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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My kingdom for a horse...

I have always dreamed of horses. When most young girls were making paper dolls I was making paper horses. Something about the smell of horse, that soft muzzle and those big eyes just had me hooked.

I did lots of research when we were moving to the farm. I purchased miniature horses. Fell in love with them. Just like big horses except it did not hurt as much if you got stepped on.

I progressed by showing horses, giving tours and watching them give birth. The first one I sold, I cried like a baby.

Along the way I acquired an Arabian colt, then a Haflinger mare, bred(Surprise!!). Charme had her colt, Magic Man. Charme also surprised us the next year with Chadir's Broken Arrow out of Talley Ho's Kadir or "Knothead". Guess we had him cut a couple of weeks too late! During this I decided big was the way to go and sold all my miniatures. Charme is my saddle horse, Knot has been trained to ride and next to the trainer will be Magic since he is coming three.

Magic looks just like his dad, a Doc Bar descendant, except he got some thickness from the Haflinger side. Will not be able to register him but that does not matter. He is perfect to me.

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KathyMorelli said...

Hi - Love your blog. I LOVE horses and owned them for many years, but now its been abt 16 years since I've owned a horse...we had three Appaloosas, all have passed away. my favorite was one I had since he was 3 then passed at age 10, broke his leg..so sad, my favorite guy. Miss him always, miss riding him in the hills of Mahwah in NJ. We became too busy for horses, but with my son older now maybe it will be again...thanks for the pics!

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