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Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Official...I Am Crazy!

I have been trying to find where I made this last collage for my header and I can't remember for the life of me.   I found Flicker and Picnic but it was not one of these.  It could have something to do with Saturday not being a leisurely day.

Since my last report, Dalton and Andrew assisted in moving two pieces for me...a mill chest came to the den and a chest went to the dining room.  Every time I move something, I have to clean, clean, clean!!!  I placed a rocker in the dining room and attached pillows to it, redid some curtains, sorted some of hubby's work shirts to make a quilt, I repaired the pillow I was complaining about, fixed the front door, completed a display for my arrowheads and invented a wonderful way to hang up my brooms. In between all this, I did some laundry and dishes.  The dining room is almost done.

I would still be going but I had company.  Then hubby had to pipe up, if you move that stuff outta the gun room I will get all my stuff outta here.  Can't you see I'm busy??? 

With just a touch of anger, I promised to have all my things out of his gun room by tomorrow...know what I have in there?  My saddles, two lawn chairs, two camp beds and some of Mom and Dad's stuff. 

Hubby says, leave that table you made and I will use it to work on stuff.  My table???  The one I made out of barn wood and have an old pie safe top on??  My pretty purple table with white enamel top?  With wheels and a second shelf underneath to put my supplies?  That table, my table, that he said would never work??  Now he wants it?

Well, guess what...I'm leaving it in there.  Makes life easier.  He'll get tired of it one of these days and say, get your table outta my room and I will comply, happily and pleasantly...HA!

So Sunday, once again, I will work inside and try to get these things finished.
Well, Sunday came and went.  Officially my house is a mess again.  I hopped to and moved all the stuff outta that %#$&* gun room that did not belong to hubby...except for my table.  Saddles and tack in the dining room (which had been perfect after my previous work) and boxes are stacked under the bar full of Mom and Dad's stuff and Christmas decorations.  The hall, which was perfectly clean and empty Saturday has stacks three feet off the ground but by golly, there is not one thing in that gun room that belongs to me!!! I even took the lamp I gave him four years ago when I decorated and organized this room for him.

I gave him containers to sort like ammo and I went for a walk for his health and safety!  When I returned, he was in the recliner, God love him!


Country Gal said...

WOW ! busy lady this weekend !
we had a tack room in our barn cause mum didnt want it all in the house, dont know why to this day it was just saddles and stuff lol
Have a good day and relax some put your feet up for a change ok !

Tamara said...

Wow you had an extreme busy weekend! Gotta love husbands huh?? hahaha

Dreaming said...

Yeah... you have been busy. You are a woman, not crazy!
The recliner thing drove me nuts yesterday, too. Only, the recliner wasn't at the old house, where we're trying to clean and get it ready for showings. I kept noticing hubby at the computer. He was supposed to transfer files from the old computer to a portable drive, but I think he kept playing solitaire, while I was washing windows, vacuuming, packing crap, moving stuff around.... (slow burn). Yet, if I ask him, he'll say he worked really hard doing things around the house!!!

EmptyNester said...

God loves all of them. Obviously. Otherwise, they'd all be dead by now. LOL

Pat said...

You have the patience of Job. I would have shot him.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Men! I have to keep reminding myself....God loves them as much as He loves me. Really? How could He love them as much as He loves me! :) blessings, marlene

Sue said...

I get the feeling you are the very best kind of wife.


LindaG said...

I hope he realizes how luck he is to have you. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Men! You can't live with them, you can't kill them! LOL

An English Shepherd said...

Very busy :-)

Nora said...

Men are dubious companions.I wonder why we put up with them at all? Is there so much that's handy about them that we could not do ourselves? They often seem to be more irritations than anything else. I suppose he's forgiven because of his weak heart, but what will be his next excuse? You worked hard, girl.

DesertHen said...

Whew, once again, I'm exhausted just reading this! Sometimes taking a walk "for their health and safety" is the best thing to do...lol!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

"I went for a walk for *his* health and safety!"

roflmbo! Too funny!

I want to see the nifty way you are now hanging up your brooms.

But first I need a nap. I'm tired after all that work....er...reading about all you got done. lol!


carolina nana said...

Don't know if "God love him" would have been my words if that had been my Hubbie !! He might have been hoping that God would save him !!!! HAHA

Jules said...

WOW, ever feel like you are just moving stuff in circles, I do! Hang in there you are making more progress than I. :)

BTW, any photo you put on your blog is stored on Picasa. Hope that helps. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

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