
"I'm delivering Easter Spirit through out the land
People have forgotten what Easter really means
I'm spreading the word, me and my team."

I was handed a basket full to the top
With candy and eggs and my favorite pop
On the top of the basket lay
A brand new Bible to show me the way

The gigantic bunny began a Herculean hop
But in mid-leap he turned and stopped
"Disciples come in many forms.
Spread the word and be reborn"

In shock and awe I watched him depart
I knew the bunny was right deep in my heart
I heard him as he jumped up the hill
"Resurrect Easter and everyone will."

Happy Easter!

Holidays for Poets United
Credit to Clement Clarke Moore for giving me the idea by writing  A Visit From St Nicholas
Couldn't have done it without you, Mr Moore.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Self Portrait

for dVerse~Poets Pub
Self Portrait

Not a wearer of pink
Nor dresses
I keep my face hidden
While I watch Nature
As if she were a Oscar-winning movie

Times ago
I wore pink dresses
Life leeches the pastels
Leaving earth tones
Blue jeans and big shirts

I want to be remembered
By the actions I've taken
Not how good I looked 
In the coffin
I want to slip away

To be a thought
That crosses someone's mind
"I knew her..."
And they smile
Knowing I'm not far away

After The Rain

the tiny dragon looked surprised
by his colonic flush.