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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poetry Jam and Flash55

 She called me Lizzy 
While placing me in a cage
 I overheard humans talking
 About forever home
 Cuddly canines
And something about 
Saving the world 
One dog at a time. 
 I didn't know 
What that meant 
But I do now.
It took awhile
 To know I was home
 At last. 
 I’m a farm dog now.

Icy Prompt From Poets United...

Rays of ice reach for spring
Spinning their own web
We see lily buds beneath
See life suspended
Showing faith
Far greater than humans
Hues of spring
Spiral beneath
Black icy water
Waiting for the word to emerge

Summary of Sanity

or is that insanity?  Toni, my nephew, Bev's oldest son has been isolated in Alaska for two years.  We have all missed him.  Jake was worried he may be twelve before Toni ever came home again.

Toni always gives each of us that special attention, the respect that makes us all feel special.  He is the most like Dad.
We had planned on an auction but were not impressed so we ate out and took what the day dealt us.  We had rain but that did not stop our exploring.
We found a public access point on South Fork of Spring River and kayaking and fly fishing both came to mind.  Toni is a dyed-in-the-wool fisherman and takes his fishing seriously.  This place caught our attention.
Toni has farmed a little.
He has escorted Marcy on Ranger rides and to appointments and to family dinners with nephews and nieces.
I don't know what day we did our thing but the week has been a whirl wind of basketball games, appointments, and home cooking.  

We are all glad Toni is home again.  I'm fairly certain Mom and Dad are smiling.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pieces of Calves...

is what you see if you watch
and catch one as it runs by
Other times you can find a handful just hanging around
or get really lucky and find a baby almost by herself.
Dad is always keeping watch.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Mag 153, This Sunday Morning

Linked to Magpie Tales

Charlotte Gainsbourg, AnOther

Another Sunday MorningVelvet Underground
Forty odd years agoRemembering unrestVietnam and war
chose to seea young girlunbiasedlisteningto all colorsof musicwhen her worldhad becomeonly blackand white
I like my choice.This Sunday Morning.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Saturday Centus 144 by Jenny Matlock

To know light
Mighty dark must rear it’s head
Tread the ground around you
Too full of itself to care
Fair days are over
Oh, how darkness hangs around
A funny thing of darkness
Dark also mutes the sound
Round the bend are Macs
Stacked full of darkness waiting to unload
Unaware of the need for anyone
Any person to light one light
Might there be someone
Some hope of match to light
Tightly held in a Believer’s hand
Standing for the light
Right the familiar darkness seems
Beams catch my light-starved eyes
I see a tiny pinpoint
Peeking around the dark side of the stars.

Tiny Challenges


Friday, January 25, 2013

Nice Surprise...Two Photos In Finals...

Magic Man and Maggie Mae are my photos.  Your votes will be appreciated.  Thank you.

Still Moments
9:01 AM (13 hours ago)
to bcc: me
Congratulations your pets have made the top five in the Still Moments Magazine Pet Photo Contest.
Let your family and friends know that your pet's photos are now ready for voting on our web site.
Please do not leave a comment under your pet's photo indicating the pet is yours, because we'd like everyone to vote on the pet photo, not the owner. Thank you.
Good luck!


and amethysts. 
May they work.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


with paint
My kitchen has been violated.
This photo captured on surveillance video.
If you can identify this person
please call 1-NOT-MYC-OLOR.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes Nice Things Happen...

On those days when the entire household including guests have fallen ill, not from my cooking, but just with pure luck and you have to be the nice one.  On those days when you've told you're grouchy because you are sick too but no one notices that.  On those days when you feel your heart is frozen and you will strangle those wonderful farm dogs if they bark at one more invading varmint when all you want is peace and quiet.  Being sick is an alone thing for me.

I have the normal aches and pains like any farmer does.  A new pain for each accomplishment but you deal. Those aches and pains remind you of the job completed...one more time.  Sometimes I'm sick.  I am officially sick because I have been to the DOCTOR and he says I'm sick...but I'm still grouchy.
I see my grandsons lined up with a goal in common although it may be a video game, they are sharing with their tousled bed head hair and their innocent faces bonding as only cousins and brothers can bond.   I begin to soften a little...just a small crack in that frozen heart of mine...but I'm grouchy because I have been told I am..
Oh top of all that, because I'm grouchy today...I was told  I was.  I escape and see flowers in winter and they aren't grouchy at all.  They are celebrating the sun and the rain and their ability to make the best of a situation.

On a day when I want to be completely grouchy and alone, I receive a wonderful surprise that cracks the ice in my selfish heart.  I hear it cracking.  The sun, the flowers, the children and the award are doing what no doctor can do.  (He told me I was grouchy, too)

Along come McGuffy Ann at McGuffy's Reader and hands me an undeserved award!  Ice has completely turned to water...my heart is unfrozen.
I'm thawed but I'm still grouchy...I've been told that I am.  There are rules...I'm terrible with rules except for the ones I make up.  I have five questions to answer, an award to show and am to pass this wonderful award to well-deserving bloggers.  Bloggers who hopefully have NOT been told they are grouchy today.

1.  If you could change one thing what would you change?

I would change my grouchiness and replace it with the wonderful attitude of the wild flower.

2,  If you could repeat a year, which year would it be?

I would not repeat any years but rather use the knowledge gained in those years to improve my years ahead.

3. What is one thing that really scares you?

The fact that I have been told I am grouchy.

4.  What is the one dream you have not completed, and do you think you can complete it?

My dreams change daily. I once dreamed of horses and riding, didn't happen.  I dreamed of writing a book, didn't happen.  I dreamed I was a cloud, didn't happen.  The nice thing about dreaming is they can always change and the next one might come true.

5. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

Well, it would take more than a day but I would like to be THE President and straighten the mess out that this great nation is in now. My first act would be to wave my salary and perks for my entire term in office as a gesture to all those in power to know we have to start at the top. I would be willing to sacrifice my comfort for the returning health of our nation with hope that many would follow my example.

But don't listen to me.  I am grouchy today.

Now, I get to bend the rules.  There are many who deserve this award far more than me.   I list you all, my friends.  I follow many amazing blogs that are Real, Energizing, Amazing, Lovely, Inspiring, Touching and Yippee! and None of you are grouchy today.

Enjoy your Award.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For Poetry Jam...

I know forms of poetry
And care not to look today
What comes out
And lays on this page
Is just
Not poetry
So there are no rules
Like paint only becomes art
After enough people say it is
These words can disappear
Be used in different order
Owned by none, used by many

For Poetry Jam

Diamond Lil

The Border Collie maneuvers the rocky descent
The heavy rains flood carrying sticks
Stylish whirls, dip carrying the sludge
Surrounding the stones with alluvial mud
Cuddling the Border with tricky spaces
Faces watch as she holds her own
Homeward she travels
Tracking the master home

Monday, January 21, 2013


The bone hung on rusted barbed wire.
I wondered why.
I remembered O'Keeffe
and thought why not.
The lady who knew micro 
before the camera did
 painted bones
and flowers 
closer than we perceived.
Her eye zoomed 
and I wondered
where would she zoom here
What beauty would she see in the small?
Ki-Anne watched.
I O'Keeffed her.
And returned home to paint.
Not O'Keeffe
only Crazy on Cardboard...
cheaper than canvas
and biodegradable. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Mag: Hand in Hand

This blog is dedicated to the enjoyment of poets and writers, for the purpose of honing their craft, sharing it with like-minded bloggers, and keeping their muses alive and well. 

Tess Kincaid's words, not mine.  Tess posts challenge us each Sunday to reach through our self-imposed barricades drawing out the hidden words giving them life to share with  others.

So reach deep, keep it nice and create.  For more creations visit The Mag.
Hand in hand
We adventure
Trusting blindly
The safety of two

Hand in hand
Our heart skips
As we do
The safety of two

Hand in hand
There are no limits
Creating within
The safety of two

Hand in hand
Dusk approaches
Returning home
The safety of two.

Hand in hand
Awaiting our return
Back lit silhouettes copy
The safety of two.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Centus 143, Six Word Saturday, Tall Tales,

Jenny Matlock with her challenge, any style of writing but must be 100 words exactly!  I did it!!!  Also providing another link to the man who grows plants and animals in North Wales.  Hope you enjoy the tall tale, John.

Time for the Trelawnyd Annual Garden show. John standing with Chris couldn't contain his excitement.  He’d won the Best Flavored Tomato title the past five years.

All the villagers’ tomatoes rested on the correct bench for entry. The judges sliced a tomato from each entry because they were judged not only for beauty but also flavor.

John waiting anxiously with Chris waiting to hear the judges’ opinion. Chris said, “John, you have won every year. Don’t worry so.”

Purple ribbon…John!

When asked his secret of growing delectable tomatoes, he just smiled.

No one would ever know his tomatoes were carnivorous.
For Six Word Saturday at Show Your Face....Doing six words for a picture, not my life.

Refuse round rusting remnant resting ruefully.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Flash Friday Friday Cat Conversation

Having a little fun with Flash Friday  Hoping I connected to the site for this fun challenge. Couldn't decide who was the birther of this challenge so I connected to Mr. Knowitall, too
The cats greeted the morning
Blinking from the sun
Their night of hunting
Was productive and done
Gray asked Orange,
“How was the taste?”
Orange extended his tongue
meowing, “What a waste!”
Discussing the varied menu
Mice or lovely bird
After much discussion
They declared it was absurd
They reverted to kibble-eating
And voted to stay inside.

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