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Monday, October 11, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Riding, Not Roofing

I am sure Ariat makes boots for roofing but these aren't them!  I was headed to the barn but decided to have Hubby help me get the tin back on the old house blown off by the tornado.  This has been a job we haven't been able to get completed until Sunday. 
Self portrait proves I was on the roof,
hot, sweaty, and scared but on the roof.
 This is the area we had to replace.  Now Hubby and I are neither spring chickens nor light weights so we were very cautious while climbing on this steep, old baby.
This picture is from the roof of the lean-to kitchen, not the highest part.  I soon discovered Ariats were not idea for roofing.  I slipped, I slid, I stretched, I hammered then Hubby felt sorry for me and joined me for the high part.
This is how I got up, just rode up in the bucket with my tools and climbed on the roof. 
Hubby had to climb up the tractor, to the bucket and onto the roof, laughing at me while he climbed.  He has no fear so he took this as a great opportunity to increase mine. 
Brave man on the roof cap, making short work out of what would taken me a long time to do.  When we loaded back into the bucket for him to climb down, he casually mentioned that the bucket has been dropping.  THEN he said, look, the back tires are off the ground, too much weight in the bucket.  I had my eyes closed.  Laughing at my fear, he climbed down the tractor and lowered me to the ground so I could safely step out.  RAT!
While on the roof, we spotted these buzzards,
across the field.
Were they waiting for us to fall???


wenstumped said...

Wow! Your hubby has a really mean sense of humor but I think you would have to weigh as much as the entire house at least for the back wheels to tip over. Hope u got the roofing done safely.

Nezzy said...

Yep, my favorite sayin' 'round the Ponderosa is "ya want me to do what????" Your a brave woman Gail!

I always don the tennis shoes when I'm summoned up on the roof. Yep, those buzzards love to start circling me when loungin' on my floatie in the pool. I'll start flappin' my arms and yellin', " not yet, I still alive down here!!!" Heeehehehe!

God bless ya girl and have yourself a marvelous week!!!


OMG you all sound like me. not too long ago hubby and myself were up on a roof and we had voultures circuling and thats exactly what I said ( sorry guys were not dead yet ) lol great job Gail, a go getter like me ! Have a great day !

ellen abbott said...

Yikes! The man around here was up on the roof getting the new shop building roofed but I don't think the pitch was that steep. the walls are 10' though. I'm just glad it wasn't me up there.

Rural Rambler said...

Gail my PSA for you this morning for future roof walking. Ariats are not made for walkin' on the roof. At least not the soles on those boots! I don't know, now that I'm taking a good look they look like crepe and that heel could be very useful ;) I think if we had a tractor with a bucket we wouldn't be so dang chicken to get on the roof and get those pesky leaves out of our stopped up gutters. No way I woulda climbed on that roof. No way. And I know, you gotta do whats gotta be done.

Clarissa Draper said...

WOw, that's scary up there. I don't think I could do what you did.


Nora said...

I would not have gotten on that roof. I'm too scared of heights and you didn't even have the right boots on. Let hubby do the work next time, he seems to be pretty handy. He climbs well on that tractor too. Those vultures were waiting for you to go plop on the ground. Then they start picking out your eyes.

Rudee said...

I won't tell you my emergency room roofer stories, since I don't think the telling of them would make a difference in your decision making process. Lord, woman...your story gave me palpitations.

Pat said...

That's it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. At the Farm has some crazy folks running around there!

LindaG said...

We have a shed that needs roofing, but you could not pay me anything to get me to climb up there are do it.

Congratulations to you for being braver than me!
Wish I had a bucket loader to get me up there. I'd have to use an extension ladder.
But We don't know how long the roof on the out building has been bad, so it may need a whole new roof.
It's an old building. I'd like to keep it if possible. We'll have to see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

See, my idea of helping in this sort of situation is to have the cordless phone on hand to dial 911. Hope you got it all done safely!

allhorsestuff said...

A woman's gotta do what she must...wow, that was some height too.... Glad you had company there..and it turned out okay.
Your taking photos, from that roof...is about like me taking them , from stop my mare! And that, by the way, is as high as you'll EVER SEE ME!

Rusty said...

The roof never looks steep - till you get up there! Speaking of gutters thats something I better take care of soon. At least I won't have to get off the ladder for that job. I find getting on the roof is not too bad, but getting back to the ladder seems a lot harder. ATB!

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