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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Chronicles of Mr. T...

Taking a stroll to cool off,
stopping, now and then, for a drink,
enjoying the home air conditioning,
Mt T walked up the creek.
He was unaware he was being stalked.
Ki-Anne was as scared as Mr T.
TP saves the day and allows Mr T to travel safely.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I've been lazy too long!  Hubby, who, by the way, has not been released from the doctor, got my weed eater started...with a full tank of gas. He is not supposed to be lifting more than five pounds, well, I think a gas jug, a weed eater and a splitting maul all weigh more than five pounds.  Far be it from me to offer advice to Mr Bull-Headed-I'm-Gonna-Do-It man!

The bush hog, which he was beating on when he had his heart attack, has not been repaired.  SOOOOO, Mr Fix-It drained the diesel from the old Deutz to remove the water from the tank(all more than five pounds, I'm sure) and hooked up the sickle and used that to bush hog the tall grass in the valley.  He came in and said, I messed up, I hit a root.  No kidding!  This is a hay mower, not a bush hog!!!

Anyway, back to my weed eating.  As you know, we have received vast amounts of rain and rain makes things grow.  My little distractions, such as hubby's emergency appendectomy and heart attack three weeks after, have gotten me behind on a few things. 

Full tank of gas, running weed eater and I am cutting that tall stuff.  A few flowers and berry plants jumped out in front of me but no problem we have plenty.  I am eliminating possible snake hidey holes.  The lawn has been mowed...by hubby, Doc said he could drive!  The weed eating has been sorely deglected.

I hit a styrofoam cooler...you can imagine what that looks like now.  I hit all kinds of things that have been hidden but the nice thing is that string just keeps feeding out.  I even found a spool of fishing line, not even going there...Hubby did not know how that got there, dogs musta done it!  Yep, got right into the tackle box and left the fishing line out for my weed eater to wind off the spool.

WE have a huge place to weed eat, around the house, the smoke house, the old house, the fence, the water garden, the shop...and this is just close to the house, it goes further.  There's around the mail box, the swing set, and Marcy's yard.

I kept switching arms, my muscles are twitching, I am as parched as a desert but I keep going.  I am as bullheaded as hubby.  Didn't get half of it done!!!  Ran out of gas and gas lasts a long time in the weedeater.

I thought, okay, enough for today(yesterday) and then discovered my arms were numb, my hand shook when I tried to drink something and I swear my entire body was vibrating.

Today, I have to finish!!!  Any volunteers?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Floating a Boat...

One of the wonderful things about the rain is flowing water and no shortage of sticks or bark to float.  Zander is learning how a big piece of bark can be a boat and float down stream.
You can follow that boat,
remove it from the stream,
and begin all over again!

Horses...That Blogger Lost!

are sometimes like watch dogs.
They let you know when something strange is around.
Peeking out after their little run,
they search for what spooked them.
I never saw a thing.
It shall remain their secret.
Blogger lost my comments, found them again.
Now my followers have disappeared..

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Garden Grows...

and flourishes with all the rain.
Bev works in the salad garden
and works magic.
At The Farm,
every one works,
but we still manage to have a little fun, too.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Am Fed Up!

Is any one else having trouble making comments?  I sign in and resign in, write a comment, and sign in is requested again!!!!  I have had trouble with downloading pictures.

I hope y'all don't think I am high-hattin' you because I can't comment!

I have viewed excellent photography, read how awful the weather is, walked  the streets of Jerusalem and the isles of a grocery store.  I have seen dogs in training, hens alayin', and cats a playin'. I have viewed wonderful gardens, farms, livestock and setting hens. I have read of good fortune and tea parties...but I could not comment.  I am so aggravated I could spit!!!

I don't know about you but where I come from, being fed up and mad enough to spit is pretty mad...almost as mad as a wet hen.

Am I alone?  Do I need to abandon Blogger and try WordPress? 

Please, leave a comment...IF YOU CAN!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Never Dress...

and I should know better!!  Marcy always has her camera...and she caught me on the rock hunt in my fashionable night gown and my camo rubber boots.

Three years ago, I would not publish any pictures of me, now, I show you my favorite purple night gown!
 Scoping out the rocks I want as hubby drives...he still can't lift from his heart surgery but doc said he could drive so he drives the mule, the tractor, the lawnmower and the truck.  Stubborn!
 Finding the perfect rock is an adventure.  I have an area in the yard that needs steps and I am working on building them with rocks.
On a farm, you can never just do one thing...had to clean the culvert and I had lots of canine helpers.  Hoping the rains slow and the bad weather stays clear...I can't keep up with the repairs!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playing With New Potatoes...

A customer brought me new potatoes today.  He said the rain had exposed his potatoes and they had to be picked.  I gladly took some off his hands.

I sliced them thin with skins on.  Browned and cooked them in a little olive oil and chives, adding Cavendar's seasoning, I cooked them tender then cooked them fast to brown and dashed some soy sauce on them.

The new way was a success with the men, hubby and Andrew.  They wanted more!

Hubby begins to fix a new batch and asked how I made them, I told him, well actually I seasoned them and let him pretend to cook them.  Andrew came through, hubby grabbed the spatcula, sprinkled some soy sauce and pretended he had done it all.

THEN, he put Andrew on the spot by asking, whose potatoes were better, mine or Nana's.  Andrew chose Papa's, you know the men have to stick together.  Hubby confessed.  Andrew was surprised and a little embarrassed that he had chosen Papa's.

It is amazing how much fun a few potatoes can be!
...and we wait for more storms,
full of new potatoes,
and full of hope the storms are gentle.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I had a surprise when I awakened.  A bouquet of wild flowers lay on my table by my favorite chair.  Hubby had been out for his healthy walk and thought about me.  Something about almost dieing makes you think of what's important, I guess.  I placed them in one of my favorites cups in the kitchen window.  We had daisies in our wedding bouquet, don't know if he remembered but it was nice to get a daisy and honeysuckles as a surprise.
None of my posts would be complete without a peek at Ki.  I think she is as big as she's gonna get now at seven months old.  She is hoping against hope, I will drop something from my plate.
I walked the creek today to refill my contentment level and be close to The Maker.  The waters  have not completely cleared.  We have deep holes where we had none...good for summer play and sand bars appeared in other places.  The power of water is amazing, it can reshape your world.
Hubby had worked on the road...Doc said he could drive Friday so he has been wearing out the tractor and the mule.  I don't think Doc meant, bounce around on rough equipment four days after  heart surgery.  Marcy and I went along on this ride to collect flat rocks for use in the yard.
Marcy, who is always outside by daylight, had picked a few wild strawberries before we picked rocks.  All in all, a pretty good morning...as the rain clouds move in again!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quiet Today in Blogdom...

I can only assume everyone was raptured and I and my farmily were left behind because of our unworthiness.  Oh, well, got plenty of work to keep us busy.
tending gardens,
counting cattle,
and stopping to smell the roses.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sue's Question...

Sue has kindly answered my challenge by asking a question.  Do you really think I meant that?  Of course, it is a difficult question to answer...and has three parts.  Why not something easy, like...oh, what is your favorite color?  Thank you, Sue!

And the question is:  What kind of life had you imagined for yourself before you ended up on your very cool farm?

I am too old to remember the answer to that!  It seems that all the good things have been my dreams and the bad, my nightmares.  I have always loved to write and imagined one day that would play a part in my life. I do remember telling my mother, I was going to marry a man that would let me have as many dogs as I wanted and I have always wanted horses.  So I guess I am living my dream...sorta.

For years, my hubby wanted a farm.  I said, no, we cannot keep up with three acres, we can not do a farm.  Circumstances  brought us here and we cannot keep up, just like I told him, but the pluses of being here far outweigh the minuses

Years ago, before reality bit me, I had dreams of being a veterinarian, an archaeologist, a computer genius, and a writer.  In a way, those dreams have come true.  I am always doctoring some animal, digging up stuff on the farm, playing on the computer and writing.

And would you trade it now?

I don't think I would trade it as much as improve it.  More cash and more workers would make life simpler but that would be true in any one's life.
Has the daily lotion made a difference? Are your heels as soft as flowery petals in the spring?
The lotion, I think, is a mental problem.  My feet were extremely hot during labor, the lotion solved that problem and cooled them.  My feet are still hot, not in the soft flowery petal way but temperature wise.  The lotion still does the job along with keeping my feet out from under the covers.
Thanks for the question...that was fun.  Stop by and visit Sue and just for me, ask her a hard question!

Old Baggs and Witches...

both think I'm special!  I was awarded by both ladies and am deeply honored. Linda and Tamara are both very unique talented ladies that I am very proud to have met through the wondrous world of blogdom.  The blogs linked to above are interesting, funny, informative and never, ever boring, so drop by and tell them Gail sent you.

I am supposed to tell three things about myself...if I remember correctly, and then pass the award to more well-deserving bloggers.  Not to sound conceited, but all blogs I read are well deserving of this award so pick it up and run with it and my blessing.

Three things, mmmm, what have I not told about my strange and varied life?   This is the difficult part...three things you don't know about me...I have told all my deep dark secrets, you have seen me in underwear, you have listened to me complain...there is not much left to reveal.

One...I use to dream of being a published author.  I guess, in a way, I am...I blog.

Two...I put lotion on my feet, at night, every night, before I go to bed.  This strange habit began when I was in labor with my first child and has continued non-stop for thirty-eight years.  That's a lot of lotion.

Three...I have absolutely no patience with liars or with being called a liar.  That pretty much rules out any relationships with politicians.  I guess that is because of my raising.  Dad would never tolerate a lie, said there was never a reason to lie...and also taught me, a person's word is his bond.

...and I am adding a fourth.  I enjoy a variety of people.  I am very open minded to other life styles and belief systems.  I  love to laugh and make people laugh. I do lean toward dark humor...if you haven't noticed that already.

Oh, and if you have any questions, no matter how strange you may think they are, ASK THEM!  I think this would a great way to know each other better.  When I answer your questions, I will link back to your blog and the world will become even smaller as we meet new friends.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Toni, Happy Birthday!

My nephew, the builder of the big red barn...has a birthday.  Not a spring chick anymore, Toni was born in '69.  He is the one who takes me on wild adventures, makes me gamble, and reminds me that all things are possible.  Toni makes me laugh.  He shows me life through different eyes and has a big heart.

Thank you, Toni, for being you...and helping me take off my lion costume!  Happy Birthday...love you bunches.  As beautiful as Alaska is, I want you home!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home, Again...

Hubby has his wings clipped...can't drive, can't lift and he's mad because he was gonna build some fence.  He had it all pushed and ready to start setting posts as soon as he fixed the bushhog.  Sorry, honey!

While I was retrieving the hubby, Andrew was going to the doctor with his mom, now I have two sick ones.  Life around here is a thrill a minute!!! 

I head back to work tomorrow and who's knows what will happen when I am gone this time!  Got some calves due, was going to take some cattle to market, was gonna mow the yard, was gonna clean house!  I guess I have a basket full of "wasgonnas" but they can wait.

The hospital bills are rolling in from his last surgery and now my chest is hurting...just stress!  I will survive, we all will and that is the blessing in this whole kit 'n kaboodle mess!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Banquet Night...

Found out at five that Andrew had a sports/awards dinner at seven!  Papa usually does these things but it fell to me this time.
Strutting his stuff, we proceeded to the awards dinner.  There were basketball, baseball, football, track, and golf teams, all were honored. 
Counting their ribbons, the track team was pleased.  Coach is looking forward to an even better season next year.
Andrew with Coach McWilliams, the man who taught Andrew to love math and also encouraged him to branch out in sports. Track and football are Andrew's main attractions but he wants to play basketball, too.

We are a small school but because of the rating, we must travel far to play with the same rating of schools.  We have faced many formidable foes on the athletic fields but have done it with style and grace.
It was a bitter-sweet event, saying goodbye to the seniors, and in the same instant, looking forward to another year of sports.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dam, Up Date, Flood Gates and Pretty Nurses

Now all twelve gates of Norfork Dam are open releasing the flood waters into the river below.  
Another angle from the edge of the dam.

After two bags of liquid plumber,
hubby is partying on morphine
and grinning at the nurses...even the guys.

Pacemaker, tubing and shunt? were removed today.
Tonight he will be walking.
Hopefully, tomorrow he will come home.

Thanks for all your healing thoughts and prayers.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Confirmation...Hubby Has A Heart!

Driving himself to the doctor this afternoon, hubby was transported by ambulance AGAIN to the hospital!  This time, they discovered he had a heart and installed some new plumbing.  He's fine, the surgery only took fifty-nine minutes beginning to end.  With his new pipe and a temporary pacemaker, he is already picking on the nurses.  He will be on double clot cleaner overnight and we will see what happens tomorrow.  Hubby wants to come home.  If wishes were horses, we would all ride!

I Should Have Known!!!

I was hoping the little hot pepper, Ki-Anne, would not find her voice...no such luck.  Maybe, I thought, if she stole enough cat food, she would purr and never learn to bark.
The cat food is not working!
She joins TP in search of the elusive mystery creature.
The monster terripin should be here somewhere!
There it is and Ki-Anne shouts to the heavens, I have found my prize.  For a dog who bravely nips at cattle and horses without a sound, she is awfully loud with these small creatures.  She will run in to sniff and jump back as if it's a snake.  I tell her, No! and distract her.

One evening Ki had something treed right outside the door.  I tried to shush her but had to go out to see what terrible monster she had this time...a toad frog!!!  To listen to her, you would think it was a mountain lion.  Despite her small body and even smaller tail, this girl has a big voice.  I had hoped against hope, that she would never discover her voice since she had been a less than vocal dog up to this point.  Too late now!!  Again, I distracted her and placed the toad under the fig bush away from her.  Not to be put out from that loss, she immediately began to search for another monster. 

This little lady is smart and shows promise of almost having a Border Collie level of intelligence...almost.  She no longer charges at the cats, they have trained her.  Now, when she speeds by, they do not satisfy her with running but stoically stand their ground.  The roosters are learning not to scatter and she prances through them trying to show her power.  They, too, have begun to ignore her.  The cattle and horses have accepted her as just another irritation, like a cow fly.  They no longer participate in her puppy games.

Ki leads, sits, shakes hands, knows "NO!", does not jump up and greets me each day after work at my car.  We walk together to the porch and she curls up in her bed as I go in the door.  Ki is a farm dog in training but is very good at cuddling!

Next training project will be the command, "Hush!"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This N That

After another rain, much gentler than the past rains but still loaded with thunder and lightning, plants are celebrating.
Hostas are huge!
Marcy's back yard garden is growing in leaps and bounds with Bev's constant love and care.
The big garden has been plowed for the second time,
rows laid out and seeds planted after this picture.
The waters are clearing from the floods.
Work continues between the storms.
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