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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Belling The Dark Horse

My Achilles' heel
is a heart of stone
my albatross
counts her eggs

Drastic times call
in your court
for midnight oil
and brass hearts

Drastic measures
become crossroads
while choices kill two
birds riding a dead horse

I must admit this is the most nonsensical thing I've ever written.  It's not deep with a mysterious hidden meaning.  It's probably not what the prompter intended but I had fun!  Which is better, by the way, than having two in the bush.  I have read it aloud enough that it seems there is method to my madness.  I will dance to these words 'til the cows come home.

Thanks, Bjorn.  Join me and them at dVerse Poets Pub

One Spot At A Time

that's all anyone can do.  You just have to keep focused on One Spot until it's finished and move to the next spot.  Before you know it work will be done.

This spot has been on my mind since the deer party we had a few weeks ago.  I used it for a fence post at The Run*A*Ranch.  I was ashamed the fence was not visible but it was doing its job.
For years this second "gate" beside the cattle guard could be opened to accommodate a wide load.
The school bus kept hitting it and other tragedies happened to this poor gate but it still kept the stock from wandering.
Not a Fortune Five Hundred fix but it's up again!
 Maybe this sign can now be seen and obeyed.
Around here I can measure my work only by the piles of brush...and that creates another job. The green is arriving in full force. One small job, one giant backache but I am grateful.  

Join the fun at Good Fences!

After Watching A Show

about the happenings that led to the book and the movie called The Exorcist, I have decided to repeat I was reminded of a local tale from years ago.  I will not take sides nor state my beliefs only what happened as I know it.

A family lived on the north side of town that consisted of Grandma, Uncle, Father and Daughter.  A family that was a little different from the norm of wife, husband and 1,5 children but a family nonetheless.

The family had lived and worked in this area for years. They was not in the uppity social circles but Daughter attended school, Grandmother was the mother figure and the men worked as they could to support their family.

When Daughter was a young teen, trouble began.  I did not see it but know of people who did. Things moved with out reason, the bed daughter slept in bounced and levitated,  The family was terrified and uncomfortable with the attention this brought.  A television crew came and investigated.  It was quite the media event.  A reclusive family was now in the lime light and they were not happy.

Whether the family left by choice or the trouble ran them off will never be known.  They moved. Within a month of their leaving the house burned to the ground. Arson was the reason.

Today nothing stands where the house once stood except an empty lot with spring flowers and weeds.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Water Gardens Greet Spring

The water fall in my garden
The hostas are taking off
Variegated Hosta
Ajuga ground cover
Wild ferns

All plants have appreciated the many rains...so have the weeds.  Much work ahead but a wonderful place to listen, to enjoy singing birds and running water.  Spring has arrived.

Undercover and Bootlegging

Our county is a dry county.   People have to drive to neighboring counties to get their "hooch" legally.

When my husband was a young drinking man a bootlegger lived across the river from the town where he lived.  The only way across the river was a ferry. It operated if the water was not too high or too low and only from 6 AM to 6 PM.

When the river was low and the ferry closed Hubby would go across the river on an inner tube to get his beer for the weekend.  On the return trip he would sit in the tube with the beer on his lap and hand paddle back to his car.

This was an illegal operation but a profitable one for the bootlegger.  They bought at regular price and sold at much higher prices, supply and demand at its best.

Years later with Hubby's river runs behind him we were asked to help the police with a "sting".  It was another bootlegger who was selling more than purchased alcohol but a little home made too. Normally bootleggers are left to their own devices if they lay low and don't cause too much trouble. Hey, everyone has to make a living. I guess they may have sold to some minors because the police were determined to arrest them. 

With my husband's previous reputation, it was no problem.  I, on the other hand, was not a drinker. People who knew me also knew that.  Hubby told me what we were doing that night...what?   I don't drink.  He opened a beer can, poured it on me and said, Act drunk. Now you smell like one.  I'll do the talking.

This was an adventure for me.  Never did anything like this.  I had only read about things like this in a book!  I had a few alcoholics scattered through my family tree so I knew how they acted.

We pulled into the yard in the middle of no where. Dogs barking, we opened the car doors.  I stumbled.  I walked very precisely as if trying to prove to the world I was sober...that's what my uncles did.  Hubby placed his arm around me to support his drunken woman.  

The door opened.  The dogs got closer and barked louder.  The man yelled, "Shad up!" and the dogs disappeared.  By this time my wobbly legs were not so much of an act.  This man was scary!

Hubby shook the man's hand with one arm still holding me steady.  The bootlegger got a whiff of me and knew what we were after.  Hubby asked the man for product, he gave him the money from the police department.  No recording needed.  We had the booze, they had the police money and we were witnesses.

Hubby carried what we purchased as I wobbled and mumbled under my breath...we made it!!!  No one was shot.  Why in the hell did I ever agree to something this dangerous?  I guess it was the thrill, the risk, and the fun.

The bootlegger was "drummed" out of business.  They never knew we were the hangman's noose.
I guess all's well that ends well.   

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Where Are You From?

From countries forgotten
From hard working hands
From mountains and streams
From love of the land.

From "You can do anything"
From "There is a God"
From "Honesty is all"
From "Respect Mom and Dad"

From dreams and wishes
From hard work
From prayers
From unlimited blessings

I am from right here.

For dVerse~Poets Pub

Since My Last Post Had You Stumped...

I will share some undeniable beauty

Stump Water

White lightning,
Moon shine,
Corn liquor,
Stump water.
Stump Water as defined by Urban Dictionary
In case you're interested in making this
here is a link to tell you about all the basics.
I've never made it myself 
but have made many gallons of wine at home.
I personally know of no one making it in a stump. 
There are always tall tales 
when it comes to brewing a little shine.

It is now sold in liquor stores in fruit jars
It'll grow hair on your chest
and cure what's ailing you.

Funny how things circle back around.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Someone Made A Mistake!

Through Wishes, Dreams And Other Things by way of McGuffy's Reader I have been graciously awarded  the Creative Blogger Award.  Thank you for this honor.

I thank who awarded me, link to them, and tell my deep dark secrets (something) about myself.

1. I began my blog in September '08.   A variety of subjects were written about during my seven years of blogging. I have bared my soul, told scary fictional and non-fictional tales, written some "poetry", shown my "art", shared my ideas, my laughter and tears of farming and life.  If there's a subject you are interested in, type a word in the search at the upper left of my blog and you can see what I thought about that subject at the time.  I'm not out of words yet!

2.  Life is full of changes and so has my blog writing changed.  In the beginning I feared showing my face.  My first profile photo was a goat's behind sticking out of a feed sack.  I don't know that my face is better but it's different.   One thing blogging has given me is bravado.  The best thing I have gained is many wonderful friends.  They support me, encourage me, cry and laugh with me and appreciate me just the way I am...or so they say.  Oh, and I tease a lot.

3.  I have a Rebel camera and am trying to learn how to take pictures better than just click and shoot.  This may take me a while so please be patient.

4.  You who know me are gonna laugh cause this ain't a secret...I love dogs, horses, nature and rocks!

5.  I believe we are stewards of the land and hope to leave it better than it was.  I believe in The Creator and the Boogie Man (he/she has many faces).  I believe we make a difference when we write. We make the world smaller by coming together.  I believe there is always something to learn and yet also believe there is nothing new under the sun.  My wise grandmother told me to believe nothing I hear and only half of what I see so I have some cynicism but much optimism.
I hope it balances out.

Thank you for sharing this award with me.

One more thing:  My mind, like Diamond Lil in this picture, is always busy whether it shows or not.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Conversation Among Dogs

Whatcha got?
Let me see!
I don't see it!
You callin' me a liar, old dog?
Who you callin' old, you one-eyed jack?
I'm the snake killer.
I think all were on the job.
The only piece of snake I could find.

Out! Damned Stain

Use the words above and create poem or prose.

Clip this diaphanous garment from me
The lace is mottled with shades of red
Out, damned stain!

Dissonant purse, be gone! 
I demand iridescent cloth
To cover me in crying weather 

Alone wrapped in velour
I write with ink no more.
Tears cause words to run
And that's what I'm posting

Saturday, April 25, 2015

To Learn Patience

you must be tried.  It helps a little to have egg on your face or a foot in your mouth. Thus begins my tale.

During the excitement of the annual Junior/Senior Prom most guys have to rent a tuxedo.  We just don't have many occasions for them.  However on a night when young ladies gather in gorgeous dresses and are looking for a dance partner, you rent a tux.

Tux ordered, measurements taken, tried on...jacket too long.  So the sweet (clueless) helper proceeded to explain to a sensitive grandson that he's legs are too short, not that the jacket style is longer this year, not that they may have made a mistake, but only that his legs were too short!  And this was after I had to call them to see if the suit was in...I was told my phone was out of order.  I don't think so, ma'am, I politely said when I called.  Is it in?  Yes.  Okay, A will pick it up.  Originally the suit was to have arrived in time for any needed alterations.  Now we're a few days from the event.
A brings the tux home and tells me about the conversation...his legs are too short.

It was sad and when a grandson is sad a grandmother gets mad.

I proceeded to go on line and in a proper pretentious way I named each clerk, their behavior,  their aforementioned promises and even the price of the rental. I added for good measure I would never darken their door again.  No reply but I had gotten it out of my system.

Imagine my shame when I arrived to return the tux today and I had contacted the wrong store!!!!  Egg and foot!  So I decided since I had already been ugly, I would not try that again...lesson learned...maybe.

I returned the suit and asked for a receipt to say they had received the suit.  The young well-mannered gentleman did not know what to do.  No one had ever asked that before.  I said, Just sign your name on a piece of paper and I will have proof you've received the suit.  He asked the Supreme Lady behind the desk the question and she rolled her eyes!!!!!!  This lady was at least fifty and that is way beyond eye rolling age in my book.  I don't care how old you are, eye rolling in my neck of the woods is a challenge to a duel.  My family knows that.  As I was telling my story my daughter said, Oh, no, the lady rolled her eyes!!! I surprised everyone by taking my receipt from the wonderfully mannered clerk and leaving without a word.

It rained all prom night but it didn't dampen the spirits of those attending.  Every one had a great time.  Blowing wind, lots of rain, A had escorted his date inside and then parked his truck.
Not bad for a guy whose legs are too short.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Once Upon A Time

Far, far away
There was a rock
And there he laid

Alone he thought
And talked aloud
"I wish to be
Important somehow."

His fairy godmother heard him
(We all have them you know)
They know our deepest wishes
They're always sure to show

The fairy godmother
Waved her wand
To add a little sparkle
To the rock she sat upon

The rock shared his wishes
To make a  difference in the world
Fairy godmother said,
"You do!" as she whirled

"Do you not know
What great things you've done?
You were liquid, then a giant mass
Here for millions of years in the past"

"The animals have visited
to lay on you and warm
Many have sheltered beneath
And came to no harm"

The rock listens
But he didn't understand
The importance of his existence
On this spot of land

"What is so important
about being?" he asked.
"I want to make a different
I want to take life fast."

"Oh my dear rock, my friend
You haven't got a clue
Of the things you've given Earth
Of all the things you do!"

"The rains made you smaller
Parts of you become the land
The ice has broken you apart
So you could fit in a hand"

"Your carry your history within you
You once lived on an ocean's floor
You are full of history
And so very much more."

Then a child happened by,
Every one grew quiet
Cause if the world knew they talk
There would certainly be a riot.

"Oh, Mom, look!  It's a pretty rock."
He picked it up, held it with a squint
Saw fossils, sparkles and smiled
Into his pocket it went.

Fairy godmother whispered
Happily to the rock
"Now you know being loved
That's the best job for a rock."

Thursday, April 23, 2015

It Takes All Kinds of Fences...

for all kinds of jobs.  Everyone's sharing their fences with TexWisGirl.  Join the fun.

My fences aren't pretty but they work.  Sadly we have no horses or cattle now so we don't worry so much about fence.  The land still needs bush hogged and fences need to be checked anyway.
Lil has found a hidden water hole under barbed wire.
Look closely and you will see 
electric fence surrounds this field.
It seems empty without stock.
Check it out, almost a hundred fences there already.
Join the fun.

The Keeper of Mamma's Flowers

I had the nicest compliment the other day from my nephew, Toni.  He said, The farm is beginning to look like Grandma and Grandpa are here.
As it must happen to all of us, our parents die.  That was a hard thing for me to accept because although I was getting older in my mind and heart Mom and Dad would always be what they had always been, loving, supportive, helpful and well, just there.  It didn't happen that way.
My sisters and I rallied and supported them, not financially but emotionally and lovingly.  As their needs increased we helped with everything from personal bookkeeping to personal care.  We as a family traveled through a heart condition, a stroke and Alzheimer's.   Both my parents would vocalize their sadness that they needed help and they shouldn't be such a burden.   I simply answered,  You cared for me for eighteen years this is nothing.  Oh, but it was.

I know many of you have lost loved ones and cried because you could not do more to ease the way.  I guess it's under the title of Shit Happens or Simply Life.  You do what you can.

My parents are gone.

We live where they began.  Honoring the land, honoring their wishes.  Never was much of a gardener, not my passion.  I was always a more hands on animal person but I've changed as we all did.  We do what's needed to return the farm to Mom and Dad's time.

My sisters and I are here with family and we are the elder ones.  Through tornadoes, ice storms, personal illnesses and family emergencies we still are here.

I look around  and agree with Toni, even though there are tons of things left to be repaired, upgraded, cultivated, it's beginning to look like Mom and Dad are still here.

There is a peace here that I find no other place.  We try to follow in our parents' foot steps but find it difficult for us.

I feel the joy they felt and see the treasure they saw in this beautiful valley. I know they are watching over us and proud of what we've accomplished by doing it their way.

I smile.  I know Mamma is pleased that I am still tending her flowers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mother Earth Cries

I was there for the first Earth Day
A new modern idea
That lived before in all generations

Many people do not hear
As they toss Styrofoam and plastics
Thinking selfishly

Naming a day does not wake the world
We are a society of disposable madness
Appliances, computers, phones...

Some businesses think
There's an infinite supply
For their demand

Dad knew there would be A Silent Spring
Before Rachel Carson wrote it
We lived to prevent this death

My ancestor's from Ireland
Leaving the Great Potato Famine
Settled here

Native ancestors
Lived by the rule
Take one, leave two

No one knows but
My ancestor's did
And passed that down

We are just the caretakers
Our duty is not to destroy
But enrich the land

Recycle, reuse, repurpose, words
I learned at my grandparents' knees
It's our duty to continue

Mother Earth cries
For the loss, for the madness
That rules the world today

You can change that
Beginning now
Nourish The Mother

Or we may waken
To a silent world
A dead world

To only remember trees
bird songs, grass,
frogs and teeming oceans

A mere beginning
To death of Her/Us
Mother Earth cries
Written from my heat

Blue Skies

 smiling at me
nothing but blue skies
 do I see
Wait a minute...
I see weeds
and a few storm clouds.
I do like a variety in life.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Live Hard

Live hard
Die free
Don't want doctors probing me
Empty promises they make
There's a reason their staff
Is wrapped with snakes.

When my time comes
And it will
Don't want to leave lots of bills
Or messes made by medical fuss
I just want to go
I'm an ornery cuss

With my departure
I hope my friends see
All the wonder
They've given me
If I leave but one thought
I haven't lived for naught

I like to think
I'll depart with grace
To another realm
Will God say, "Welcome, Gail?
I can't tell but I'd wager
The Devil's on my trail

Tuesday Platform with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Cross

It's a circle
it's a square
i hide
i care not
what you see is not me but only what you wish to be
a circle

the girl is gone
mind is mine
try to take
body is mine
you cannot
hear her cries
a circle

Leave now
i have no name
she hides
no shame
she hides
in a square
a circle

toss your book
your cross
your sainted look
no reaching 
what is not here
your water brings no fear
a circle

Whirligig Nightmare

Moments inside the guesthouse returned in nightmare form.

Askew crimson flowers pulled me back to the unhappy cage.  A furry frightened creature, sanguinary, wide-eyed, waited each night destined to relive death again and again in my dreams.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Haiku In Honor

“Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove.”  Terry PratchettThe Truth.

“Embracing the Light
Collected bits of truth
Shimmering sparks
Shards of light
Bursting Bright
in divine ecstatic flame.”
These quotes were chosen for the inspirational prompt at
Haiku For Two

The tulip caught drops
Rearranging them quickly
Having more to prove.
Dance in wild flowers
Shimmering truth heals
Divine flames rising
I'm thinking I should give this up, folks!

Terzanelle? With My Dogs

Trying my inexperienced hand at creating a Terzanelle. (I feel a little better since my computer says it's not a word.  That just means we are both obsolete.)  While trying to find where in the world I found the prompt I discovered one of my favorite poetry sites is closing its doors.  Good Bye, Poetry Jam, I will miss you.

I thought, What in the world could I talk about, using the proper form, that would fill five required triplets and an ending quatrain?  Well, I do have six dogs....pictures in order of age, oldest to the pup.
I declare dogs are smart
Strong workers with big hearts
I declare dogs are smart
No matter the color, breed or age
They win you over from the start
Strong workers with big hearts
Size nor breed matters not
Loving canines with big hearts
They win you over from the start
Many are thrown away
When given a new place to stay
Loving canines with big hearts
A true announcer in every way
Running free living large
When given a new place to stay
A true announcer in every way
Strong workers with big hearts
I declare dogs are smart
Running free living large

Still not sure if I have the form right.
I could use some advice.
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