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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Second Half Of Sunday...

The front was moving in and we had to grab our jackets.
The nice thing about being sent to the house was I found a crew.
Many of our tornado and ice storm downed cedars were used for posts.
The extended crew follows the fence line, working.
Hubby in the lead, son-in-law, Luke, and daughter, Melissa all working on the main crew.  Back at the house, Maria was doing nurse homework and laundry, Zander was playing with Marcy, Bev was cleaning my house and Andrew was helping her.  On the hill, the younger crew moved faster and left me time for photos.
Stretching that last length on the bottom wire
Melissa and her dad make a good team.
Melissa and me...exhausted
Thanks to the surprise extended crew, I got to go on an adventure with Jake. To Luke, Melissa, and Andrew, thank you,until you are better paid.  This two day sprint could not have been done without all your help.  Just two more runs down that suicide hill and we will be ready to move those cattle.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Gloried Gofer...

is what I am...Go fer this, go fer that!  Hubby had asked for help and he wasn't moving outta his chair so I went back to bed early Sunday morning.  I woke and he was gone to build fence by himself...stubborn runs on both sides of our family.
 So I had to walk up the mountain to where he was building fence, because I said I would help, he just didn't give me a ride!  Reached the old orchard, yes, there used to be an orchard here about sixty years ago, and it will always be called the orchard.
Of course, Ki went every step of the way.
Stubborn working by himself.
When I, the Gofer, arrived, things got easier for him.  I am driving the mule, stringing wire as he tacks it on the post.  We then stretch between each post and hammer those steeples in.  I need the big hammer, the pry bar, more steeples, drive up, drive down...I felt like I was playing the old game Twister!
I got in trouble for putting wood in the mule but every stick, every stone that is removed means another spot for grass to grow.  If I had known I was going to get in trouble, I would not have brought him that drink!!  Got some fire wood anyway...I don't listen very well and it did not interfere with the fence supplies.
Having the right tools to work with always makes it easier.
This fence has been a long time coming.  Yesterday, Hubby had Andrew and Luke (son-in-law) helping and much progress was made.  This morning I was the gofer...and I think I did well.  This was not my first rodeo, I grew up on a farm.
I was sent to the house, just what I planned.  Gone after gloves, a tool we needed and more to drink.  Did I mention I got in trouble for taking pictures?  I told him I needed blog fodder and he said he needed a fence finished. (I didn't really get into lots of trouble, it is our way of joking around)

If you look closely in the distance you can see the farm compound in the valley below.  I had a nice surprise when I got there...a house full of helpers, but that's a story and more pictures for tomorrow.

Saturday's Dog Walk...

The weather would have made a strong man cry,
it was so beautiful.
Spring t-shirt weather
meant time for my greatly missed walks.
Lil, of course, found a few sticks
and waited patiently for the throwing.
Ki was a stick dog in training.
We all did a lot of exploring.
Ki-Anne wondering why I am so slow.
Should have named her Sweet Pepper to slow her down.
I knew she named herself correctly,
she is a hot pepper, for sure!
The small garden spring runs clear
with sprouts of water cress.
It was a beautiful day,
a much needed, refreshing walk
that reminded me Spring is closer
every day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Icy Fingers...

of winter
Touch my cheek
Leaving red upon ivory.

The dread locks of winter
Block my vision of spring
While my heart cries, "Tulips!"

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pieces Of Me...

Chemtrails and FEMA Bunkers

Future's not looking bright
Counting all our bullets
And stockpiling lots of lights.

Formations are flying
Is that chemicals they drop?
Wonder what frequency
Will make this life stop.

You Tube talks of terrors
Our government has planned
Will we be eliminated
Every last woman, child and man?

What race will replace us
Or will we dig underground
Rebels in our own land
To be sought with guns and hounds.

Gas prices are shooting skyward
As are groceries and other goods
Where is all this leading
Shall we run to hide in the woods?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Lights Of My Days...

Light snow,
snowy sunrise,
waning moon,
foggy morning light,
morning sun
half moon,
moon waning more,
but like Motel Six,
the best light was left on for me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Have No Snow...

compared to many who have feet of snow!  I am snow ignorant.  Remember this hill that I was so proud to drive down???  Well, driving up is a whole new animal.

My hubby said, do you need a ride to work?  Now if this man does not know, after thirty-nine years of marriage that I CAN NOT drive on snow, I give up.  Being just a tad put out that he would even ask, knowing my fear and my incompetence...I stubbornly proceeded to try to drive up this hill to go to work.

Four times up this hill, sideways, sliding, and coming to a complete stop at the same spot every time is not my idea of a fun day in the snow.   Backing back down, going at it again, having been directed to "git a run at it".  Front wheel drive is supposed to go just fine, well, not when I am behind the wheel.  Lug it down, hubby had said, WELL, you can't lug it down much further than a complete standstill, now, can you??  With a standard transmission and front wheel drive, I should be able to fly out of this valley.
NOT!  After my fourth back down and the beginning of my fifth try, the car and it's wildly mad driver, slid into a ditch on the only flat spot on this road!!! 
AS you can see by the tire marks, this was not bad backing, this was a slide!  I give up!  I slammed the door, climbed through the deep brush covered in snow and was fuming when I got out on flat ground.  It would have been fitting punishment for my thoughts, if I had fell flat on my back.

Hubby is calmly sweeping the snow off his truck, warming it to take me to work.

The only thing I shouted was, "YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL!"  Then I shut up...for the entire way to work.  If he knew me, he would have known, never to ask me IF I needed a ride but rather would have prepared to take me.  The mere asking of the question set the stubbornness off in me...I was getting out the valley, even if it killed me.

Saturday morning after delivering me to work, he drove my car out of the ditch without giving me any great details as to the ease of his accomplishment,  That, my friends, is a good thing...he still lives.
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