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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Could It Be...

Unidentified Flying Objects??? No, it is my poor attempt to take a picture of my lighted water garden during a rain storm, but it is fun to imagine.
There are tales that go with this place, as with any place of age. We do live on the Tin Cup Walker Place. Eve's grave is here and we care for it. Tin Cup was a previous owner who would not drink out of other people's dippers in their water bucket. He carried a cup on his belt and only used that to drink.
Before I was born, Beverly was just a baby, Mom was walking to Grandma's house and a "long silver washtub" flew over Mom the whole way. It did not seem important or scary to her, just something that happened.
There was the strange light night that I posted a long time ago.
Our farm is supposed to be the place where robbers buried money. It has never been found. The posse that was chasing them, killed all the robbers but they had hidden the money, so no recovery. Dad used to say, "...and on a still night, if you listen, you can hear the horses running over the glade rock." I have heard it once.
Two sightings have happened recently. It was a dark and rainy night...they always start like that...my nephew looked out the front door of Marcy's house and saw a white figure in front of the shop. He thought hubby was out in the storm and waited for another lightening flash to reveal what he was doing. The lightening only revealed emptiness where the figure had been. It was a average man's height and the shape of a human body. We looked for tracks and have looked for the figure every evening. Another sighting was noted by grandson, Andrew, when he was hunting for armadillos late one night. He could only see the lower portion of the figure as it strolled in the edge of our yard light. He said it was definitely two legs and they were walking.
No one gets too excited here, whether it is strange sights or sounds. We seem to accept what happens with an open mind. Sometimes we do not think to share it until we are all together and begin talking.
If we do have ghostly visitors, hope they stay long enough to help with the work.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

As I Listen To My Husband Vacuum...

My favorite advertisement

That's right, I did not stutter! As I listen to my husband vacuum, I wonder, how did this happen? What angel has touched him and asked him to help with home chores? I do not care who, what, why, or how, just keeping touching him!

I love the word, eclectic. It safely encompasses my style. It gives me freedom that does not come with modern, country, cottage or deco styles. Eclectic rolls off the tongue and makes my style seem important and fashionable.
I think eclectic is just a word for me liking lots of different things and none of them really go together but I like it anyway.

We must have the trophy buck so I dressed it up with my favorite scarf and it becomes eclectic rather than tasteless....isn't it wonderful?

Bot Fly Larvae...Beware!

I have seen bot flies and seen the many eggs they lay on horses.I have never seen the larvae.

Today I had the privilege of doing so, it was not pleasant. This came from a rabbit. I am assuming they are the same bots that pester horses.
Viewing this picture, you will understand the importance of a regular worming program.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Tasteless Joke...

I received in a email. I was aghast at the audacity of anyone sending this through the mail to me! I do not send such trash nor do I forward....I publish it for all to enjoy!!!!!!!!

Remember, I am not the author, only the spreader.

The National Poetry Contest had come down to two, a Yale graduate and a redneck from Texas.

They were given a word, then allowed two minutes to study the word and come up with a poem that contained the word. The word they were given was “Timbuktu.”

First to recite his poem was the Yale graduate. He stepped to the microphone and said:

Slowly across the desert sand
Trekked a lonely caravan;
Men on camels, two by two
Destination Timbuktu.

The crowd went crazy! No way could the redneck top that, they thought.

The redneck calmly made his way to the microphone and recited:

Me and Tim a huntin’ went.
Met three whores in a pop up tent.
They was three, and we was two,
So I bucked one, and Timbuktu.

Hope it made you smile!

This N That

My current project...

Help with hauling hay
I keep trying to get those bird shots, Tina.

Orange stalking something in his imagination.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bounty Grows!

Marcy's garden stir fry
Today's bounty

Watermelons are almost here.

Squash heaven

Seymour is not too excited.

I am not a vegetable garden person so you will not catch me hoeing or pulling weeds. I think that goes back to my childhood of having to weed all the time! The only thing I have ever weeded voluntarily have been my few select rock displays and my water gardens.
Wait, I did volunteer one time to pull up all the bitter weed in the pasture because the milk cow got it in her milk. Yuck, you have never tasted anything quite like bitter weed milk. I got side tracked...back to the garden.
I have no problem preparing the earth, hauling manure to feed it, but have no desire to plant and nurture and grow a garden. So anything that comes from the garden is thanks to Beverly and Marcy who do not have the problem I have with gardens...and thanks to hubby for all his hauling, breaking and plowing, just not me.
I am more of a tree girl, plant it, leave it, let it grow. Rocks do not have to be watered so I am content with them. You only have to rearrange them if the stock comes through or a dog is looking for some varmint. This is why I have two rocks porches and two water gardens and one flower bed of rocks taken over with pineapple sage, twice a year, I pull the sage and throw it away.
If it were totally up to me, I would have no lawn, but rocks with a stock fence very close to the house so they could do all my trimming.
Today is my day to sidetrack I see, I could change it but I will let it stand.
The stir fry was wonderful. The garden is good and I am benefiting even if I have not pulled a weed...nice sisters, I have!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baring My, Uh...Soul

This is a big step for me, because when I began this blog, I would not show my face. For those of you who did not know me in the beginning, I had a goat's behind where my picture should be. I guess that has changed because, now I am showing my behind and not the goat's.

Arrow and Charme
Arrow and Knot
Knot...the cats know he is not supposed to be here!

My boys can easily jump anything when they feel the need but thankfully they do not...often. This large step opportunity was too tempting to pass, so on about their grazing business in the freshly mowed, tender lawn grass.
My horses are enclosed in webb wire that was originally meant for miniature horses. Usually they are quite good at staying in their pasture but this morning the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.
By grazing over the fence, they have mashed down some wire which is easily stepped over by a large horse. The big escape is on.
Marcy, my sister, noticed and pulls the mashed fence up and stops Charme and Magic from escaping. Marcy, quickly, lets me know. The horses use to graze the whole valley but the garden is in it's prime and many flowers would not withstand the dance of horse's hooves.
So I slip on my boots, in my pajamas and lure them, quietly, back to their pasture. A bucket of sweet feed or even an empty bucket leads them anywhere. This is not what I intended my second picture of my new boots to look like, however, they were very handy and easy on.
The pictures are not in their proper order, since once again the gremlins have attacked my blog and I cannot drag pictures into the position I prefer.
I hope my bravery is noted now I have shown my ass to the world. Thank you, Marcy for the wonderful pictures I have to share.

Thankful Sunday

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here I Sit

All the things I need to do are running through my head, but I cannot get my body to respond.

I have lost my followers, not actually, they are still following but my button or connection or whatever you want to call it is gone. Now I can not see the friendly faces who visit me. What has happened?

Hubby and Andrew are out on the river today. Boy Scouts from all over are paddling the White River in canoes. Hubby, as emergency manager, is covering a stretch of river while the canoes paddle through. They may do a little fishing, I hope it is not for Boy Scouts.

I sit, with no inside sounds, the farm sounds are muted by the closed window. I faintly hear the goat talking and the multiple roosters echo from all sides of my room. I have the shade shut so I have no view and seem to enjoy my isolation. I have so few quiet times, it is nice and I just wrap that niceness around me like a warm blanket.

The chores call my name but I am pretending I don't hear that call. The dishes can wait as can the laundry. I am here to enjoy this moment and then I shall go on from there.

My hair is getting longer and thicker and on warm days it is too much. I soon will have the urge to cut my hair again. This I do by feel and never look while I cut. The end product is not bad.

The hunt is on for Copperheads since two have been sited in this yard recently...large ones, poison ones. They must be moving toward the yard because their food source has thinned in the woods. I respect nature and her sometimes cruel cycle but I can not tolerate Copperheads. One has bitten the goat and put her off her feed for a few days. The swelling, I imagine, made it uncomfortable or impossible to eat. Princess has recovered but is always watching the area, side to side, when eating, so I am sure she has smelled the snake again. The hunt or watch will continue until we find a pair and dispatch them...then we can breathe easy, for awhile. Copperheads bear their young live so I hope they have not reproduced yet.

We have also seen a buzzard that is new to our area. The under wings are white and the farmers have been having trouble with them killing the calves. Now what happened to buzzards that wait for death and feed on the carrion? A buzzard that attacks newly born will not last long in a cattleman's county.

It is cooler this morning and has been unseasonably cool for a record of nine days. I am not complaining because July is a hot month, with August being hotter. The flora and fauna can stand the temperature break.

I shall ask the dishes once more if they must be washed now, but if their answer is yes, I fear I will ignore their request.

The Cemetery

It made me think of Edgar Allan
I wasn't the only one stopping to read.
So many people honored here
In death, a monument built...

Why not build the monuments to honor them in life?
An Angel watches over all
It caused me to turn a little...
because I think life should be honored, not death.
Mother always told me, bring me my flowers while I am living, I do not need them when I am dead.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wordless Sky Watch At The Farm

A Variety At The Farm

Pictures and crops by Marcy
We have so many different dragon flies

Thanks to both sisters' hard work the garden is producing

Do we dare guess what is going through Orange's mind?

We shall be squash poor.

Nothing like seeing all your hard work pay off.

Magic Man in early morning

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