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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If Wishes Were Horses, Everyone Would Ride

As the ice clings to everything, I dream of spring. The trees are coated with clear shiny ice. The ground is white with sleet and ice. I do not know if I can stand on it, much less walk.

The mail must go through so I will slide to work, salt the sidewalks and hope no one falls. I will be there the entire shift, whether I have one customer or many. Maybe I can catch up on a few things today, hopefully.

My wishes this morning are simple, yet complicated, if I tried to make them come true.

I wish there was no ice and everyone would be safe today.

I wish I was retired so I would not have to go out into this.

I wish my daughter would return my camera so I could take pictures of this beautiful shiny art of nature.

Monday, January 26, 2009


My sister, Marcy, has chickens and supplies us all with eggs. A mixed batch of straight run bantams was a gift a few years ago. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Marcy is unable to butcher chickens any more, thus the large amount of roosters. Every now and then she gives some away.
Marcy now has an even more mixed batch of offspring.
If a hen wants to set, she allows it.
When we ask which ones we need to butcher, she can not or will not choose.
They eat, they poop and they reproduce and Marcy is happy.
My pencil sketch on cardboard does not eat much.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Speaking of Dreams

This is the wall painting I did on the Dreaming Porch, long before I had big horses. I had painted several different scenes only to paint over them. This one stayed and the horses became a reality. Notice one is the color of Knot and one the color of Charme, my first two big horses.
A little artsy display in my utility corner. Charcoal and pencil were fun to play with. These were also drawn before I had riding horses.
Maybe there is magic here At The Farm.

My Tale of Magic

I have always dreamed of horses. And, like many dreams, they always seem to be out of reach.
A life long obsession has now become a reality. Oh, there are many tales of how my dream came true. Magic Man's birth is one tale and is, indeed, magic.
Magic Man in all his winter glory
I raised miniature horses a few years ago to see if I wanted to do that as a second career when I retired. "From little things, big things grow" to quote an Australian singer. I did not purchase a single large horse, they seem to come to me on their own, which is magic unto itself.

My first Arabian was a trade for a miniature. My second large horse, a Haflinger mare, was also a trade.

Magic was my third.

I had placed Charme into the stud pen with Knot since I had heard there was great success in this cross of breeds. I wondered why she did not come into season. Our minis were birthing and had just finished three days earlier. My sister called, there was a foal in the pasture with the big horses and Knot was going crazy! I could not imagine how a foal could cross that barrier. Getting closer Marcy discovered it was not just any foal but one from Charme! Now we know why she was not coming in season. Charme is one of those horses, I now know, who looks the same bred and not bred. The milk bag is the only hint.
Magic Man was born. A leggy large baby boy brought into this world with no assistance and doing well. Knot was prancing and Charme was screaming stay away from my baby. Marcy got Knot out and things settled down. Now all this is happening while I am at work and getting reports by phone.
At first sight, I fell for him. He looked so huge compared to our mini babies. I was not sure how to proceed. Such a big boy, I think, such a pretty boy to appear magically...thus Magic Man.

Ready to start riding this summer. I do not like to start too early.
So Magic Man joined our herd. The previous owner of Charme had no idea she was bred. She had only been with her Doc Bar Quarter Horse two days. But there is no doubt who the father is because Magic is the spitting image of his dad. The lady wanted to buy them both...not for sale...my horses now.
Magic is such a kind man(gelding, now). I suspect he will not buck when the saddle is laid. We had no problem with Knot in that department either. I may be wrong, but I think when raised with a kind loving heart, they want to please you.
I guess, if you dream hard enough and long enough, it will come true.

A Little Fun

Birthday Calendar tells you how many hours and how many seconds you have been alive on this earth and when you were probably conceived.
How cool is that?
After you've finished reading the info, click again, and see what the moon looked like the night you were born. This is neat.
Who says our clocks aren't ticking?
Click on birthday calculator..... Birthday Calculator

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Interview with Lisa

Lisa, AkA Rapunzel, has taken over my subject matter for posting. She has sent me interview questions. We must keep her happy and entertained in her tower. This is key to her recovery. We can only stand so many of those pictures taken out those windows of her room! Hopefully, if I torture her enough, that leg will heal immediately due to her desire to come kick my butt!

1)Talk about your proudest moment.

This is a hard one, leave it to Lisa to make me do soul searching!
I cannot define my life with one proud moment there are so many. I was proud when Den thought I was special enough to want to marry me. I was proud at the births of our girls. I was proud when the grandson came. I was proud when my oldest daughter admitted I was right. I was proud when my Bambie won The Best Wagger at a dog show. I was proud when my parents told me they were proud. Oh, there are many, many moments, the first step of baby, the first word, a job well done, a smile from a stranger...all these things and so many more.

2)Talk about your most embarassing moment.

When one of the girls walked into the bedroom and asked what are you doing to Mama, Daddy. Den calmly said, I am rocking her to sleep.

3)If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

I have always dreamed of Ireland. It seems to call me, in its pictures and its stories. Could be the Irish blood in me crying to go home.

4)Have you ever swam naked? Where?
Yes, the first time was in the middle of the night when my hubby and I were camping at a lake. The water and the night were warm, the moon was shining and the freedom and feel of the water were absolutely amazing. Many years later, night time in our pool was my stress reliever. After a day at work, everyone asleep, I would swim for an hour under the stars, buck naked, and it was wonderful. Brings to mind words from the show, Designing Women, In the South, naked is when you have no clothes on. Nekked is when you have no clothes on and you're up to something.

5)How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Have to go count...I do have three pairs of boots, lace up, riding and muck. I lean toward barefoot and flip flops in everything...that's why I have so many foot injuries. I tend to choose one pair of shoes that I like and wear them til they wear out and move on to another pair.

6)What is the most daring thing you've ever done?

Table dancing...not professionally...and not really a table, it was dancing across three chairs. Hey, they were in my way! Hubby did help me down rather quickly. Just love to dance!

7)What is the funniest thing you've ever seen?

The contest with Den over a rubber snake. We would hang snakes in the fruit trees to scare the birds, move them around and the birds did not ruin all the fruit. We had removed the snakes after harvest. One was beside Den's chair. That night he dropped his jeans on top of it, the next morning he picked up his jeans, jumped, and blamed me. The battle was on. The next day at work, I opened my brief case for something and, you guessed it, there was that snake! Ok, honey, does not know he is playing with a pro here. He had a portable welding business at this time and we had been seeing a black snake around the truck, even under the hood once. Oh, I worked hard...when Den is frustrated and goes for his tools he yanks the door open to his truck, when calm he just opens it. This is a key factor is what I had to do. I worked for hours with that snake and fishing line. I had to have it just right! If he yanked, I wanted the snake to strike at him, if he just opened the door I wanted it laying naturally on the arm rest. The day of my triumph came. Den was working on some equipment, needed a tool, was aggravated and headed to the truck for more tools. I watched from the kitchen window in anticipation with a evil grin from ear to ear! I heard him holler all the way to the house!!! #*&$&&* GAIL! He had jerked open the door, the snake jumped and struck him perfectly and lay swinging by its invisible string as he cursed me. Ah, the sweet taste of success!! The snake was never seen again.

Lisa, you must never ask me questions...because I will answer. Thanks, this was fun.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Husband, My Friend

Every one has been saying such nice things about their mate, so I thought I would lie... not really. This is the man who puts up with all my crazies, all my insecurities, all my furniture moving, and all my horses and STILL LOVES ME!

If asked thirty-seven years ago(in June) what do you love about this man? I would have answered his eyes, his laughter and his butt. Now, if asked, I would have to answer what do I not love about this man?

Today he brought me a gift and I would like to share. Enjoy!

My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, what's on tv? I said, dust.
And then the fight started.

I took my wife to a restaurant. The waiter, for some reason took my order first. I'll have the strip steak, medium rare, please. He said Aren't you worried about the mad cow? Nah, she can order for herself.
And then the fight started.

My wife asked me if a certain dress made her butt look big. I told her not as much as the dress she wore yesterday.
And then the fight started.

Thank you, Den, for loving me. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for picking me after all those girls you slept around with before we met. I love you, honey!

Wacky Wednesday/Saturday School

I realized on waking or should I say on not sleeping? that is was Wacky Wednesday. A day defined in the past by leaving strange posts by me. Since that seems to have been the norm lately, there will, from this day forth, be no distinction in Wednesday's or any other day's posting title. The day's subject will be random and will be where the voices take me on any given day.

In our school system, Saturday school is a punishment for an accumulation of demerits, be they behavioural or academic. EX: Not finishing homework, not listening, failure to follow instructions. I just signed a sheet informing me Andrew has Saturday school because he has three demerits in reading for not completing his assignment in time allowed. I signed but suggested that a paddling would be a better tool to engage his brain than Saturday school.

I wait!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Blame Lisa!

Lisa, at Laughing Orca Ranch, and I were having an email discussion. Due to her immobility, I shall entertain her with my answers.

Lisa commented, HAH! Sure, count yourself tagged with your blog assignment. And you can answer these questions, too.

1)Have you ever had any of those critters as a pet?

I have had deer, rabbits, raccoon, mice, snakes, spiders and possums for pets. My oldest daughter raised a possum with a bottle. Herman was a sable possum and really quite pretty. When we went on vacation(girls only), hubby was in charge of Herman's care. With his mamma gone, Herman refused to eat. Through many tearful phone calls, (not Hubby's), Den was directed to get him bananas, walk him in the yard and talk to him. I'm not talking to a possum in my front yard! Someone may come by and see us! By the end of the week, Herman was not moving to drink or eat. Melissa came home and there lay Herman, barely hanging on. He heard his mama'a voice and staggered to her and happily began to eat. Herman grew to be a healthy, rather large, guard possum. Since he was a he, we did release him in the wild. Herman came to visit us less often as he quickly discovered he was not human.

2)Have you ever eaten Road Kill? (Isn't there a Road Kill Festival somewhere near you where they make road kill stew and other delicious delicacies?)

We don't call it road kill if it's still moving!
I do not know of any festivals, although, before the health laws were so strict, a freshly killed deer was taken to the school or nursing home to help expand the lunch menus.
I personally have never eaten road kill...now there was that one time. I was on my way to work and a gentleman had hit a large buck with his car. I stopped to assist and the deer was not dead. I asked if he was going to finish him since the deer's back was broken. He did not know what I meant, nor did he have a tool. I pulled my trusty Buck knife outta my pocket and ending the deer's suffering humanely. I said I cannot dress him, I have to go to work and I did not want blood on my uniform. I contacted the sheriff(this was before cell phones). By this time the gentlemen had found a dull knife. In tandem we removed the scent glands and loaded him into the back of the car. This guy knew nothing! In my neck of the woods, this is an unknown animal, a man who cannot finish a deer nor field dress one! He shook my bloody hand as I left and said I will never forget you. A week later, the local butcher called and said there was meat left for me from this guy who hit the deer. I liked to brag that I got a bigger buck than anyone at work and didn't even fire a shot.

3)Is there any kind of meat you will not eat? Mammal, Amphibian, Reptile?

I will try anything...once. If you do not try it, how will you know if you do not like it? I could not eat a horse, unless I was literally starving to death...have to draw the line somewhere!

4)Have you eaten frog legs before?

Yes, haven't you? One of my favorite dishes but you have to remember to remove the main tendon in the leg or they will "hop" when they are cooked. I have gigged for frogs and that is an adventure unto itself.

5)How about Snail?

Never have had the opportunity but would try it...once. I hear it is very expensive.

Lisa said, "Knock your ever lovin' socks off, my friend! So what's your favorite meat and why? Raccoon, opossum, squirrel, rabbits, turkey, deer? What's your least favorite to eat?"

I have eaten raccoon many times. I like it barbecued whole. It must be a young one or it will taste strong. Groundhog and Possum are a little too greasy for me, like eel, they are good only when warm.
I love deer tenderloin, and deep fried wild turkey (way better than domestic turkey), squirrel and rabbits make the best dumplings.

Now, I hear the snickers and the jokes about the Arkansas Hillbilly here. But want to know something? When the groceries stores are empty, I will still have something to eat...hope it is not armadillo!!!

Music Fills My Head

Down Under Princess
Down Under the Winged Elm

Down Under the mail box

This morning I woke to music. Not in the room, but in my head. I'll take that as a good sign.
Then a thought came I've never heard before, I want to play a fiddle/violin! As much as I admire the fantastic violinists I have heard through the years, I have never had the thought I want to play. Hope this is not one of those God Voices my sister talks about 'cuz then I'll have to learn.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Post Of Hope

A small chunk of ice remains.

Mere inches away is the new spring growth of water cress.

Spring is near!

Praise God!

Martin and Melissa

Melissa, all grown up with her child, Jake.

I learned of MartinLuther King Jr through newspapers, television and books.
I learned of Melissa DeAnne first hand. She is our first child.

Thirty-six years ago my water broke. I had always laughed that a husband would grab the suitcase and forget the wife. Well....he forgot me, but only for a moment or two and tried to cover by saying he was just putting the suitcase in the car.

This was a new experience and no matter who has told you what, it never is that way. I think my best piece of advice came from my mother. She said the baby will know when it's time, then just push like you need to poop.

I arrived to find I was not in labor. After twelve pills and one shot to start the labor, a shot to stop it(I needed to rest) and another shot to start it again, I am in labor.
These were the times when the mother should be medicated, the child birthed quietly with no input by anyone but the doctors. Some form of gas canister was strapped to my wrist and I was forced to inhale this stuff. It made me sick. My husband tried to come to my aid, the nurses would not listen. I took over!

This THING on my wrist became a weapon. Trying to force any nurse or doctor to remove it, I cursed! Now I knew better but what a wonderful opportunity to be able to use those horrible words I learned through my life time! I could be forgiven because I was in labor AND drugged. I also discovered I was quite good at it.

The labor progressed too slowly for me. At this point I had been in and out of labor for three days. Their solution was more drugs!!!!

Being the farm girl that I was and am, I asked the nurses for a toe sack. But, why, honey, do you need a toe sack( a burlap sack held potatoes, just my guess, thus the name). I said wrap it around that baby's legs and pull it out. This was a common method used in pulling calves.

I had the pleasure of drawing a large foreboding commanding nurse of recent German descent, still had the accent. The doctor was not there (of course) when things got ready to happen. She told me don't push, don't push, the doctor's not here. Well, MZ German Tank, this baby is coming anyway!!! She was trying to hold my legs together!!! I found out later, she had never had a child.

I awoke in the delivery room to be told we had a healthy daughter weighing eight pounds and nine ounces. I also awoke to an entire class of student nurses watching the doctor tying knots...down there.

Okay, you who laugh! This was thirty six years ago and we have come along way, Thank God.

Today I say Happy Birthday to Martin and Melissa.
May all your dreams come true.
Love ya, kid!!!!

Princess, Attitude and Culinary Wonders

I have been ignoring Princess lately. She spoke with me quietly and wondered if I was avoiding her. I said yes, you vex me. But I love you, she says, almost as much as Mamma Marcy. Princess, you must improve your food choices or I fear for your life (Barbecue comes to mind here!) You must NOT eat any wiring, such as the wiring to the mule battery or the entire light wiring system under Uncle Den's truck. You cannot gleefully jump from bed to seat in the Mule or Ranger. Your hooves are so sharp they cut the seats. I do realize you clear out the loose ends quite nicely with your ever working teeth but we must have some boundaries. I know the Kubota is a lovely orange and looks like a child's jungle gym but that is off limits too. I have noticed a wire hanging from the front of my car, have you been there too?
From this point on, stay away from all things with wiring!

...or there could be dire consequences!

Many of you have been so kind to share culinary delights and recipes. I have decided to contribute a little in that department. This is easy to make and I can guarantee you have NEVER tasted anything like this before.

Five cups deer broth(saved from roast)

One half cup of crackers, salted white

A handful of Aged Bouillon cubes, flavor of your choice

One half cup of pancake mix, unknown age or origin

One cup of mealy bug cornmeal mix

Two hardened hamburger buns, torn into spoon size pieces

Cheerios and Soup

Two slices of cooked turnips.

Now here is the tricky part, all this must be stirred and cooked slowly to thicken. Ah, you can smell it in the air! When this has reached the thickness of your desire. Add Dog Food to taste and serve those freezing outside dogs. They will love you for it!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Award, Sunshine, Higher Temps...Life Is Good!

What an honor from Melanie. Thank you! You have made my day. In times past, I received some wonderful awards. They were lost in the Netherlands of Blogdom when I had the problems with my site.

I would like to compile home addresses, if I may, for my personal use. I see some things and think, wouldn't Lisa love that, or Sharon, or Sara, or... I think, ah, today someone needs chocolate. You have my email. If you wouldn't mind being tortured by me occasionally, please send me your address.

I have had an adventure today. The thought came to me, Down Under...Australia, right? No, not me to think normally. I have had fun with the camera today. I shall document the birth of my "Down Under". Hope you enjoy it, because I certainly did.

Down Under the Rock Bridge

Down under the culvert, we laid by the garden.

Down under the water, not really, but work with me here!

And my personal favorite, Down Under the fence.

Now you know about my Down Under. Today I found a different perspective At The Farm. Sometimes the prettiest views are Down Under where no one looks.

We Have A Winner!!!

January thirteenth I posted The Limerick Game And A Prize.

A limerick is a five line poem with a strict form. Limericks are witty or humorous and sometimes, obscene with humorous intent.

The winning limerick is from Wendy at http://wherefaeriesplay.blogspot.com/ ! Congratulations!

It was hard to decide.

Honorable mentions go to Laughing Orca and Skippy Mom.

Please email me with address so I may mail the prizes.

This was fun!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our White Deer

This doe has twin white fawns.
It is difficult to get a good shot of her.
Marcy tried.

Last One, I Promise (Fingers Crossed Behind My Back)

A view of the farm from above
I have tortured you with my poetry now I will move on(within this post) with more entertaining(Hopefully!) and quite different thoughts.

To those who know me, you realize I started with an unknown purpose. I felt compelled to be here. Still do not know why. I thought it was to show the progress At The Farm. I have evolved, along with my blog, into something I cannot nor would I dare to name. Thanks, friends, for giving me wings.
The farm is still here. We are still working, though, not outside as much. It is hard to work when your eyes are frozen shut. I shall NOT speak of weather. I SHALL not speak of weather. Just sending warm wishes to all those in the cold.

I seem to have this problem now of waking extremely early. Do I crave the silence of the morning hours when no one else is awake? (I hear Marcy's numerous roosters crowing and think of dumplings, dressing and barbecue.) Do I practice solitude on purpose? Yes and yes. I seem to seek alone time and can think more clearly without the electronic noises that sing the house is awake!


I have photos from September through now to edit, burn and empty. I avoid this task until my computer moves to a crawl. I love pictures and Marcy keeps me supplied. She apologizes for using the same subject matter, dogs, horses, cows, cats, chickens, and a goat. I do not see the need to apologize. Her photos are great and tell the story while I am slaving at my lucky-to-have-a job-and-a-career heaven. (God, you do know I am joking? I have given You credit for having a sense of humor, so don't make me regret my words)

Beverly and Marcella, my wonderful sisters

More on Marcy...She has retired from many years of teaching those who resisted her wisdom. Marcy grows and plucks and prepares the most wonderful food for all of us to enjoy. Monday mornings I can always count on a very large bag in my car full of delectable things to eat at work.She nurtures us all, including the animals. Marcy is now kindly caring for grandson #3 while his mom is attending college. The wonders this women does for us are amazing. We should all be so lucky to have a sister like this!
Not only am I lucky to have one sister that is amazing, I have another, equally amazing! How lucky is that? Beverly is our doer, our organizer, our workaholic, our wonder! Beverly, who says she has lost her joy, provides us with joy every day. She brings the artist's eye and the dreamer's heart into our midst. An insurmountable task, in my opinion, can be taken by her, broken into little pieces and by doing each piece at a time, she completes the task with love and joy in her heart. Beverly takes my insecurities and molds them and reshapes them. She calls me artist and poet and makes it seem true. Ah, but she is truly the artist. Beverly paints, creates, motivates and encourages us. Her art is seen in every task she does.

Freshly written in a bout of insanity by me. You guessed it...another #%$#*#% poem!!!
Please commit me
Behind those lockin' doors
I have heard life is good
Ya don't have to think no more!
I want me somodat nut candy
They hand out every day
Give me some of those little dollies
That make the world fade away!
Every day's the same
No surprises here
Tell me when to eat and sleep
Tell me what I fear!
Please permit me
Behind those locking doors
I have heard life is good
Don't wanta think no more!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh, No, Not Another Poem!

Written September 1991
By Me
The legs hung from the tree
The knife lay
In the life prints
On the ground.
Bits of winter coat
And pieces that were no good alone
Were all that remained,
No longer warm.
The wind paid homage to the life lost
The young raised their heads
To sniff the air
He wasn't coming home.
Oh, so proud...so strong!
Dropped by a sound he never heard
They said.
But the sad-eyed head
And the crown of horns

Just Another Poem

Written 1998 By Me
I, in my ignorance,
Thought of them as blind
To all things
They had left behind.
I never gave them credit
Of Feeling Love's first bliss
Nor could I see them
Having passion with a kiss.
And as I grew much older
With children of my own
I found my parents' blindness
Was not theirs alone.
I had indeed forgotten
The passions I swore they'd never seen
Now I was the blind parent
Not completely...
But somewhere in between.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sky Watch Friday...

I have lost a day. I do that quite often, not lose a day, but lose something. I go into a room and forget what I came to find. Have to go back, seems like I can always remember WHERE I thought of it, just not what I thought about. Oh, well, too many irons in the fire!

Today presented no photo opportunities for me. I drove safely to work, no running off the road to take a picture. The skies were so gray and it was so cold, my camera finger did not even want to come out. The stoves are going full blast this evening, as they will through the night into tomorrow. Supposed to be even colder tonight.

The freeze proof faucet was frozen along with the hose so the horses had to go to the pond to drink. I am not being neglectful. They doing their grazing pattern and water is at both ends. Today only on one end. The cattle also have access to running water in the creek. Thank God, for live water!

Just a shot that caught my eye yesterday.
Don't forget your limerick! Two days to go.

My Horoscope For Today And More Nonsense

Wow! Read my horoscope just for entertainment. I know some people are uncomfortable with this, but my idea about horoscopes is kinda like talking to friend. You may get good or bad information, but, either way, it certainly is fun.

"You experience an inclination towards spirituality. You feel a strong need to know where you are going internally. All this soul searching will help you touch base with yourself and set things right. Go ahead and look within; bring out the best that is in you."

See, good advice. How did they know this about me? I certainly have been doing some soul searching lately and incline to the spiritual. I want to know what I am about and I certainly need to bring out the best in me!

Skipping on to another thought...Why do we have Word Verification?? I have mine turned off. What does it help with, and does it block only those who cannot type? I need to know this!

Why do I think of all these unimportant questions when I am exhausted? A line runs through my head from a song I cannot remember, then I search until I find the answer. Either by booting my brain or my computer. It was right there on the tip of my tongue and whoops! gone! It really bothers me when I cannot answer my own questions. Could it be from all the early years of being told to look it up?

Okay, so you're saying, this girl is crazy tonight...could be...could be that horoscope!

The Dark Side Of Me

I write. Sometimes I write good things. Sometimes not. If I get one good line on a page, I feel lucky. As you know, this has been a life time affliction. I am not obsessed or driven but rather when it is time to write, it just happens.

Today I am feeling dark so I am sharing a dark poem.

WARNING: May evoke bad thoughts about hunters. Not my purpose as I am a hunter. It is a tale of the first successful hunt with my dad.

Touched softly with my toe
It did not move
The deer's eyes were open.
My bullet had spoken
Traveling in
Taking Life out.
With tear-moistened eyes
I turned
And played at checking my rifle.
My first trophy
I should be proud
But I could not look.
Dad understood
Closed the eyes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time For Some Green

Remember that stuff?
Not money...green grass, green plants, flowers!
I have a bad case of SAD and thought some fall pictures might cheer everyone.

I long for the green of spring and summer and it is weeks away.

No more snow! No more cold!

I dream of spring nights with the sounds of birds, crickets, and frogs singing to the dark. I love the smell of spring and things growing so fast you can almost hear them grow.
I long for feet in the creek and spring water cress.
I listen to the winter winds as we prepare for the coldest night this winter.
I listen, in vain, for the night cry of "Whip Poor Will" and hope that they are warm.
I listen and I long for longer days, warmer days.
But I don't miss the ticks!!!

I See The Moon...

And the moon sees me.
God bless the moon
And God bless me.

The photo taking fool is at it again.
I saw the moon when I started to work.
I snapped pictures all the way!
From moon to sunrise was a short trip.

Road to Work

I know it is not Skywatch Day. Wanted to clear that up because I have been confused on that point in the past!

I was driving to work(duh!) and was happily snapping photos of the sunrise. I tried a few through the dirty windshield so they aren't so good. Then I rolled my window down...wonder what the wind chill is at 55 MPH?

I was thrilled there were no traffic officers on the road because I was drawing attention to myself. Here comes the sun!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Blank Page...

Cries to me
Missing words
I sit
The pencil
will not move alone

The Limerick Game And A Prize

The limerick has been on my mind since four AM. I must stop this! I need sleep. If I slept, blogging would not be a true addiction.

Wickapedia says:
A limerick is a five-line poem with a strict form, originally popularized in English by Edward Lear. Limericks are witty or humorous, and sometimes obscene with humorous intent.
The following example of a limerick is of anonymous origin.

The limerick packs laughs anatomical
In space that is quite economical,
But the good ones I've seen
So seldom are clean,
And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

Gershon Legman, who compiled the largest and most scholarly anthology, held that the true limerick, as a folk form, is always obscene, and cites[1] similar opinions by Arnold Bennett and George Bernard Shaw, describing the clean limerick as a periodic fad and object of magazine contests, rarely rising above mediocrity. That is to say, from a folkloric point of view, the form is essentially transgressive; violation of taboo is part of its function

Now here's the game...We are writing limericks today. My favorite will get a surprise.

My favorite limerick from somewhere, just floats into my mind now and then is:
There was a young lady from Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside
And the smile on the face of the tiger!
My poor attempt at a limerick:
There was a lady named Gail
Who tried to write poetry and failed
She could not sleep
And could not eat
Now she has no tale(tail)!
Sick but fun! Care to join me? January 18th will be the dead line. The prize will be picked to fit what I think is related to the winner.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A True Tale

Carla, for you, in your grief, know they are always with us.

My grandson, Andrew, at a younger age had a dog named Clyde, a rat terrier. He loved this dog. You know boys and their dogs! Well, sadly, after a couple of years together, we lost Clyde(That's another story, key words: neighborhood business, poison!) It was very difficult for Andrew. The only thing that comforted him was knowing he was in heaven and Grandma(my mother) was playing with him.
There is a swimming hole that many people visit during the warm long days of summer. It runs swiftly through a culvert under a low water bridge. Younger children are cautioned to stay BELOW the culvert.
Andrew's mother took him swimming. I said keep an eye out. WELL, Andrew was wading away from the culvert and Maria just walked up the creek to talk to some friends...just for a minute, Mom, I was watching, Mom...NOT!
Maria's story was, when she came back, Andrew was laying on the towel and quite pale. FINALLY concerned with her son's welfare, she asked Andrew what was wrong. Andrew replied I got sucked into the culvert, Mom, I'm okay.
Let me describe the danger of this culvert. The water is swiftly funnelled to this point and completely fills the culvert. It is wide enough for two cars to drive over, this is the length. I am not sure of the exact circumference but the current, the power, the danger is unmistakable. An adult pulled through may be able to hold his breath long enough to be shot out the other side into large rocks. Once in the current, it is so swift there is no going back. Needless to say, I do not think a small child could survive.
Andrew and I were talking later, privately, and he related the story to me in much more detail than he had shared with his mom. When asks what happened he said I was playing and got too close, Nana, the water sucked me in. I said Andrew how did you get out. He said I was holding onto the edge with both hands and my body was going away with the water. (He was about five at this time.) At this point, I am thanking God and cursing my daughter, in my mind, not out loud. I said what did you do, Andrew said, I had my eyes closed but I opened them cause I couldn't hang on (Oh, my God!) and it was hard to hold my breath!!!! In wonder, I asked how did you ever get out. He said when I opened my eyes, Clyde was there and Grandma too and they pulled me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then I went to lay down cause I was tired and then Momma came back. I'm okay Nanna and I am glad Clyde was with Grandma.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Interviewed by Treasia

Treasia at Confessions of a Midlife Trucker's Wife has interviewed me! A little get to know you thing. This was fun.

Below are the questions she asked and my answers.

Treasia said:

Thanks for taking part in the interviews. As I said I think it's a great way to get to know one another. Now with that being said, I've never done any asking before, so I hope I have some good questions for you.

1. What is your one favorite personal thing you do for yourself on a regular basis (besides blogging) that makes you feel special?

The first one had to be the hard one!!!! I can think of no one thing that makes me feel special that I would do. Things that have made me feel special are a wild flower or a pretty rock from my husband, a hug from my grandson, knowing I have helped someone. I cannot say this or that thing, there are so many things in my day, in my week, in my lifetime that have made me feel special.

2. If you could only help one charity a year which charity would it be and why?

Arkansas Children's Hospital because my grandson, Jake, was less than two pounds when he was born at six months. In the past, he would never have lived. Children's gave us our miracle boy! Children's Hospital did that and many, many more things for many, many people.

3. What started you into blogging?

My sister, Beverly, said you should blog and I did! Knew nothing about it, Beverly does not blog. Now I am addicted. One more bad habit I can blame on my sister.

4. If you could only choose one blogger that has inspired you from day one who would it be and why?

I plead the fifth! http://cowboywife.blogspot.com/ The W.O.W. Factor was first to comment and you know your first is always special. I cannot pick one because everyone I read has inspired me. They all have encouraged me, made me laugh, made me cry and have given me a better and different way to look at life. That wasn't a fair question!

5. What's the best gift you've ever received and why?

The gift of life because where would I be without that?

Now the rules of the interview are simple.
1. To be interviewed just have them leave "interview me" in the comments
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
6. Link back to the interviewer

The Secret Kitchen

Many of you know, to see the soul of a woman, look in her kitchen. If I had taken a before picture, you could have really seen my soul, lost. You have seen my private sitting area, even my bedroom, but no room reflects the soul quite like the kitchen.

Thanks to the magic of my sister, Beverly, once again, she has brought order and beauty into my life. And she used my stuff! We added nothing and took nothing away, except dust. Her artful arrangement and her extreme talent of seeing has turned my kitchen corner into a soothing place of functional beauty!

Each piece has a story. As Beverly cleaned, I was traveling down memory lane and enjoying the journey.

Every one should be so blessed.

Tragic Loss

A terrible loss happened weeks ago. I have not had the strength to share.

The coroner reports have come back as a suicide. There were no witnesses and he left no note. That is never easy to deal with, blaming yourself and thinking there is something I could have done.  I should have seen it coming.

He was special to me, I had only known him four short years but he had lived a life time before he moved in.

In his passing, he has left to mourn...me. Preceded in death by the pink flower vase.

To ease my burden, he was interred immediately but will always be in my heart.
Almost Gone Flower is close to my dishwasher so I can visit him daily.

Please, bear with my grief! The passing of this great piece has left an empty spot on my shelf and in my heart. If you see any of his relatives, please, have them notify me, I have a vacancy!
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