a tale of tails, tenacity, and tedium, as told by me, usually barefoot and bellowing

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 55

Black cats and witches
grave yards and ghosts
vampire bats and goblins
all stand to make a toast

Give the beggars sweet cakes
so they will pray for your soul
many main traditions
began so very long ago

Don't be scared
but hold your breath
we have fun giving life
to a celebration of death
No matter how you celebrate,
or if you do at all,
Remember, to wrap your fun in safety
and hope you have  a ball.


Animation Creation


Times where imagination is revived
                    roll playing comes alive
costumes created from fun and fright
                    and deadly tales survive

How handy to come just before
the week we celebrate death and more
So animation changed its theme
and became a tale to make you scream

Razors in apples, poison and ground glass
our children are laughing but will they last?
Another tale still told
of people attacking the traditions of old

So paint your face boldly
make your laugh deep
be a little scary
but be thankful for your treats

Happy Halloween to one and all
Fit all the wild into one night
'Cause the next one comes
A year from tonight.

For Poets United


is the best word ever.  I now have a style!  I like the odd things and now instead of someone saying, "Her style is a little crazy.  Bless her heart",  I can be eclectic and all is forgiven.
Here is a barbed wire wreath with a tree knot.
A barbed wire "nest" with rusty pliers "birds"
My bone tree
with bird feeder.
Perfect for the upcoming holiday.
A experimental solution
for a trash bag in your car.
The grocery bags fit perfectly inside, 
and are fastened on each side over buttons.
The white part is elastic and the entire bag is washable.
I will fine tune my idea with color coordination
and different shapes..
Not bad for the first prototype.
This may be adjusted for a glove box trash container.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2015


 Highlands Gorilla at Zoo
The gorilla at Memphis zoo

And they call us animals
Those who peer and stare
Making noises to draw attention
To us? or to themselves?

Can you just look?
Leave us where we live
To build a nest every day
Confinement strips us of dignity

A stately beast we quietly adapt
But one day
Hu-mans will stand behind the bars
As we peer and stare and belittle

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

I Saw A Friend Today

Who whispers to horses
And talks to all animals
Her family adopted her
When she was five
From Russia
And when she grew
An American mind
They kicked her out
To sink or swim

We were friends
When we met
Me, old, wrinkled and gray
She of blonde hair
And laughing eyes
She talked
To my horses
My dogs,
And me

Today both delighted
With our unplanned meet
Laughed and hugged
Hugged and laughed
Told our tales of living
And loving
And growing on our own
Her daughter talks to horses
And her son loves dogs

But spoke not

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday's Trauma Under The Porch Light


I could not move the blue line the computer placed although pleasant I do think blue should be in the skies, children's eyes and Morning Glories.

It was a perfect day to meander through the heavy underbrush and over the mossy glade searching for the perfect material to craft a Halloween Wreath.  The air was heavy with humidity and made the going slow but not less pleasant.

Running out of sun light quickly replaced with moonlight this time of year.  The cooler air gave me a shiver cool enough to wrap my sweater tighter and make sure the house was still in sight.

The crematorium smoked in the distance but I gave no thought of what was happening there.  My Bluetooth was visiting Bon Jovi from my youth and not even martial law was stopping that. 

"Wanted Dead or Alive" echoed.  I remembered beads, old robes, and justice demanded by the times.

Justice awaited the rodent who had continually stored away the pecans for winter.  Cast iron frying pan justice! I had captured his theft on a flimsy camera and this time he would not escape.  Pecan flavored squirrel, wonder how that would taste?  I carefully took aim.
I used every word!
Thanks for the fun prompt
Visit Under The Porch Light and be entertained. 

Rooster Cogburn

Enjoys a tomato
His right eye is blinded
but manages with one eye just fine.

Rooster Cogburn sings his epitaph
I can endure much but not that
Since a quarter to three
He's crowed constantly
Water boils in the chicken vat!

Seriously RC is still improving.  The dogs take turns protecting him. My sister brings him treats and I keep him well fed.  He is only brave enough to crow after dark when the ruffians can't find him.

Today I heard Lizzy's sharp bark.  
This is what I found.
Lizzy was politely telling RC that was her food.
I got the "Gee, Mom, this is my bowl!"
 Lizzy finally gave up.
I wonder if she will protect him tonight?

Also for Tale Weaver #37 Pet Story

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blazing Trails Last Thursday

The orange is Hubby on the tractor
while I follow with cold drinks
The weather was summer warm Thursday.
You know it's dry when dogs can make a dust cloud.
I got into a small predicament.
Walked down to Hubby with a cold drink
 and bribed him to help me out.
He did and I left "while the getting was good".
We were unable to access this fence except by foot.
 Hubby worked so we can drive by and repair easier.
The drought is showing 
but some of the trees are changing colors too.
And that was one more day At The Farm.

Monday, October 26, 2015

He Reminds Me Of Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill faced life head on and if that meant running over some people along the way, so be it.  He ran over his wife and his children and never looked back. He had a mean streak in him a mile long but a streak of kindness just as big.

He was a Union man with an extraordinary work ethic and a drinking problem which he later traded for a gambling boat addiction.  

Uncle Bill trained all his dogs to take off his socks at the end of the day.  We thought it was a neat trick but Uncle Bill covered his physical ailments as well as his mental ones.

His final years were shared with a good woman that accented his playfulness and gave him the unconditional love he had always looked for in a bottle.  Family became important again.  He loved as fiercely as he had run from love in his youth.

Even lost in Alzheimer's he knew the love of his life and when she passed Uncle Bill died too. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Topaz

shared with Poets United

I was the topaz
between two diamonds
a Poe-ish love
Paris was a dream
talked of in tree houses
on rainy days

The passion of young love
the sadness of loss
could be tasted
in our tiptoed kiss
and then
I moved away

Two Photos By Daniel...The Story of Belle

photo: Daniel Murtagh
 picture by Daniel Murtagh


Belle had been a young thing
with beauty and not much sense
She decided to take a powder
instead of recommence

She left her journal open
her last thoughts for all to see
followed the powder
with a snort of strong whiskey

She barely made it to her bed
where she disrobed shaking
her pose intended to tell
restraints were her own making

Leopard Frog In Seven Lines

Trying Kelly's challenge of the seven line stanza
with syllable count
Please keep in mind I have to practice to improve.
Leopard frog is amphibious 
His spots and stripes help him hide
lives outside
In spring he likes to sing
calling for his bride
his natural coloring
postpones his dying

Whirligig 30...Whorehouse

Having fun with Sunday's Whirligig 30
where the words are supplied and you craft them.

Rattle windows check the doors
There's people sleeping
on the whorehouse floor

a pair of melons and a bone
started this mania
and set the tone

Smite the spitwad ceiling bound
it won't stick
to the oubliette crown

Wearing vanilla but touching stone
Crazy is over
I'm finally home

Saturday, October 24, 2015

MLMM's Freedom and The Doors

Loop Poetry


Blocked by walls
walls with doors
doors opened to freedom
freedom to explore

Classic rock
birthed easily
by The Doors
rock's "rock god"
Jim Morrison left too soon
the music lives on

Two Days Of Skies

Thursday the skies were blue and the trees looked like they were dressing and undressing for autumn.
Rain came Friday!!!!!
I'm sure there are many safety reasons you should not use a camera while you are driving but it has been so long without rain, I had to take a picture.  I am extremely grateful.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Work Is Never Done!

Last week's finale was the shop and lean to.
This week's project was converting an old chicken house.
First the two volunteer trees were cut
and converted to stove woof for the shop.
Wire was removed from this end for the new entry.
Another great brush pile was made.
As soon as we/I secure the side braces
the generator and air compressor will have a new home.
Although the drought is serious I am grateful
for the time to accomplish these projects.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Good Fences

A raccoon left his opinion in the perfect spot along this fence line.
A distant view of home, yard, and buildings from the creek.
Yep, there a fence here too that needs attention.
Lizzy is getting braver
Her wet legs prove she's getting deeper.
Fences?  Yes, that silver line at the bottom of each is a fence.
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