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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Morning With Horses...

After working so hard on the porch yesterday and cutting quilt blocks into the night along with all the other stuff that must be done, I decided to treat myself to some horse heaven this morning.  I did not know Marcy was spying on me (all pictures with me are Marcy's, the others are mine).  I combed manes and did some fly wipe...it was even too hot for that.  No halters were needed.  They soaked up the attention and so did I.  There is just something about a horse, I think, that is good for the soul.
Ki-Anne wanted to herd but I told her no, several times, before she listened.  There are no bad dogs, only bad trainers so I have a way to go.
The manes are a little scraggly since they graze in brambles and briars...our bush hog was broken for a while and hubby still hasn't completed all the bush hogging.
Arrow, sporting his untangled combed mane
Magic wondering when his turn would come.
and now happy with his new do.
The same place always gets tangled on Charme
I like to think Charme was bowing to the hair dresser but, sadly, she was only checking her leg.  It is hard to take pictures when they are all so close. I felt safe and surrounded by their love...and only in flip flops...again.
Would you say they are relaxed?
I even got some grooming of my own!
The perfect way to spend a morning.

Ki-Anne Kapers

Digging her way to China,
trying figure out how the dirt got back in,
Did you do that, Mom?  Bad Mom!
I'll just dig it out again.
and again, no matter what it takes.
Cooling in the water garden,
What the heck happened, the hole is full again.
 This is getting old, digging and redigging.
Ki returns to the water garden,
and exits to see this....
Someone had stolen the hole...again!
I had entirely too much fun, doing this to her.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tired Of Weeding My Porch...

Now that is a scary statement, isn't it?  Who in the world has to pull weeds out of their porch?  Me!  I added a rock patio, if it can be called that, to help catch the dirt at the entry of the house a few years ago.  Beginning with one of hubby's wonder offerings of  a huge rock, I worked around and laid rocks in sand.
Using the Quikrete I had stashed here and there, I have weeded and replaced the sand with mortar.  It has not been easy with the temps so high but, by golly, I am almost finished.
Why does hubby bring me these big honking rocks?
Because he loves me, and men think size matters.
It's not level and it's not beautiful but progress in being made.  This small addition has saved me from a lot of dirt tracking into the house...and it's the perfect place to hose off a big rug.
My last bag of Quikrete, hoping it will be just the right amount.
It was the perfect amount!
Just what I needed.
Isn't it truly a blessing when things come out even?
I have to wash the residue off when it dries a little.
More rocks will be visible then and hoping I have no paw prints when I go back out to do the finish work.  This is the ultimate example of using what you have.  I am holding the timbers in place with old  found horseshoes, driven into the ground, used old Quikrete left over from other projects and God's beautiful rocks.  With a lot of sweat, work, and even some fun...I don't have to weed my porch anymore!!!
Thank you, Quikrete!

I Ain't No Mechanic...

never want to be!  I can check the oil and fluids, change a tire and a battery, hit things under the hood with a wrench and curse but that is the extent of my mechanical skills.  I can detect noises that aren't right and tell hubby.  He's learned through the years, I can smell when something is gonna break, so he listens...finally, about the mechanics anyway.

My BIL and I were discussing windshield wipers during hubby's heart surgery.  I said, I can never find one to fit, I don't remember what kind of car I have or the year.  He laughs and says, you don't have to know anymore.  They make universal wipers and you just have to know the length.  Alright!!!  That's a good thing because I had a big piece of rubber hanging from my wiper and it was going to swarm very soon.

Sooooooooooo,  to make a long story short, when I went to Wal Mart to get hubby's DPs, I also grabbed a wiper blade.  I remembered to measure as I left the car, I held my purse strap up to the wiper and held my mark as I went inside.  Went to electronics to get a memory card and the lady was looking at me funny.  I said, this is my measurement for the wiper as I held my purse aloft to show I was holding my length.  She helped me get my card and said, car parts are that way, you better go now.

I held my strap to the blades and chose.  Forgot about it in the car for over a week.  Last night about dusk, I decided it was time to put it on. 

Well, I soon discovered that universal did NOT mean any one in the universe could put it on.  I piddled, I fiddled, I pulled the old one off, I TRIED to put the new one on, which was, by the way, two inches too short...I had lost my mark after all.  I put the extra piece of the new one on and, for the life of me, I could not get the wiper on.

For those who know me, you will understand how difficult this next part was...I went in the house, sopping wet with sweat, irritated, aggravated  and had to ask for help!  I'll usually fall off a cliff before I ask for help.  I think hubby felt important.  He came out, took the one piece off the new wiper that I managed to get on and slapped that new blade right into place...a--hole!  Then  he grinned, yep, just had to grin, because he does know me and knows I don't ask for help. 

Now remember, I mentioned it wasn't the right length...hubby just said, won't have as wide of a view in the rain but I reckon it'll work...a--hole!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fare Thee Well, Blue Boots,

the sight makes my heart swell.
Your points protected me
and held me in the stirrups well.
Even the day the saddle slid,
completely upside down,
you held me in those stirrups,
I never touched the ground.
You never forget your first,
is what I've always heard.
Blue Boots, you're in my heart forever,
even though you're useless as a turd.
These fancy show boots
will soon belong to someone new.
Alas, poor blues, I'm over you,
may you find someone else to love.
Give me Ariats that fit me like a glove,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row...

Cat tails,
and muddy toes,
wood on houses,
rows of stone,
 dirt dauber houses,
with no one home.

Join Pat and her gang for
Things In A Row Thursday.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ramblin' Rose...

can't find her way out of a paper bag!!!  It's been almost two weeks since I have rearranged my bedroom/sitting area and I continue to get lost every time I get out of bed.  I am writing this early because after finally finding my way to a door, I was wide awake and decided, what the heck, I'm up so I'll stay up.

Something's wrong with my bat sonar/radar, whatever they use to maneuver in the dark, it's gone.  I have blood blisters on the ends of my big toes, I have bruises on my shins and even my hips!  I haven't fallen yet, but I could very soon if I keep up this crap.

Our bed is the same place, I step out, walk a few steps, turn right and then every thing just leaves my mind.  I wander around feeling things and think okay, this is the glass cat so I am by the radio, turn and head forward to my sitting chair...not working.  Somehow I always end up somewhere entirely different than where I had planned.

We may not be a one or two on that dark scale the scientists have now but it feels like a minus one is the middle of the night.  There's not supposed to be a one (being the darkest) in the US according to this scale but in my bedroom, it is darker than the center of the ocean and the middle of Australia! 

I finally find a lamp, I thought, nope, that is the statue at the end of the couch, okay!  I know where I am!!!!  I creep along the front of the couch, go straight as I can to the door...what door?  Anyway, to make a long story short, I found a lamp, believe it or not right, beside the bed...how did I get back there?  I turn it on and I CAN SEE AGAIN!

Let's just say, it's a good thing I didn't need to pee very bad or I would have been in trouble!  Tonight, I'm playing Motel Six and leaving a light on for me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Watched A Butterfly Yesterday...

and no matter how I moved,
it would not go away.
It fluttered by,
low and high,
I moved
but it would not go.
I watched a butterfly
It hovered with nothing to say.
I watched and cried.
knowing not why,
it didn't fly away.
I watched the butterfly
and remembered,
long ago, this day, Dad died.

Dad was always a Cayce fan,
a believer of things rare,
maybe, just maybe...
Dad sent the butterfly here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tell Me Why?

I have a pot full of horses,
supposed to be my life long dream,
I pet them, love them, provide for their needs,
but never saddle up.
They are teddy bears with me,
they never step on my bare feet,
listen to evey request from the ground,
and yet, I can never mount up.
I never mount up,
they are trained,
I am the one not trained.

I have a serious problem
when I can't carry through with my dream.

If I knew how to change it,
oh, God, I would!

If I knew a horse lover,
that would keep them forever,
healthy and loved and ridden,
I would send them away
and call them my failed dream.

Who has time for dreams?
When your day is filled with work,
and  assholes(at work),
and have-to-does,
why even think of dreaming?
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