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Sunday, July 31, 2016

And He Sang!

and they played.
Tore Down
I have to LEARN how to edit videos.
Here are two unedited on Facebook and  YouTube
Don't have to be a member, I think...this link is public.
Tore Down, Collins' Shuffle and Crossfire

Band: With Drew. Members: Will Roark, drums; Greg Flood, bass; Andrew Williams, guitar/vocalist with guest vocalist, John Parks. Unedited by Nana.

Nature's Art

through cedars,
grow up, down, 
and sideways, 
and trees flourish
against all odds.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Sister's House

Stands with a repaired roof today.  We were scheduled for repair but rain kinda moved up the schedule. This week the roof decided to leak and the sheet rock in the kitchen ceiling decided to fall. Fire department volunteers climbed onto the roof and laid a tarp to avoid further water damage.  Cleaned up, gosh, what a mess! Repaired.  On to other chores.
With all the work we have to do I am grateful for good help
and good equipment.
Hoping next week is not as exciting.

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Garden Grows

We've been blessed with rain, 
and a good growing season.
"The devil's in the details"...
or are these angels?

For a nice summer lunch we had lightly floured fried summer squash, coleslaw, brussel sprouts, tomatoes and cucumbers...all from our garden.  Couldn't get much fresher than that!  We are blessed. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Good Fences on a Hot Summer Day

Far from fresh water the dogs followed me
Here's the fence I crawled under to help find water...
in a dry creek.
Lil, the oldest in this pack, not counting me,
 thought the water should be here.
Lil was walking where water used to be.
I'm not sure she trusted me to find water.
but I did!!! It was a short walk for me...a long run for them.
Every dog was thrilled.
We celebrated and thanked God for leaving us such a treasure.
We headed home.  The pack leader (me) knew some secrets the dogs didn't know. These "dry" creeks carry the run off from rain and wet weather springs but are empty when it gets really dry.  We're not REALLY dry... yet.

Staying Cool

 It's just too hot!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Protecting Your Friends.

At the new pond
the pack was cooling when danger was spotted.
JR screamed, Something's out there!!!
Ki-Anne and JR conferred and decided to send Bonnie...
Nothing bothers her.
JR says, I'll help,
then swims for high ground.
Bonnie has the monster in her jaws.
and saves the day
by delivering the "killer" log for all to inspect.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Triple Digits

and the clouds are melting.
Even the water lily hides under its own leafs.
The native fish in my water garden may be cooking.
The statues are sweating.
I believe the bottle tree may be melting
or wilting...which would it be?
The tiny Japanese lilies still smile no matter how hot it is.

Visit the wonderful photo artist and my friend, Madsnapper, 
to see how beautifully she improved my photos today.
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