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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's Things In A Row

Ready to show my things in a row...
Dogs and a boy playing stick,
horses waiting, all in the mix.
Hanging high,
 laying low,
things form a pattern,
above and below.
Can't even drive on the road,
white lines,
yellow lines,
vehicles in a row!

Check in with Pat,
she's caused my obsession.
She likes spiders and snakes
in row-like procession.


junebug said...

Yeah! Thanks for joining in! :-) I love everything except the snakes. I dream of moving to Ireland where I will never have to worry about snakes again after growing up in KS and dealing with rattlesnakes.

Love the horses looking like a gaggle of gossiping church ladies.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I see you've got the lovely bagworms too. I had to remove about a billion from my birch tree yesterday. The chickens loved them. :)

Country Gal said...

Awesome photos !
Love the ponies they look like they are planing something as they chat at the fence ! Have a good day and stay cool , here it is to feel like 116 !

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photographs once again. I've just tweeted your blog as it should be shared.

CJ xx

Mama Zen said...

I love the horses!

ellen abbott said...

You had a snake in your house?

Pat said...

You are too, too funny my friend! You just gotta throw in a snake, right? But guess what? I'm getting used to it! Ha ha! Love the photo of Zander and the dogs, and the horsies all looking one way!

Anonymous said...

ewewwwwwww a snake, lol great pics :)

Barbara said...

Good pictures, of them all but that snake, we see way to many of them around here, and in my chicken coop too, hugs and stay cool.

Sue said...

These are starting to be some of my favorite posts!


Dawn said...

Wow. What creativity!!!! I need to keep my eyes open a bit more...you did great here:)
(I'll especially keep open for the snake....ack!)

Cara said...


SquirrelQueen said...

Cool photos!

Does the python (?) have a thing for the vacuum cleaner hose?
Looks like I might be the only commenter who appreciates reptiles.:)

DesertHen said...

I love these posts! Last night on the way home from work I spotted three ravens sitting in a row atop one of our pivot towers...no camera though!

Farm Girl said...

This is very good, I see them now that I have been reading this, you always get the best pictures though, I really love the boy with the stick and the dogs, Very sweet.

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