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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Past Several Days

were rough.  I don't know if it was the holidays or the weather front or my birthday but something had me out of balance.  I won't complain about rain because we've needed it so long.  Weather changes affect my fibromyalgia. I take nothing for that except OTC like Tylenol.  Many family members came and we had a good time so...what was it???

I have no idea but I know what helped it!  My friend, Sandy, sent me the most delicious surprise! Four of the biggest, most delicious, and prettiest caramel apples I've ever seen, four different flavors, too.  The full four did not last for picture taking.  Thank you, Sandy!
Today a package arrived all the way from the United Kingdom from another friend, Lynne. Tea!
I do love good tea.
Thank you, Lynne!
The art work on the box made me happy!
Beautiful...off to have some hot English tea.

Thank you, dear friends, the timing was perfect.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Joachim Buecklaer, 1560

Cinder was sorta miffed
It always went this way
She worked her fingers to the bone
While all the others played.

For the picture inspired writing prompt by Tess Kincaid at Magpie Tales

Soul Mate

plans and dreams
shot down
with the scatter gun
of life
are nothing

the soul of  me,
Poets United:  Poetry Pantry

In Vain

Stalking the naked river
with wings of want
she flies the world
seeking clarity
of plains
void of red
empty of
first blood

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ki-Anne and Hay(nu)ku

 daydreams quietly 
of sawing cedar
The aroma rises
from the
Mindlovemisery's Menagerie with B&P Shadorma & Beyond challenges us with a new form of poetry writing today.  This is a hay(nu)ku with a reverse, I think. Sharing it with Open Link Night at  dVerse~Poets Pub.

Changing My Space

My oldest daughter made beautiful art from a very old thick piece of broken glass.  I have mounted it with mirror holders and I think it works well here.
My mind is always moving, changing things, "improving" things.  One of my favorite paintings, The Birth of Anubis, has gained some jewelry.  I think it works and if I like it, it's okay.  These are two of my paintings.  I dare not call them art.
I have glued felt on the bottom of my leaf
 to avoid scratching furniture
This was crafted by a local artist using a live leaf...
in concrete...amazing.
I wanted to protect the new paint job on my coffee table.
Yes, you heard correctly...I have painted my coffee table.
I had orb company or I need to clean my camera next.
Oh, the adventures I have!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Peppersauce Alley On A Rainy Day

I finally gave in and went to my doctor with my malady.  It is improving. Doc decided it was likely chemical burns in the lungs from my not so safe method of cleaning Dad's shop. Unknown chemicals being swept warrant EXTREME protection. Bottom line:  I'm gonna live through this one.
It was a rainy day.  No complaints there.  It just limited my exploring and I got wet anyway.
The bridge to Peppersauce Alley or East Calico Rock, Arkansas
 The bridge I crossed whose creek runs into White River.
an old trestle over the same creek
I parked with plans but the rain changed my plans quickly.

funeral home
If you would like more details here is the historical link and facts.  Otherwise you will have to wait til I return for better photos.  It was nice to look around even through the rain.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Call To Arms For Thanksgiving

young arms
muscled arms
wrinkled arms

freckled arms
tanned arms
never-seen-the-sun arms

athletic arms
teaching arms
preaching arms

weak arms
missing arms
loving arms

Join the hands
of all the arms
and pray


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Playing With Candles

I begin one job but oh, the possibilities of deviation.  I am the queen of changing directions.  It was a really clean the kitchen day.  I mean washing cabinets, cleaning fridge, scrubbing every surface...then I had to redesign my pot and pan hanger, wash and refill my canisters and jars to my liking.
I was nearly finished even with all my sidetracking when I spied those little unused candle containers that I can't throw away.  You know the candles in great containers that have burned all they're going to burn, the wick is gone with stacks of wax in the bottom of each container.  I had cleaned a few and re-purposed most but there sat six more waiting on me.  Well, this became the day I finished that chore.

First I had to test each container in the microwave to know if there was metal.  There was so no short cuts there.  Used the old chocolate melting system...a boiling pot of water with the candle container in the center.
It worked.  Container by container wax was melted, old metal and pieces of wicks and foils removed while I began to pour the melted wax into the chosen container.
I had no wicks!  Made one from cotton by tying a metal bolt on the bottom and suspended it from a fork so it would stand straight as I added liquid wax.
I had an Ah-ha moment and thought of some tapered candles I never use.  I cut one the correct length, centered it in a container and continued the process.

The first container carried its fragrance from the melted wax but the second needed some smell added...cinnamon oil for candy making was added.  I had to play with food dye! Just can't leave things alone.
They may not be beautiful but they are functional and both smell very good.  I had fun wasting time and saving a few dollars...maybe.  The job is no longer waiting for me.
I gained four wonderful empty containers.
Wonder what I will do with them?
I bet I can find a use!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Continuance of Chairs

A tiny expensive can
but well worth it.

The finished chair in its new spot
for now
Continuing on the old one we did in the shop
It's stained.
Now to glue the back piece and replace the seat.
The chair had joined the odd chair collection.
In search of the next and final odd chair...
then I may create something from the ones I don't want.
Always a surprise, even to me.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Feeding The Fish

Junior picks
the fish food he wants.
The new Koi food enhances their color.
Wonder what color Junior will be?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Black-Billed Magpie

painting by Rubens Peale
 A prompt from Magpie Tales

To the bird there is only now
in the moment is how he flies
he watched from the sill
the sumptuous repast of man
the man was called away
a simple hop became
a feast for the magpie

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, Play It Again, Toads.  I've chosen Brudberg's Time Travel.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015


Many things I do have an unusual touch.  It is me and I enjoy the freedom to be me.  My Dreaming Porch has things many people would not show but I am happy and comfortable with them.
The wood stove oven from my playhouse in the woods
a felt fish on a broken treadle sewing machine peddle
my broken aquarium
my re-purposed floor vent and metal table
another broken part of a sewing machine
Dad's antique cage with wood cookies, gourds and a solar light
an old rusty milk can with a tray of rocks and a candle
another view of my dry aquarium
second generation Scooby Doo...
I couldn't get rid of him
My deep freezer is here
with a box of toys
a metal tractor
and my forgotten mop bucket.

These are the things on my porch.
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