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Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog Is Going Crazy...

Just wanted to mention, something told me to check my junk folder.  Woe and behold, there were comments there!!!

If I have failed to answer your comments, I may have inadvertently deleted them with a blanket junk delete.

Please try again if you have received no return email...that is the way I respond to comments.

Thanks to all who stop by to visit. You are my chocolate!


LindaG said...

I often have the same problem. I just do a quick check of my junk email before I delete it because Microsloft and Outlook seem to be unteachable. ;)

But at least you found them now. :)

ellen abbott said...

I get a report once a day of 'suspect' emails, stuff that the spam filter does not automatically recognize as spam but the senders are not on my approved sender list.

Nezzy said...

I used to have my 'Junk' mail auto-deleted until I noticed some of the good stuff was goin' down the drain. I now check it before smackin' the delete button.

Baby, your a better woman that I. When this chick craves chocolate there's nothin' that will suffice!!!

God bless and have a great weekend!

Lori E said...

I check my junk mail on my server as well. Every time there seems to be something in there that shouldn't be.

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