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Saturday, July 2, 2011

This N That

First, I would like to declare this, Marcy's photo of the week.  I love this!  It is a sunrise but the sky was so hazy, it looks almost like the moon.
Marcy is celebrating the hatch of new babies.  A mixture of all kinds.  She sees laying hens, I see dumplings.
Andrew had company for a few days with an extra Thursday evening.  They were ghost hunting late into the night.  I was quietly watching them from the unlighted open kitchen window and welcomed the opportunity to scare the pea soup outta them.  I always try to have some fun where ever I can.
As I drove out to work one morning, our cows greeted me by the neighbors' field.   I sat for a moment in the car, thinking how I would herd them to the valley.  They began to run...away from the farm.  I remembered how hubby calls them and I tried my best hubby holler.  My favorite yellow cow threw up her head, turned the herd and almost beat me back down to the farm.

We have good neighbors.  I got a call at work Friday (remember how our old house was robbed?) that a strange truck was parked in the yard of the old house.  The neighbor described it as a beige step side truck and no one could be seen.  She asked if I wanted her to run them off.  I said, no, I'll call hubby.  Couldn't reach hubby, called Bev, she said, If I try to run someone off, they'll whip my butt. SOOOOOO, finally got ahold of hubby and it was him sitting at the old house in a SILVER Step Side Chevy!!!  Brave Bev came to get whipped and every one had a good laugh!  Except me.

The white deer has been spotted with a fawn this year but she is moving closer to the highway.  Hope she comes back to the protection of the hills and valleys.

Just a few snapshots of our week At The Farm...never a boring moment!


Buttons said...

That is a beautiful shot. Cows out always a bad thing. I am the one they come to when called. Funny. Sorry about your house robbed that would have freaked me out for a very long time also. Have a good weekend. B

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Great photos today, Gail. I always like seeing/reading what's going on in other's people's worlds. It might seem ordinary, but I find it interesting. :) Have a great Saturday.

Linda in New Mexico said...

That's what our sun has looked like for over a month now...kinda eerie even.
I love scaring the pea soup outta kids too....my grands hate it. hehehehehehe.
Great dumpling photos Marcy. Sorry you got that call and the juices began to flow again...being robbed is a violation and it sticks with you.
Good thing ya sighted the cows before they got far from home. And good thing that one of them "knows their name".
Happy 4th, my friend. Linda

ellen abbott said...

never boring is right.


Loved this post including all the beautiful photos. ESP of the sunrise. They seem never to be the same.
Funny cow story. We visited my sister in law recently in WV and she said they could not keep their cows in the field as they followed the bull through the fence he kept breaking down. That bull is history. NOW though they are seeking another, perhaps one that is more content to hang around the cows in his own field!
Life is never boring at your place.
Enjoy that you have lots going on and can get through it.
Love the baby chicks. I just simply see baby chicks.
Blessings, B

LindaG said...

Real glad to hear it was the hubby.
My hubby would have been looking for a way to scare boys, too. ;-)

I see eggs and fried chicken! :-)

EmptyNester said...

Never a dull moment but always a pleasant treat for us! Hope you gave the boys a good scare! I used to love to do that to the lovelies---they laugh about it...now. LOL

I'm having a great time envisioning you calling the cows!

Sue said...

Funny story.
Great neighbor.

And I love that first photo, too. (And the hen and chicks.)


Queen-Size funny bone said...

that false alarm must of got your heart pumpin. NO dumplings for you they are too cute right now to think of such a thing. when I was a kid my dad could get the cows to do anything with a whistle.

An English Shepherd said...

Lovely photos :-)

Dreaming said...

The chicks are darling. I'd have a hard time doing anything but letting them live! I'm too much of a softy.
Funny story about your hubby and the truck.
It's great to have neighbors like that. We had something similar happen when we were forced to use a rental car one time.

Dreaming said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rudee said...

You have the best stories. I admire Bev's bravery!

Nora said...

Great story about your day and wonderful photos too, Gail. I love the one of the sun and the one of the dumplings. They do look like that. Good thing you got the cattle back in and that there were no intruders. What a good neighbor you have.


carolina nana said...

Glad those cows came home after you. We always kept a lead cow that would come anywhere when you hollered for her. We still have her but she's not doing so good right now,she has hurt her foot and is pretty close to giving up. She was 18 years old on May 9th.
Guess we'll be needing another lead cow now.
Have a blessed and safe 4th of July

DesertHen said...

Beautiful first shot! I agree with Marcy...I see laying hens, not dinner...lol. Always nice when the cows head in the right direction on their own (after a good hollar) and so glad it was your hubby at the old place and not somebody up to no good!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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