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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hacking Without Horehound

Well, I guess yesterday was not hot flashes.  I seem to have captured Hubby's hacking cough and whatever malady he found last week.  He had deep body coughs, running an erratic fever since he saw his doctor.  He was dosed with antibiotic, codeine cough syrup and warnings that he needed to install his pace maker soon.

I had no sympathy since he groaned dramatically with each cough and held his sides as if he were dying.  Karma has chosen to bless me with the same ailment.

I tried his codeine, I tried peppermint, salt water, elevated my head in bed but to no avail. I remembered I was gifted with Horehound Candy last winter.  About one am I searched to find my miracle candy.

To those who think I am just talking dirty go here to discover the truth about Horehound Candy.  It has been a much used item in my lifetime.  We grew Horehound herbs and had a recipe using molasses to make our own medicinal candy.

Like most medicine, it doesn't woo you with its taste. I don't mind it at all.  In fact, it is sometimes my recreational drug (just as a candy, it has no wow factors) since I have acquired a taste for horehound candy.  In my immediate family, we are split down the middle.  Half would not take it if they were dying and the other half swears by it. 

Horehound stops a bronchial cough, not just a sore throat cough. 

So here I am up with very little sleep preparing to be shop keep for the family today, armed with Horehound Candy and lots of fluids...and cursing this new blogger format that blue circles with each word I type...If it doesn't improve, I fear blogging will not be the joy it once was for me.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hot Flashes and Hellgrammites

I don't know if it's this freaky weather or my lone ovary talking to me.  Hot one minute, cold the next.  The rest of the baby factory was disassembled pre-1988 but doc said the lonely one would do it's work.  Could also be something else, anyway, it's not any fun.

My mind is as jumpy as my temperature.  I thought hot flashes, then I thought Hellgrammites  That took me to childhood hunting for fish bait.  Strange how things process in this old hard drive I call my brain.  I said it twice, hot flashes and hellgrammites and it sounded good...thus the birth of this post.

When it was too dry to dig for earth worms, we hunted hellgrammites.  Now, these babies, exactly what they are, can bite. They are larvae. They kinda roll with the current of a stream.  Dad would place a screen at a good point in the creek.  It was our job to stir the hellgrammites.

When they caught on the screen, we removed them to some container.  This was the fun part for Dad (I blame him for my orneriness). We girls got to pick them.  With lots of ouching and squealing we tried not to get bitten.  Dad stood by with his blue Irish eyes twinkling ever ready with instructions on how to catch them without the bite.

We left the hunt soaked from jumping and splashing in the shallow stream while catching these little monsters.  I suspect Dad was a little tired from laughing. Our fish bait was now ready to magically turn into dinner. 

We always had bass for supper when we had hellgrammites.  I guess that was one way Dad taught us to work for our dinner. 

For those in doubt, this is a happy memory.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rows With Pat...

Daffodils in the yard
posts show Hubby's working hard
and to prove I get around,
a row of things from a town.

I'm addicted.
Pat, it's true,
I see all these rows
because of you!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Date...

Dusit Thai Restaurant...the food
the couple
the bashful beauty
the friends
and the ever watchful Nana, sneaking pictures.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Walk...

was long overdue for me. I headed to the fresh dirt where Dalton has found his spear head.  I dawdled. At the risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, that's a good thing.
Part of the farm pack joined me.
I discovered Blue Heron tracks,
very large compared to the dog tracks.
I didn't find an arrowhead but I found a worked tool.
What a wonder to hold history in my hand.
The pack had to explore every smell around
and enjoy the water.
 I made a big circle by the spring through the garden, by and over the creek, through the cow lot and back to the yard.
This was my last shot as I climbed the steps to remove my muddy shoes and wash my hands, renewed again by the beauty of the land around me.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Something Said, Take The Camera...

but did I listen?  Nooooooooooo and I regretted it.  The dogs were barking, Ki, Junior and Squiggie were baying, barking, singing a wild dog song.   Knowing my dog's barks I heard, "Danger!"

As I approached the Borders joined the melee. Rarely vocal, the Borders assessed the situation quickly.  With a simple no nonsense motion, Lil stepped in, silently, swiftly removed the snake, ending the canine chorus with one deadly shake.  Ki and Squiggs jumped in for their piece...of the Copperhead.  Within fifteen seconds of my arrival, the poisonous snake lay in pieces so  scattered I couldn't determine the original size.  All that mattered was one less poisonous snake.

During Junior's first poisonous snake encounter he acted safely and cautiously while trying to remove the snake from between the rock and the fence post.  The three from the small team darted in, grabbed and retreated.  Then came Lil, Big Bad Lil, never one to waste a motion, she quickly extracted and executed the snake in one whiplash move.

Ki, foaming at the mouth, from the terrible taste of a poison snake, dropped her piece but gained another during the farm dog dance of success.  The barking had ended.   The words, Good Dogs, were spoken generously.

I returned to the house, proud of my little pack of farm dogs, doing their job well...and still kicking myself for having no camera!

I Have Been Honored...

by a wonderful interview with D Jean Quarles' Journeling The Writer's Life  Jean is the author of "Perception" and is currently working on her next novel.

I'm still not sure why she chose me, a half-crazy, disorganized postal worker/farmer, for an interview but I'll take the honor anyway.  Thank you, Ms Jean.

D Jean Quarles
May "Perception" continue to climb and your next book also be a roaring success. Thank you, again, for this recognition.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Me Day...

with work here and there.  So much waited to be done...but, too bad.  I did laundry, dishes, cooked, painted a window facing, worked on my sister's computer and the rest of the day was trying to catch up and say hi to all my bloggers.  I didn't make it. 
It is after 9PM and I am signing off for the evening.  If I didn't get by to catch up reading and commenting I will be by soon.  I really appreciate all those who take the time to comment and encourage me to continue to share my farm adventures and the dark corners of my mind.

My computer has frustrated me but chocolate ice cream calmed me down.

I still need to find a photo program...free, preferably. Have  found a free writing program and so it goes, one baby step at a time.

May your evening be relaxing and your night be filled with wonderful dreams.

Mag 110

I'm not sure why I delight in these writing challenges, the reason doesn't matter, the fun is in the doing.  Maybe it's the guidelines, maybe it's the challenge but I can't resist them.  The Mag is a picture prompt for words and I'm compelled to create words to match the picture.  Magpie Tales still uses word verification but it's worth the trouble.  Now if I can get Mr Linky and my fingers to cooperate, I shall create.  Be sure and visit the other people who rose to meet this challenge.
The voices had always been with her.  She tried to tell there was more to her than met the eye but no one believed her. Oh, people responded in all the right places and assured her all was fine but she knew she was not alone. She was labeled odd, but no one offered to help free her from the voices.

The wrinkled lady at the open air flea market assured her the mirror was magic.  Even if it wasn't, she knew the perfect spot in her home for this intriguing antique mirror.

Gently she unwrapped the mirror near the chosen spot in her room.

One glance into the mirror confirmed she was not crazy, the voices were real and now she had the proof.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Jenny likes to play.  She gives us writing challenges each week.  Stop by and check out every one's take on this week's prompt.  I'm living the dream, man...

Here are the rules:  Number of words: 100 EXACTLY including the 5 words of the prompt.
Style of writing: Any so long as the total word count is EXACTLY 100 words
Pictures: As many extra pictures as you like.  Link back to Jenny at Saturday Centus.
The regular restrictions apply: PG, no splitting of the prompt, play nicely and visit the other entries, any style or genre of writing you prefer.
The cows are out, the fence is down, something pulled the hair out of a cow’s tail.  The mower won’t start and the grass is growing high where the cows don’t eat.  The hungry ticks are out and the wasps are flying.  The chickens pooped on the porch again and the pup has gathered things to chew. 

The spring water is sweet and I still live free.  The rain has renewed the rooted things and cleared the air.  No matter how much work there is, things always seem to balance out here At The Farm.
I’m living the dream, man.

Marcy Art

Georgia O'Keeffe style
Nature up close
and beautiful.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sticky Notes

This is supposed to be a writing program! Sticky notes, indeed.

 I wanted a real writing program where I could save gallons of words for later use. Word, it ain't!   I am typing BS to test the volume of a sticky note and also to see if there is a possibility of using this for my writing. I see no spell check.   I see no file button to save.   I am lost.
    So no way to save...delete note make new note. No hope here. Pitiful salesperson that gave me this when I asked for a writing program.

So I begin another note, wishing I could find my original program from my other computer. I don't have the registration key so SOL.

So much for the lovely Sticky Note program.
Select all, copy, paste...not my favorite way to write.  Any suggestions?


Last Day of Spring Break...

I had a few days off and have accomplished nothing.  I've helped join two long time friends for a spring break holiday.  I've toured them around the counties, taken them to one movie and out to eat twice. I've taken Andrew on a group date. I returned to work Wednesday sad because my time off was short.
My second grandson Jake joined the group and they journeyed with Papa to another movie and Chinese food.  They drank Mountain Dew until they were wired, played basketball, explored the farm, stayed up late and have generally been a busy group of gentlemen. Games of horse, basketball, and football have echoed through the valley at a volume only these young men could generate. The electronic games and the guitars screamed and the computer smoked with overuse.
Friday is officially their last day.  I was only with them two days, Papa the rest of the time but I believe these boys are taking home some memories.

John Carter, The Lorax, the different food we introduced them too, the tricks they've pulled, the Native American spear point Dalton found as they all explored the creek...all these will be tales they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The house is a mess, we adults are exhausted, Zander took a roll down the stairs but all in all, it was a successful break from the scheduled life of structured education.

I hope they've learned the simplest joys are the best, that humor and honesty are good things, and I hope they know they are loved.
Today Jake returns home, Saturday Dalton returns,  and life returns to "normal". May the laughter, the adventures, the late nights and the companionship carry them through to our next break..and may the adults be recuperated enough for the next adventure.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


boat docks on the lake,
green boards where we ate,
Hurry up, boys, we're running late.

Visit Pat for a variety of rows.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Wolf House

Dalton and Andrew have been friends since early elementary school.  Dalton's family moved to Siloam Springs which is about four hours away.  Andrew and Dalton try to get together during spring break and the summer. The half way meeting point is Harrison.

The Norfork Dam was closed Monday so our route was changed.  On our return trip we explored the Wolf House in Norfork, Arkansas.
The buildings were works of art, all hand-hewn timbers and quite fancy for the times.  The Dogtrot is a feature I would be tempted to include if I ever build another house.
Located at the junction of two rivers, the view was breathtaking. 
The back of Wolf House is as amazing as the front.
Dalton and Andrew
I imagine Jacob Wolf in the lower right window,
waving goodbye.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Driving Into The Storm...

Monday Andrew and I drove to meet his friend, Dalton.
We drove into the storm
 but didn't get a drop of rain here.
The weather was wild.
We ate lunch at The Front Porch
These innocent lads put hot sauce in my sweet tea,
while I was outta site.
They know I'm gonna get 'em back
they just don't know when...
and therein lies the fun.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Mag

A challenge...
the picture is linked to many more who answered it.

• Only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species -- man -- acquired significant power to alter the nature of his world. 

• No witchcraft, no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world. The people had done it themselves. 

Quotes from the author of  "Silent Spring" Rachael Carson



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Andrew, Lauren Gray, Sarah Jo Roark and The Highway 289 Band...

With a few more thrown in for good measure.  The line up was loaded with talent, the crowd was in the mood for music and they were not disappointed.
Melodie Clemmons with her Highway 289 Band opened the show for a live radio performance.  Among special guests performing were Lauren Gray, the young woman who was on American Idol.
Her father, an extremely talented musician, Mike Gray made his Les Paul sing and blend and accent Lauren's voice.  It was a performance Horseshoe Bend will not soon forget.
Melbourne's very own Sarah Jo Roark joined Lauren.  I thought I was watching The Voice. 
Melodie called it the battle of the Divas...two beautiful power house voices joined perfectly to win the crowd.  Sarah Jo belted some Janis Joplin, wooed us with Imagine and some Delta Blues. 

To be honest, I have forgotten most of the songs, because I was lost in the magic of the night, just one of the crowd feeling the music, the power of the moment...and certainly not concentrating on great photography.
Then it was Andrew's turn...how could he top these women?  He calmly walked onto the stage and said, "Diva time is over". He make his Gibson sing the blues, the crowd went wild.  His second song was Stevie Ray Vaughn's Pride and Joy. Mike played him note for note and it was dueling guitars...the crowd was thrilled.  This old Nana was bursting with pride and screaming my head off like a teenager.
Without one music lesson, this fifteen year old dueling with Mike Gray brought down the house...and Saturday night was his first time to play with Mr Gray.
Look at the smiles on these men's faces!
Watch for Sarah Jo Roark, everyone wants her on The Voice.
Andrew living large with Lauren, American Idol star
Andrew's mom, brother, aunt, cousin and Nana and Papa attended.
This sweet lady showing holiday spirit
allowed me to take her picture.

People were shaking Andrew's hand, telling him how wonderful his playing was, asking all kinds of questions but when it came time for the group photo of the performers, Andrew had disappeared.  He was saying goodnight to his girl friend who attended and this seemed more important to him at the moment. I suppose those same hormones are part of what makes his music sooo good.

Best St Paddy's Day EVER!
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