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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Walking With A Corn Pone...

corn pone
The term "corn pone" is often used as a noun to refer to those who have certain rural, unsophisticated peculiarities.  As well as an adjective to describe "hick" characteristics. The term is often directed at those from rural areas where inbreeding is rampant.
Whoa, Dude is corn pone Urban Dictionary

Your laugh for the day...a real walk, uh, stumble, with me in the semi-wild along the declining creek.
Hope this isn't too scary and you  come back to visit now and then.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eons Of History...

 to commemorate
a time
when I am gone
 future geologist wonder
what strange force
brought these rocks

Thursday, June 27, 2013

dVerse~Poets Pub...The Dog

He was a dog when I met him
With kindness in his eyes
With love in his heart
With gratefulness

He was a dog when I met him
With no place to go
With no place to lay his head
With no safe place

He was a dog when I met him
Now a happy dog
Now in a safe place
Now grateful and I'm still a softy for dogs

A terrible attempt to rise to the challenge at dVerse~Poets Pub Anaphora challenge.

Crepe or Crape...You Decide

Sometimes it's just the simple things in life that bring me pleasure.  Sometimes some thing just tickles my funny bone and sets me off on an adventure...like this sign.

I laughed out loud!  They spelled it wrong.  This amused me enough to take a picture and to investigate.  I'm half right or am I half wrong?  Do you have Crape Myrtles or Crepe Myrtles?

Here is a link to an expert so you may have your own little adventure or laugh at how easily I am entertained.

Either way, laugh, enjoy, have fun...it's Thursday!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Black Forest Colorado Fire

"Here is a picture of what it now looks like across the road (about 150 meters from our house).  It was too close for comfort.  Cleaners will be in our home all week treating everything for smoke damage.
The fire is currently 100% contained but not out.  It consumed over 14k acres, 511 homes, and two people in our heavily wooded, marginally populated area.  It would have been much worse if the homes were closer together like last year's Waldo Canyon fire."

News from a friend in Colorado.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Word Game Trio




Something To Crow About...

At The Farm

Monday, June 24, 2013


I tried to shoot the moon Saturday night...not too good but the point is I tried.  I stay so isolated I heard about this special moon on someone's blog.  I really keep up with current events!

Then I got this picture.  Who knows how but I thought, Kinda artsy, I'll keep it. Yes, that is the moon in the middle.  Maybe all these circles were my guardian angels.  Goodness knows I need the help.
As the evening progressed I discovered I could answer many of the questions some shows now post between commercials so you will keep watching to discover the correct answer.  Where does all this useless knowledge come from???  I've discovered I knew ten million people in the US owned pianos, that Cairn terriers continually change colors, and the record weight of a Blue Catfish..  Could you tell me please when this sort of information might EVER come in handy.

I need to know important things like...Where are my glasses?  Where did I set my tea glass? and Where is the book I was just reading?

Awwww, Mondays

Sharing the Awwwww moments 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Rocking Chair...

For Poetry Jam:  Rock On

Mamma rocks the hurt away
Daddy rocks away the fear
Granny rocks to my comfort zone
Grandpa rocks the tears

The Bogeyman creaks the closet door
The Black Sheep paces on the squeaky floor
Muffled cries SHRIEK
No More!  No More!

Daddy and Grandpa storm the door
Mamma rocks the hurt away
Granny wipes the tears
The voices silent leave with the fear

"We care for our own"
Danger held at bay
The men returned
The shovels put away

Mamma rocks the hurt away
Daddy rocks away the fear
Granny rocks to my comfort zone
Grandpa rocks the tears

Going HOME

I'm sure you grow tired of my vacation ranting
Probably will never travel again.
We saw oddities and made memories.
We arrived home safely.
Maybe not with a smile on our face
but with a huge sigh of relief in our heart.
An interesting photo for which
Andrew will probably never forgive me
but that's okay.
Golden treasure awaited us at home.
First cutting of hay will take us through the winter.
May all the dry places we traveled
be blessed with the rains they need.

I know no matter where I am
there will be treasures in my pockets.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Centus 166

Watching the lightning grateful for the cool and enjoying the scent of fresh rain we spoke of past weather and the effects.
A huge multi-limbed wild animal of lightning ran across the sky followed immediately with deafening thunder. We knew the sound of lightning striking but we didn't know what it had hit.

Come morning we traveled the hilltop to check. Not only had the lightning struck and split a huge oak tree, it has also killed eight cattle who had rested under it.

The herd bull, in death, leaned against the tree as if scratching an itch in life.

Join Saturday Centus and Jenny for some entertainment and fun.

When The Music's Over

"When The Music's Over"
Did he hear the butterfly scream
Did he hear the music
Of which he could only dream?

Did he dance on fire
This master of words
Was that gentle sound
The reason he's no longer heard?

Never daring compare
Words to one so wise
Twisted yet clearly seeing
Through his ageless eyes

"The streets are fields that never die"
Setting  fire to our night
Was the music over
When he turned out the lights?

Answering the Jim Morrison inspired challenge.

I Just Don't Get Out Much ...

that is why you're suffering.  The great news is none of our traveling party pushed, shoved nor hefted any other members over the multitude of rims and edges.  It would have been easy but the altitude had us all a little short of breath.
Grand Canyon
Desert View
Andrew assisting with photography
A view I liked
Beautiful views but glad we're through
Maybe another time...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Story Is Taking AS Long AS The Trip...

We had dress up performances,
with crazy nights 
of board and card games.
 Andrew, Robbie, Den and Carl
and me of course doing something different
Sinking my bare foot into a snow bank.
Vacation is about all new experiences.

Mostly I was barefooted whether in desert sand
or snow drifts or mountains springs.
My pockets always had a mysterious bulge from unknown items (rocks)
You can't prove a thing!
Not many pictures of me but one in the desert
where Hunter and I almost sizzled like bacon on a hot rock
but we made it.
We found a shade.
We found some rat jaw bones.
Took some flower pictures
and waited for Uncle Carl to come rescue us.
 The formations were wonderful
but just too hot for a four year old
and an old fat woman.
A beautiful cactus flower 
and I think we had experienced enough
desert beauty for one day.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Silverton and Four Corners and More...

Evidence of rock "examination"...
Hubby's favorite picture.
Uncle Carl and Andrew in CO
Four Corners
Relatives' almost back yard
Aztec ruins.
The main complaint my companions had was I stayed too long in one place.  A ranger came to ask if we had any questions, the guys said no but we're sure SHE has some.  I love the guides and visited the kiva.  I had so many questions and visited so long my companions had to search for me and remove me from the grounds.  I don't get out much.  

Rocks are my pleasure.  It amazes me that every rocks hold millions of years of history and the structures hold even more knowledge.  The strata tells a story with every step you take.  I love the stories of the creation I see in even the tiniest stone.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Challenging My Tastes...

When I travel I always try to have a new dish I've never tasted before.  This trip was no different.  We dined at an local Irish Pub in Durango Colorado.
No one seemed impressed with the vision of my Bangers and Mash.  It was pretty good. I made everyone try it. BIL Carl, Andrew, Robbie and Hubby just had plain ole burgers with curly fries.
Once again the scenery changed as we climb altitudes we've never experienced before. After a little shopping, visiting a train museum and lunch we headed to Silverton Colorado...even higher in the mountains.

BIL Carl is much more fun to travel with...if he just sees me look at something, he pulls over for me to take a picture. It certainly is a pleasure.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Mexico Landing...

I will identify the plants
when I settle down again.
 Andrew's interest was mainly music and food.
I wanted to see it all
Hubby just wanted to get to Aztec 
where his sister lives.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Old Cars and Grumpy Travelers...

Russell's was a wonderful stop...a free museum with a cafe and gas station all in one spot on the famous old Route 66.  Not a planned stop but rather just one of those accidental  surprises along the way.
lots of memories for us old folks
Beautiful vehicles
with new memories in the making
And a great place to eat 50's style.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flying Through The Lone Star State

We were totally impressed with this rest stop.
Not sure where it was, somewhere along the panhandle.
It was full of history like a mini museum.
The decorations
and the views made me enjoy this part of Texas.
A beautiful plant I did not know
I've heard all things were bigger in Texas.  
Here's a sample.
Hubby and Andrew rushing me for lift off.
Somewhere along this stretch
we became forty-one years married.
Now the question is...
How long will that last????
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