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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Sun Will Always Rise...

and set whether you have the work done or not. That is the life of a farmer. We are just now getting land cleared from tornado damage in February and flood in the spring.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Anyone who works knows we must have an area meeting sometime. Yesterday was my day. Off to a town I knew nothing about. I had fine beginning, set my alarm for 5:30PM so got up late, needless to say. Flew around getting ready and already thirty minutes behind. Three hours from my destination, I felt fairly confident since I had seen this town from the freeway. No big deal, right?!

At meeting time I am still driving through this town looking for the meeting place. A building comes into my view with several seniors leaving. I whirl in to see if anyone is from this town and to get directions. A sweet white-haired angel offers to guide me there so I hop back in my car to follow her. She guides right to the front door and even gives me a hug.

The meeting is the standard you-are-doing-a-great-job-but...
Instead of enjoying the great lunch they served, I decided to see if I remembered where I left my car. I did not. I walked through three parking lots and finally found my car. Thank God I had not washed it or I would never have found it!

Leaving the meeting I confidently turned onto the road as if I knew where I was going. Thirty minutes later I knew I had no ideal where I was. I did get to see some wonderfully huge houses in my travels. I asked directions from four people and each one gave me the "easiest" directions. I asked a store clerk, a Lutheran cook, a person walking and a police officer!

By this time I have been driving for over an hour. I finally call my relief worker who has a photographic memory. She said where are you? If I knew that, why would I be calling? I said I see bales of hay in a field and no signs. She said do you see a log house on the right and next you will see this. She laughs and said I know where you are, just stay on the phone I will get you back home. I am almost hysterical because I am a control freak and do not like being lost. She talks me through and an hour later I am back in familiar territory.

A trip that should have taken me three hours has now turned into four and a half. I now realize how tense I was because my arms and hands are hurting where I have gripped the steering wheel. My legs are killing me from constantly shifting. My poison oak has kicked back in and I am weak in all joints!

I stop for chocolate, caffeine and nicotine...my three vices. I am now headed home on a road I know.

I know there are angels out there because I met a few today.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Before my grandson, Andrew, started playing football, I knew nothing about football. I knew the ball was not shaped like a basketball, that was it. The first game I watched, my nephew had to tell me what was happening.
Andrew began as a third grader and now in fifth is still playing.

Saturday we played another school that had three times the team members we did. I watched, scared, of course. I did not want Andrew to be on the bottom of one of those dogpiles! I almost cried when another player jammed a finger or laid on the ground a few seconds after a tackle! This was rough on a grandmother.

Andrew made a long run for a touch down. At first I was waiting for him to go down, then I was on my feet, then I saw him kick in the speed, then cross the line with no injuries. My fears left me! Andrew was good! The crowd was on its feet cheering my 12-year-old grandson!

The fear did not come back. I was beginning to know the game after personal commentary by my nephew. Andrew runs again with the ball and has four guys trying to stop him. Two were hanging on as he ran. He finally went down but I was still happy and unafraid. With four people on him, he had made a tremendous gain for his team.

I am not sure what position he played, many I think because he had to play the whole game. Coach took care of them and kept them full of Gatoraid and confidence. Andrew made tackles too. Nothing like hearing the announcer say "Another sack by Andrew Williams, Number 39!"

We lost the game but not our confidence. I lost my fear! I still only know the shape of the ball but I am learning.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another day in Paradise

My husband, Dennis, is in the hay. It is late for a second cutting but since last summer's drought and lack of hay, we want ever piece we can get. Today I will join him in the hauling.

Yesterday was not good. Dennis broke the shearing pin on the baler. It had been so long since that had happened, he could not remember how to get it back in time. That was just an end to a wonderful day. Thirty percent chance of rain and only him working. The life of a farmer!

Don't get me wrong! Farm life is good. There is nowhere else you can see the hay growing and take pride in it. You can see your young calves being birthed. You can smell a barn full of good hay. Jump on a horse and ride your boundarys. Here you can also take a walk and find an arrowhead. You can fish in the ponds and play in the creek. You can drink fresh spring water. Most of all you can enjoy the quiet and peacefulness at the end of the day knowing it will all still be here tomorrow. Sit and wonder at the beauty of nature. Wonder did my grandparents see the same view? I would not trade this life for another.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Trying to cut hay but the rake needs new parts...$400 worth. Put the parts on backwards and have to start over. Hay is on the ground and waiting. Take the ranger to check on the new pond and pop a tire that will have to replaced. The horses got out and ate the chestnuts and Princess pooped all over the front porch! The roof is still half off the barn from our tornado. No one seems to have the time, strengh or money to get everything done. This hay will have to be baled and tarped in part of the barn that has no roof. The dogs are chasing the cats, the cats are chasing the roosters and I am hiding from it all. Tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My kingdom for a horse...

I have always dreamed of horses. When most young girls were making paper dolls I was making paper horses. Something about the smell of horse, that soft muzzle and those big eyes just had me hooked.

I did lots of research when we were moving to the farm. I purchased miniature horses. Fell in love with them. Just like big horses except it did not hurt as much if you got stepped on.

I progressed by showing horses, giving tours and watching them give birth. The first one I sold, I cried like a baby.

Along the way I acquired an Arabian colt, then a Haflinger mare, bred(Surprise!!). Charme had her colt, Magic Man. Charme also surprised us the next year with Chadir's Broken Arrow out of Talley Ho's Kadir or "Knothead". Guess we had him cut a couple of weeks too late! During this I decided big was the way to go and sold all my miniatures. Charme is my saddle horse, Knot has been trained to ride and next to the trainer will be Magic since he is coming three.

Magic looks just like his dad, a Doc Bar descendant, except he got some thickness from the Haflinger side. Will not be able to register him but that does not matter. He is perfect to me.
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