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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014


i turn
to the wall
i cannot turn
do I fear
a portal
I cannot see
that look
back at me?
with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tommie Copper

I roll out of bed and hit the floor
my body ain't so good anymore
I can sit and I can stand
but I have to wait for someone's hand

the basketball knee
needs support
I pull on Tommie Copper
now i play sports

My back won't bend
it just hurts
I pull on my
compression shirt

I am weak
my shoulders are whacked
let me put on my sleeves
be right back

Compressed from stem to stern
these new girdles work I'll be durn!
I am old but encased with Tommie Copper
Will someone help me outta this rocker??

Disclaimer:  Tommie Copper did not reward me for this!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

You Know It's Done Right

when folks want to move in.
The hidden skeleton in the water garden
 Jump, frog! 
It's Ki-Anne.
You can't get me here, dog!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Treasures Found

Who said wall paper sample books have no use?
Blue enamel bed pan and a gun holster 
Red neck potty chair...take lid off and use for dining room chair or remove linoleum and slide a bucket underneath for an instant portable potty.
My personal favorite...a box of rocks.
I come by my love of rocks naturally. 
 Wall art from cut metal cans, wire and a button
Cast iron, copper and the politically incorrect
cowboys and Indians with an astronaut
A tiny hand carved cage for something
includes a nest box and a ceramic water container
Who the heck is this??
If you know, please tell me.
That's all the news I have today.
Update on more treasures next week
if the Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Worked

in the old house.

On a farm multiple buildings always means something needs repairing, sorting, or improving. This house was where my sister was born and where two siblings were born that we never knew. 

Thanks to varmints and dogs chasing said varmints there is some disarray inside this small three room house where three generations have stayed at different times.  

The death of Mom, the watching of Dad until his death, the ice storms, the tornado, and health and life in general has kept me from doing a proper job keeping the outbuildings in order.

One year the chickens laid eggs in the attic. The dogs have continued to search and seize any trespassers that entered the old home.

After the tornado the loose tin caused some water damage.  The roof was repaired but water has caused a floor joist to fall.  Know this is a box construction house.  No two by's.  No four by's but a simple floor joist system and roof rafters with board and batting connecting the two.  Paper and cloth was used for insulation if you can even call it that.

Primarily used for storage I have my work cut out for me. I am slowly sorting things that have ruined from over sixty years of storage, saving what I can and repairing as I go.

One room is on a slant so I slide in, grab a box and run uphill to get it to level floor and repeat and repeat. I sort and stack in a solid room.

I sort, reduce, protect and stack.  I would carry a sack to my throw a way pile while keeping the "good" stuff.  When I needed air I would carry a box of bottles from my other project and place it in the lean-to kitchen.  A thousand steps, a million steps....maybe more.  Until the muscle cramps and promise of rain stopped me.
An old wringer washer
a wood cook stove
A complete school desk from a one room school house

I've written how two small houses were pulled up the creek by horses and a sled joined by a common roof. A lean-to kitchen was added.  This was in the early thirties so there is no way to tell how old the house or houses really are.
I remember being warm in winter with no insulation.  I remember the smell and taste of Mom's biscuits.  I remember Dad setting us out during the first snowy morning to run around the house to keep our feet warm all winter. .I remember hauling water from the same spring we use today. I remember the weight of all the quilts in winter and the cool breezes of summer. I remember the love.

In this house with each box and bag, I remember.  Yes, I remember.  This is the reason I work in this old house...to save those memories and perhaps, just maybe, make more.
Just in case you were worried, I have not lost my marbles.  In fact I may possibly have five or six generations of marbles, so I'm in good shape.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

dVerse Passion


clawing my way
i can't forget
from whence i came
where i will return
and in between
those times
that made me laugh
and love
in celebration of
Mother Earth

Dog Parts

I can't seem to escape them.
Not complaining because I'm a better person for this gift.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

She Walks...

She walks
In the clear
To avoid
The muddy
That is
Her life

Never looking up
She strolls
In tall boots
This is real
Not the murky water

In this moment
She walks on rocks
Never disturbing
Silt nor mud
Nor secrets
And thinks
This is how it should be

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Train In Guion

Before my husband and I met he lived and almost died in Guion, Arkansas. Driving in his '66 maroon Mustang with his cousin they crossed these train tracks. Hubby was fiddling with his radio.
The crossing lights did not work that day nor did they work this day. Hubby looked up to see one big light bearing down on him.  Trying to stop, the car spun around and died.  Hubby started the car and by popping the clutch he lost only part of his bumper that day. The cousin had left the car. Hubby stayed to save it. We still have part of that bumper...wish we had the whole car. Hubby said for months afterward his dreams were haunted by the train light.  The engineer had not sounded the horn but he did this day.

At the beginning of my film you see a mine in the bluffs. This is a sand mining town and has been for a very long time.  I imagine one day  the town will disappear into the great void that lies beneath its hills. Once a thriving city with many businesses it is a smaller town now but beginning to grow again. In addition to the Unimin Inc there is Silica Transport and a new tiny grocery store.

We lived here a few years when the girls were young and Hubby worked at the sand mill as a laborer then as an operator washing and drying sand.  Twelve hour shifts were rough on all.  I'm sure the working conditions have improved while the mines still provide jobs for many.

As Hubby grew up he traveled much by train since his father was an employee of Missouri-Pacific Railroad and family could travel free.

The track runs along White River for many miles and is still in use today but only for transporting products not people.

Just another tendril from the vines of life that twine together and make me who I am. Where would I be today if Hubby was not a great driver?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When Blog Fodder Is Thin...

there's always room for a Bonnie post
Some how I slipped away without her.
Galloping toward me
 She hung her collar on the fence
looking back to see who grabbed her
Shortly she figured it out
crawling under the barbed wire
Nothing touched the wire but her tail.
Bonnie is a quick study.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Morning Curtains For Magpie Tales...

House work
Dirty floor
Sat to rest
Fell to the floor
The curtains entwined
As she slept
The husband
Hired some help.

For the prompt at Magpie Tales with Tess Kincaid


In my pocket
Reach my base
To travel 
Me with life
And myself

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Eighteenth Birthday, Registered To Vote and Registered For The Draft

Looking cool in his found Ray Bans
Showing off
Shopping for amps
with Faith
Fender won the pick
Know we are very proud and 
love you "to the moon and back"
Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Rocks' New Home

The water fall 
is falling over new rocks
The fall now runs through a new holey rock
The river stones redirect the falls
and my collection grows.

Friday, September 12, 2014


was my entertainment and boy, howdy, did it entertain me!  I was appalled, shocked, impressed and riveted to the screen.  I was scared, sad, and jubilant from scene to scene.  It may not be every one's movie but I don't watch many.  Even a year after it has been in theaters it was good enough to knock my sci-fi socks off.

I've been At The Farm far too long to be so easily entertained by one movie.  Doesn't take much but I'm still reeling from Elysium.  Matt Damon and Jody Foster were just two of the memorable cast.

"Never forget where you come from."

Elysium is a movie worth watching if you're a little different like me.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Know You're Wondering About The Rocks

Those who know me well also know what a rock hound I am.  Instead of postcards I collect rocks and know where each one was gathered.
Fossils in limestone too large to carry
Quarried limestone along the boat ramp full of quartz
Limestone ledges shelters fish under water
and whatever needs shelter above it.
Most of our rocks are different forms of sedimentary.
Note the snail fossil here.
I could not catch the sparkle with the camera
but sunshine and the eyes can find the quartz.
I love rocks where the hole goes completely through it.
We call them fairy rocks as in door ways for the little folks.
Others call them Crone Stones
 and believe that the wearer can see the future.
All are sedimentary rocks of varying types.
 Silt stone
These I carried home.  I had my handy canvas bag just for this reason.  I had to be selective because it was a long way back to the boat.
Double prize here with a hole that is also a fossil.

I found some thin flat rocks to paint and others I will incorporate around my water gardens.

We've found metamorphic rocks and some volcanic rocks along with lots of sedimentary rocks At The Farm.  I enjoy reading the history in each stone.  Millions of years can be seen in a rock cliff and I get lost in time. 

And that is Geology One for preschool...I try to learn more with every rock I touch but I have a long way to go.  
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