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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sticky Notes

This is supposed to be a writing program! Sticky notes, indeed.

 I wanted a real writing program where I could save gallons of words for later use. Word, it ain't!   I am typing BS to test the volume of a sticky note and also to see if there is a possibility of using this for my writing. I see no spell check.   I see no file button to save.   I am lost.
    So no way to save...delete note make new note. No hope here. Pitiful salesperson that gave me this when I asked for a writing program.

So I begin another note, wishing I could find my original program from my other computer. I don't have the registration key so SOL.

So much for the lovely Sticky Note program.
Select all, copy, paste...not my favorite way to write.  Any suggestions?



Linda in New Mexico said...

We lost the code to be able to use one of GK's programs....I simply went into search and typed entry code for $%^&* and I'll be darned if it wasn't there. You might try it and see if someone else had the same difficulty with the same program and nicely shared the info. I sure hope so. Oma Linda

Rusty Webb said...

Sorry it's going poorly for you. I have no suggestions, but I hope you figure it out.

Lynne said...

I am no help at all . . .

Jeannelle said...

Have you tried Live Writer?

Carol Henrichs said...

When I want to jot things down or even when I want to write a blog post I sometimes use Wordpad, the program that Windows used to include as an accessory. It has most of the functions of Word, but is much simpler and less memory-intense.

For really simple stuff, I simply use notepad, which still comes with Windows. I simply put it into my start menu, so whenever I want it, it is right there.

There are tons of simple word processing programs available for free to download at cnet.com.

The best by far sticky note program is one written by Tom Revell called "Stickies." It allows you to save, backup, customize. You can find it at http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/

Good luck--just keep writing.

LindaG said...

And don't forget I mentioned Open Office to you. It's free and should work just like Microsoft Office.

Happy Saturday, Gail! :-D

Sue said...

I am a novice, and reading your post made me even more aware of that fact.


Nezzy said...

No help here...I'm mother of Geek Son yet technically challenged.

He's no help, ya know...kinda like the carpenters wife who can get no work done.

I just hang in there like a long hair in a biscuit and keep on 'till of figure it out.

Hope ya do the same sister!

God bless ya!

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