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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kubota Should Pay Me...

for advertising!
This tractor is used for everything hubby can think about.
Last evening, things were hauled to the bone yard.
Removing ugly pieces from sight of the house
was a great gift.
You know all those things that are broken
and left by the shop to fix but seldom seem to get fixed?
That is what the bone yard is for...to hide them.
Dalton, Andrew and Jake helped haul a truck,
a mickey mouse trailer,
a broken bush hog,
and who knows what else.
They are now out of sight
and can be found when repairs are really gonna happen.
Fun was had.
Note Bev in the back ground mowing.
Work was done.
Andrew, Jake, Dalton and the dogs had the best part of the evening.


Country Gal said...

Awesome photos !
Is there anywhere or any one that you could sell parts to if they arent to be used anymore that way you get some cash and get rid of most of them ! Here if we have broken machines we do just that sell parts they are in demand here and go for a pretty penny lol ! Have a great day !

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Oh, how we need to do this! Our land around the house has become a boneyard of sorts since Shane started working out of town. I bet your yard looks nice now! :)

Mary Aalgaard said...

Great photos and story. It's a glimpse into your rural life!

Dreaming said...

Oh, how our 'boys' like their toys! I think that if you give a man a tractor, he'll be happy for life! The guys are just so imaginative in how they can use the machine - maybe you should suggest an advertising campaign for Kubota... 101 things I can do with my Kubota tractor!

StitchinByTheLake said...

My Dad sold farm equipment all his life - more than one brand. But when he bought his last tractor (after retirement) he chose a Kubota. My sister is still using it. :) blessings, marlene

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey that is my style of clean up too....outta sight, outta mind. I bet your yard looks great. What fun pix of the kids and dogs. Linda

ellen abbott said...

A fine gift indeed!

LindaG said...

Your tractor is bigger than ours. ;)
We suggested to the BIL a Kubota, though, when he wanted to buy ours. Hubby thinks it would be better for him in his circumstances.
Ours works pretty well for us though. :)

Pat said...

Good thing I wasn't around or you would have hauled MY ass to the bone yard!

Sue said...

I love when work and fun go together.


Buttons said...

I like that "The bone yard" good name for it. We have one of those too. We move them with our case tractor. I think you should get paid too. B

24 Paws of Love said...

Hey, we've got a few more things that your Kubota can haul to the bone yard!! I wish I had a big enough yard for a bone yard. Half our yard is a bone yard. Can you hurry over?? :)

DesertHen said...

Those Kabotas are pretty darn good "work horses" and can manage to move and lift some pretty heavy duty stuff! We have one that gets used A LOT on the farm as well!

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