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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hacking Without Horehound

Well, I guess yesterday was not hot flashes.  I seem to have captured Hubby's hacking cough and whatever malady he found last week.  He had deep body coughs, running an erratic fever since he saw his doctor.  He was dosed with antibiotic, codeine cough syrup and warnings that he needed to install his pace maker soon.

I had no sympathy since he groaned dramatically with each cough and held his sides as if he were dying.  Karma has chosen to bless me with the same ailment.

I tried his codeine, I tried peppermint, salt water, elevated my head in bed but to no avail. I remembered I was gifted with Horehound Candy last winter.  About one am I searched to find my miracle candy.

To those who think I am just talking dirty go here to discover the truth about Horehound Candy.  It has been a much used item in my lifetime.  We grew Horehound herbs and had a recipe using molasses to make our own medicinal candy.

Like most medicine, it doesn't woo you with its taste. I don't mind it at all.  In fact, it is sometimes my recreational drug (just as a candy, it has no wow factors) since I have acquired a taste for horehound candy.  In my immediate family, we are split down the middle.  Half would not take it if they were dying and the other half swears by it. 

Horehound stops a bronchial cough, not just a sore throat cough. 

So here I am up with very little sleep preparing to be shop keep for the family today, armed with Horehound Candy and lots of fluids...and cursing this new blogger format that blue circles with each word I type...If it doesn't improve, I fear blogging will not be the joy it once was for me.


Lynne said...

Darn . . . TG for the Hore . . . Hound!

Country Gal said...

Well that sucks you should be having R&R let the winey baby do it all lol Never heard of this medicine before wow sounds like what we call yukkly Bucklys ! I dont blog through blogger I use Windows Live Writer it is great so many things you can do in your posts with it ! Hope you feel better my friend if I lived closer I would make you rest and take over your duties at the store ! Have a good day !

Tracy said...

hah, I had to laugh at your first sentence with referring to the hot flashes; EEEEGADS, aren't they awful?
Anyway, I do hope you get to feeling better and I have never heard of Horehound Candy...interesting!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Horehound is one of those cures that is worse than the ailment to me. Maybe that is why my mom would always insist upon popping a couple in my mouth, and duct-taping it shut so I couldn't spit them back out, every time I got a sniffle? I was, after all, pretty much a problem child back then. Still am, according to my wife. Sigh.

Linda in New Mexico said...

there are lots of herbal remedies that aren't "tasty" but just work. I like the fact that they just work and don't have horribl side affects.
As to blogger.....well as I have said in the past (blogger is the devil). hehehehehe, Oma Linda

Farm Girl said...

I just bought horehound seed for my herb garden. To make that when the time comes. We have used Mullein for those kinds of coughs.
I hope you get better soon. I know when my sons got that, my husband got some kind of herb stuff and they got well faster than the ones who wouldn't try the herbs.
Thanks for the very sweet card. It made my day.
The trees are now about a foot high, I have never seen anything grow so fast. He planted 19 I think and I think they are all going to come up. :)

TexWisGirl said...

sorry about the crud. hope the candies help!

Irene said...

I am a firm believer in herbal medicine and I hope your candy will cure you quickly. Do get an antibiotic if it doesn't pass, but it's best to let your own body fight it if it can. Too many antibiotics aren't good.

carolina nana said...

Horehound candy was always a staple in the house when I grew up and I also grew the herb several years ago but never did anything with it.
But I can second you on the cough supressing properities of the candy.
Blessings for the weekend

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Hope the Horehound Candy will work it's wonders. Take care my friend. Big hugs

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope the Horehound candy works for you! Your hubby better make that appointment for his pacemaker soon. I use Live Writer, it is a free download, and so far has been a real treat to write and publish with for PC users.:)

Buttons said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better darn hot flashes I never know if I have a fever either:)
I just bought horehound candy for my daughter it does work.
Take care. B

Dreaming said...

Hmmm...same thing happened here - about the disease passing from hubby to wife, not the horehound. I did find the Mucinex finally allowed some relief. I hope you find you are feeling better, soon. Take it easy - drink those fluids, use the horehound and rest as much as you can. Well, heck, if it is anything like what we had, you don't have much choice. It's like being hit by a baseball bat!

Nezzy said...

Bless your heart sweetie, I sure hope your feelin' better by now!

Take care and God bless.

Big old hugs and prayer headed your way!

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