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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saving Feathers From Fur

I heard a terrible noise! I ran to the door and could not imagine what that sound was. There was Squiggy with a baby Blue Jay with parents attacking. I yelled and Squiggy dropped the bird...no damage to the little guy.

Yelled for Andrew to get the camera, I am not leaving this baby on his own with all the dogs around, not to mention the cats.

I tried so hard to get a good picture. I wanted one with the parent encouraging the little one to come home. No luck! You cannot imagine the pictures I deleted.

I have been a devoted follower of Tina's Bird Yarns but was unable to equal her artistry in taking wonderfully amazing bird pictures.

With all the hops, flutters, and running leaps, the bird has found the way to the tree.

The climb was a success...Feathers Score One, Fur Scored Zero!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Take A Little Walk With Me

The clouds were gathering

Queen Anne's Lace

Don't know all the names, but Marcy does.

I just enjoy their beauty, they do not have to be named.

And the rains came, the walk was short.

I Can See Some Work

getting finished. Hurray!!!! I worked a few hours on these steps. My sisters and I built these into the hillside a few years ago when we moved to the farm. It is on the path from our house to Marcy's. I have weeded, strengthened the support and have made the pagoda crooked which I shall fix as soon as I post this. Seymour seems to be quite proud of me.

The mulberries are starting to ripen.

They shall turn a dark purple when they are ready.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Am Through!

I am declaring this project finished too...except for moving the wood cookies. Then I will be finished! I have potted my last water lily, I have potted my last bog plant, placed my last rock...until I find another one I like.
The lilies are a little shocky looking but they shall recover nicely soon.

I found an old commode tank and thought what a lovely table! I must find the perfect top. I shall remove the wood cookies and as the bog bean grows out of the tank, I believe it will be the final touch. The bucket is my trash can.

I have a resident that seems quite happy with his new pad! Also added small perch today to make it a natural garden.
Now to be able to sit down and enjoy the result!

After The Rain

I went for a walk.

Flooded dry creeks were fun to explore

Lil and TP enjoying the flooding crossing

The dry creek behind Marcy's house

TP is sticking her nose under water and blowing bubbles.
Don't ask me why.

Looking for critters

This is the flooded creek. Cutter had to swim. The water is usually clear and wonderful but water flooded from the clay roads and made all the runoff water red. It will clear soon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Afternoon Shower

My work was interrupted by a beautiful thunder storm. Maybe Someone agreed with Distracted By Shiny Objects. She said even God rested one day!

I enjoyed the life giving musical rain.

Try to block out my nasal twanging voice and just listen to the rain!

A Few Vacation Days...

may finish me off! I have weeded one rock porch. I do not lay rock porches with mortar, I use what I have, which is sand and rock. Occasionally these need to be hand weeded especially since we have had so much rain.

Here is the one I just weeded...two ice cream buckets full.

Here is the one awaiting my loving labor. Can you tell the difference?

Maggie patiently watches but does not offer to help.

I am getting tired but not tired enough to go back to my real job yet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dreaming Porch Is Complete

...until we change it again. Now I shall show you all the strange corners.

A single old chair on which to sit when the rain is blowing in.

Old cream can with cedar adorned with glow in the dark snakes.

A broken aquarium filled with rock collection and a little humor

Dad's old cage with wood cookies, two gourds, part of a sewing machine, and an old crock

May you always have a breeze and May your dreams come true!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Honoring those who have served and still serve. May The Stars and Stripes always fly over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Thank you, Veterans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I Got A New Toy!!

You know how my man is around here about toys...tractors, mules, fence augers, etc...WELL, today was my day to buy a toy.
I bought a new weed eater, weed whacker, grass dropper, crap chopper, whatever you want to call it. All I know is, it starts easy, the string is easy to load and it is orange so if I lay it down, maybe I can find it. Now if my foot would work with me here, I will be flattening some grass. This was my first stop for the day and should have been my last.

Stopped by to leave honey the weed eater at work so he could mix gas and I left the county.

I am beginning to like this being free stuff, when you get to stay home sick. You can do what you want to but if someone asks you to do something you don't want to do, you can just say, oh, I'm sick, don't know if my foot can do that!

Today's trip, and hopefully, the last for a while was to Bath and Body Works for my favorite lotion. I panicked for a minute when I got there. They had changed the design on bottle and I could not find it. Now I had a free bottle coupon and the sale was buy three, get three free so I was not going down without a fight. Found 'em! Walked out with seven, yes, seven, bottles of my favorite Moonlight Path for the price of three. I did not even limp when I left the store.

Walmart always is on my list...cat food, dog food, detergent, you know, all those things we can not live without. Dr Peppers were sinfully cheap so stocked up on them. Bought metal solar lights for around the water garden. I even bought four keyed alike door knobs to replace mine. I had this cart running over!!!! Let's see... paint, caulk, a light chain, band aids. I have to admit by this time, I am hurting a little and it ran through my mind that Doc said keep your foot up!

I even stopped at a yard sale. Got two little wooden shelves for fifty cents each, a large round quarter inch plywood, probably three feet diameter for fifty cents and a trunk for two dollars. Now my foot is not hurting.
Headed home, had help unloading, put my solar lights together, placed them, picked up Andrew cause his bus had a wreck(Every one's Okay!) Came home again and have decided to put my foot up.
Who knows what I will get into tomorrow!

Sky Watch With Green

Our view leaving the valley.

Refreshing The Dreaming Porch

Beverly has decided the porch needed a face lift. She is painting and once again we are thinning and balancing everything.

These are the two new rugs I fell in love with at Big Lots. I knew I wouldn't get to use them for rugs! Bev had the perfect purpose for them.

This table with the pine cones and sweet gum balls is one I made about four years ago with scraps I found in the old barn. The legs are cedar tree cuts. It is edged with worn uneven two by fours. The center is an old piece of bead board I cut to fit and interlocked them for the top. Rustic was the look I was going for and I think I made it.
These two chairs are old office chairs that had been left out in the weather. Bev and I recovered the seats and placed this funky table there.
I am wanting to spend more time on this porch. We have more to do but getting closer.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adventure Day!

Went to work and my foot did not want to stay. It was swollen, hurting and the fever was traveling up up my leg.

Called my help in and went to doctor. She drained my foot, gave me medicine and said, "STAY OFF YOUR FOOT FOR A FEW DAYS!"

Do you think I listened?? Of course not, called my nephew, whose birthday was yesterday and said let's go to Searcy, my treat. Toni did not hesitate and we headed out about three...Big Lots Bound.

Shopped a cart full, mostly food. Ate at the famous Who Dats in Bald Knob. Cajun, seafood, steak, crawdads, frog legs, catfish, oysters, and crabs were just a few of the things on the menu.

Stopped on the way home and brought KFC to feed the bunch.

Could barely walk but I had a fun day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We love hidden things At The Farm. It is such a delight to round a corner to see a pleasant surprise. We may not know who put it there or when it was added but we all love the surprise.

Sometimes some thing alive will surprise us, but we always have our snake eyes on and stay safe.

The ticks are getter harder to see with our age, but they don't surprise us. They grow well here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


If any one has ever told you, redoing a water garden is easy, they are lying! Doing it the first time was not easy either, but both times have been fun. I guess you can tell, I love water features of any kind.
When emptying this pond of broken pot growth, I finally just rolled all the water lilies into a large circle, like rolling a carpet and had to have help dragging them out. I have tried to break the lily tubers with my hands and am now suffering with carpal tunnel. I have picked broken clay pot pieces out without slicing any body parts open and have sworn off clay pots in water! I have rocked my toes and fingers a few times 'cause you know me, most time I was barefooted.
Can't tell but this is an antique Dr Pepper bottle. It has the old ten, two, four clock on it and says "Good for life".
See someone peeking out at you, he's not real!

Just a closer look at some of the rocks edged with parrot grass in the water.

I love fossils!

Part of our section of crystals from Mt Ida, Arkansas, I forgot to rotate the picture, it is sideways.
When I started thinking how long we, the family, have gathered rocks to make this happen, it was unreal the years involved. We are all rock hounds, coming by it naturally from Mom and Dad.
The most romantic thing, I think, is when my husband brings me home an unusal rock. I know I am always on his mind. Don't over think this! It sounds awful when you say, my husband thinks of me when he sees a rock!

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