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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marcy's Flower And This N That

I believe this one deserves a ribbon!

The alignment kings are out to get me!
I give up, you shall have to read it like poetry.

Cattle to the sale barn today,
a few got away.
Next trip, they will go.
If the fences were set up properly,
this would not happen.
Hubby said, well, your dad had a loading chute...
No kidding, why, I wonder, did he have one!

I am wearing down.
It has been one year since I have had a Saturday off.
I've had a week or two off, here and there,
but its not the same, without Saturdays.
Monday is a holiday for us
so I'll feel like I have a weekend.

I'm a little disappointed in myself.
I seem to accomplish little these days.
Laundry, dishes, maybe...
Work and back,
sleep and work,
work again.

No one nearby is buying walnuts this year
so we have tons of black walnuts on the ground
and no market.
The double bad of this is,
we have to pick them up anyway,
just to keep us from falling down.
Ever try to walk on walnuts?

The wonderful news is
I have just reached 200 followers!!!
Thanks to each and every one.

Wait, wait...
I have more good news.
I am being stalked!
This kind of stalking is a good thing.
The Redhead Riter has a feature
called "Saturday Stalker".
Each week she "stalks" a blog,
highlights a few posts,
and points everyone that direction.
This is gonna be fun!!!


By Word of Mouth said...

Hi Gail
What a talented photographer you are!
We all have this romantic notion of moving to a farm, changing pace and taking life a little easier .. when really a working farm couldn't be further removed!
Thank you for taking the time to be a blogger to share your days and thoughts ... and photos. I know your time is precious, and look forward to sharing these precious moments with you .
Have a great weekend, hope you get some me time ... and Happy Stalking Day :)

ellen abbott said...

Oh, I imagine walking on walnuts is worse than walking on pecans. No market for walnuts this year? I love walnuts. No market because there is an over abundance or just nobody wants 'em? And you know what I think about the post office already.

LindaG said...

Wish I lived closer, I'd definitely take some walnuts off your hands...
Do they make good cattle feed?
Enjoy your Saturday if you can. ♥

Carol Kilgore said...

I love walnuts. I'm guessing everyone around has walnuts, too, and it's a bumper crop this year. Sounds like the year you add walnuts to everything, make nut breads and cakes, and freeze the rest.

Love the flower!

Just Plain Tired said...

Well, if you're going to be stalked, I think this is the way to go. Nothing like another blogger giving you some love I say.

colenic said...

Gorgeous pics...hope that you enjoy your "weekend"

Pat said...

So when the talk of closing the US Post Offices on Saturdays makes you do a happy dance?

Did you ever see that movie about Temple Grandin on HBO? She's an autistic woman who designed many corrals and such for cows. It's a great movie - she's a REAL person. You would enjoy the movie.

Rusty said...

Ouch! no, I can't imagie trying to walk on them. I know handling any number of them can do a number on your hands. I have a few parrots that love them but they have the beaks to handle the problem. I wonder if the excess quantity would make a good fuel for the fire? ATB!

Nezzy said...

Quite a shot that flower it...it wins my vote.

I'm sayin'...walnuts hurt underfoot and on the noggin if one fall from above!

I swear when ya go to load 'em some of those wild eyed cattle sprout wings and fly over the corrals! I've seen 'the little dog laugh to see such a sight' more than once 'round the Ponderosa!

When I was teachin' Hubs would always plan a big round up or cattle workin' day....on my day off. Just sayin........

Have a great one Gail! :o)

The Golden Eagle said...

Lovely photo. :) I love the colors and the dewdrops.

Congratulations on the followers!

Rudee said...

And if you were too sick to work on a Saturday? Would you take one off then?

You should see if you could market your walnuts to dye/fiber artists.

Sandra said...

COngrats on the feature by the Red Head Writer! I think she is fantastic and would be honoured!
I read your bio and I can't believe what a busy lady you are...AND you blog!
Thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Have a happy Thanksgiving (I'm Canadian too).

Janice said...

Love the flower, the stalker has made a good choice.

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