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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poetry Jam WE Are The People

"My heroes have always been cowboys.
And they still are, it seems.
Sadly, in search of, but one step (not my link) in back of, 
Themselves and their slow-movin' dreams".
More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/w/willie_nelson/
My super heroes 
Wore boots and six-guns
Strapped on their hips
In a time when good
Always won
And the good guys
Wore white hats

I always wanted 
To be a Cartwright
To do good
And "save the day"
The closest I came
Was growing Hoss's frame
My weight made horses sway

That's the best I could do, Brian.  Do boots and underwear count as a costume???  Join Poetry Jam for some enjoyable reading and throw some writing in there too.

Whose Bright Idea Was This Anyway???

Ground is leveled in front of screen porch steps, old shower curtain laid under rocks to slow weed growth. Gravel will be added to hide the curtain.  These are some big rocks but I was hoss enough to get them in place.

I added three worms to my worm bed today along with some top soil. I plan to find more tomorrow as I dig.
Installed a piece of barn tin under the screened porch which will be the back of the water garden and recycled some old lumber for the outside of the steps.  I have placed some rocks there but will add more as I go.

Only one injury today, lucky me.  I was breaking rocks with a hammer to dry stack under the edge of the sheet metal and a piece of rock sliced my wrist.  Hurt like heck but nothing serious.  So piece by piece things are going into place.
I'm slowly beginning to dig and toss the sand and gravel behind and around the big rock to form a berm for plants and rocks.  All plans are subject to change. We'll see what happens next.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being Honest

I'm going to be down right truthful with you.  Farm life is not easy. Having acreage is not easy.  Having little money is not easy.  Can I get an Amen?!

Those who homestead and farm know exactly what I'm talking about. If there is any way an animal will escape it will, piping will always break when stores are closed and you can rarely reach the friend that knows how to help repair.  That's just the way it is and we all get by either by doing it your self or turning the water
off until your friend can come help.

I know few people that are experts that don't want money so I do the best I can.  My husband had told me for years and I quote "I ain't no damn carpenter!"

I used a pick ax today to dig and lay a row of bricks to keep siding off the ground.  May not be the right way but it works and it's level. Three pieces of siding done.  Hallelujah!  And it only took this old rusty body three hours to figure it out, cut it and get it done.  I am working with scraps so don't expect home and garden.  I am proud and when it is painted to blend some may never know especially since this is a seldom seen spot.
Not bad for an over weight rusty retired postal employee.
Then we began to play with rocks.  This is the center rock for my latest hot new project.  I am combining my water gardens or that's the plan.  I have the tractor tire garden, and the water garden I built for Dad. 
My brilliant plan, an engineering feat, is to have the water run over this huge rock down the natural channels into the re positioned tractor tire which will be buried on a tilt.  This will then run into the larger garden and recycle back to the rock.  Sound good?  Yes. Sound difficult?  Yes.  Sound impossible?  Absolutely not!!!

Where there is a will there is a way.  The new location of this masterpiece will be directly beside the steps that lead to the Dreaming Porch.  

If you have some digging tools and muscles, come on over.  I will supply drinks, food, and music.

Monday, July 29, 2013

What Did You Do Sunday?

I would love to be a person who just dials a handy man and says, Here's the problem.  Fix it, please.  Here's the check.  Can't do it and probably will never be able to.  The solution...figure it out yourself, use what you have and fix it.

Due to some rain damage I had a small section on the screen porch that had to be repaired.  Look it over. Make a plan and just do it. This is the underside view after I tore out the rain damaged wood.
The beginning of the solution was cutting a piece of plywood to replace the old board.  Wearing my flip flops of course!!!  Yes, I own a carpenter's pencil, a saw, a drill and a measuring tape but that does not a carpenter make.

Hubby shows up in time to help me rehang the screen door.  Thank goodness!!!

Hubby decides to burn my brush piles...five of them...where I have been trimming fence lines.  I said, Oh, no. He asked, What?  I said I wanted to enjoy the brush piles a while longer so I could tell the work I've done. Hubby just suggested I could make more piles of brush.
I will start over today.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Quarry For dVerse~Poets Pub

From high cliffs
The body of water
Called her
To darkly join

Stepping silently
Into the darkness
Cold water
Embraced her

Eyes open inhaling only
Sinking to her death
She finally knew
She was not alone

For dVerse~Poets Pub

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sometimes I Do Strange Things....

Just for the hell of it!  This is my new yard side table.  A throwaway Freon tank painted with a top is now a handy place to sit my glass. Acrylic paint with a spray sealer makes it weather proof.
I know, I know...rotten wood.  I just could not throw it away so screwed it together attached a flag sewn from an old pair of swim trunks and called it art.  It is the perfect size for store bought lawn flags but why do I need store bought when I can create my own??

This also serves a second purpose.  It blocks the outside sun from a west window and makes that room much cooler.  I'm insanely brilliant!

I realize many suspected I was strange but now you have proof.
May your day be wonderful and creative.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rain Reveals Treasure

Rain brings life with it
and reveals past life
A pottery shard with other artifacts
The rim of the broken pot shard is smooth and formed
while the inside indicates heat
Could it be an old fire pot
or simply a cooking pot forgotten?
We can only guess.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two Shoes In Texas Tuesday #37 Broken words

Dancing wildly to drums
Flower haired girls
Feigned promise

Pit fires glowed
The circle tightened
Spear shafts joined the rhythm

Feasting on broken words
Long Pig's hope
Drifted away with the smoke

Visit Two Shoes in Texas for some creative fun.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Feel The Heat at Poetry Jam

I feel the heat
Bone deep and soul wide
I dive into your coolness
Welcoming the relief
I feel the heat

Join the creative fun at Poetry Jam

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last Night...

The skies opened and cried rain to celebrate the performance of Andrew Williams at the Music in the Mountains Theater in Horseshoe Bend with Highway 289 Band  There was gospel, country, blues, rock and roll, contemporary, oldies and magic.

There were many special performers including Phillip Sweet's mom from Little Big Town  (We know now where Phillip got his voice!)

Melodie Clemmons told the story of first meeting Andrew.  When asked what key he played, Melodie said Andrew didn't know. When they heard him for the first time she said we didn't care...we would keep up.  He shocked and rocked Horseshoe Bend with AC/DC on his first appearance.

This night Andrew played the entire night with the band.  MS Sweet said she was talking to her friends in Nashville.  Melodie said, Guys, remember he started right here in Horseshoe Bend.

Last year he performed with the Grays and others.
Andrew played a Stevie Ray Vaughn tune toward the end.  When he tossed his hat on the floor and played a screaming blues run behind his back the crowd went wild.  Andrew did not hear a thing.  He was feeling the music.

Many people came to compliment him and were surprised he has no formal training in music.  I overheard one man say, "Son, you have a gift.  Don't waste it.  Get some formal training and go places"

Good job, Andrew!!!!
Music here:  https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3bJXJQMkrT0Wk1HcVNTZ25iSTQ/edit?usp=sharing

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Some Reasons My Hair Is Grey

Grateful for the help.

The Blessing...

I had a video.  It was good with thunder and rain and a view from my front porch into the valley. I piddled and fiddled and it had no sound so here's the news:  We got a little rain and we are grateful.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Help...Can't Sleep

Sleep the best when you face West
Sleep the least when you face East.

Line your inner magnets up with the Earth's magnetic fields
And your sleep will be restful and rejuvenating.

What the heck is the right answer?  No mirrors in the bedroom, no doorway slicing your bed, oh the things we have to watch for and dread.

I have been dreaming entirely too much lately and wake up with a sense of panic sliding off the edge of my memory. I hold pieces of my busy night  for such a short time I can't put them together.

Anybody know the secret direction of blissful sleep???
A Black Walnut half shell from seasons past.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Easy Wind For Two Shoes in Texas

The leaf floated
Into my sight
Landing easyily
On my shovel

In awe of the colors
The size
The wind's delivery
I stopped

Simply to enjoy
Nature's art
To wonder and wish
I could paint that beautifully

For Two Shoes in Texas writing prompt

Monday, July 15, 2013

In The Sand

By my workaholic attitude
I do silly things
Like I'm Super Man
Or Wonder Woman
Or Grand Gardener

I pulled
On a very rotten limb
Until it broke
And fell with me
Hitting the ground first

My darling witnessed this
Offering me a hand up
No, thank you, I said
I just want to lay here
And ponder my stupidity
A moment

As the nice swing sand
Stuck to my sweaty parts
I thought some day
I'll be found
Like the poor bird
Dissolving in the fence

I lay long enough
Just looking and thinking
That Hubby checked again
To see if I was breathing or broken
He said, You have sand in your hair
As I took his hand this time
Join the fun at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads and Poets Pub

Cold Frame/Worm Bed Progress

Trimmed and weed free...notice that the top is deeper than the bottom.  That is because it was dug completely under ground with the lay of the land then rocked.
These are all around the edging where the old wooden frame has rotted.  I do believe I can reuse these with some miracle worker like WD-40 and frame for doors...if I want.  Don't know yet. Playing it by ear.

Sweet Hubby brings me a scoop full of white sand to mix with the compacted soil in the bottom.  Then for the next layer of farm gold...horse, cow and chicken poop all mixed nicely.  Add some green compost, stir again and add water.  Will check on the "heat" (composting items will raise the temperature) of the mix if not too hot should be able to add worms shortly.

With doors it can double as a cold frame.  Without it can be a composted wormy heaven.
Beginning the dampening and mixing process....
forgetting and leaving the water on!!!!!
Since this is beach front property
tiny neighbors are already moving in.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mag 177 Yukon Gold

Writing prompt by Tess Kincaid

photo by Agustin Berrocal  
The winter was long
And mean
Root cellar was empty
The miners were lean

Searching for gold
Kept them warm
But you can't eat rocks
And come to no harm

Zeke remembered
What Sam had said
Bury me where I lived
When I die you'll be fed

So Zeke buried Sam
Just where he asked
And uncovered potatoes
Zeke had stashed

A yellow potato
Named Yukon Gold
Buried by Zeke
Let the miners grow old.
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