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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Faces In My Barn

Tallyho's Khadir or "Knot Head"
Magic Man or "Magic"
Charme's Delight RWF or "Charme"
Chadir's Broken Arrow or "Arrow"
(In training at this time)
deciding if he is a stock dog
thinking while under the manger.

Dogs In The Barn

Yoda enjoying the sun!
Maggie wants a job.
The whole pack is looking
Gotta be something in here
Can you see it, Lil?
I see it!
Just another day of fun At The Farm.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Poo Princess, Doo-Doo Diva, Manure Mistress

I am in my element, glory be!  A sunshiney day, a no hat, no glove, no coat day and I feel I am in heaven.  All of you were right...SUNSHINE was the cure, and poop.

I sit with a two liter Dr Pepper, swigging away, after I removed my manure dust-coated outer clothing.  I am so thankful to enjoy this day!

I spent my day in the barn.  The horses are not stalled, they come and go but while in the barn, they poop...a lot.  Since it has been so cold and I have been so lazy, it has waited.  No poop fairy came while I was asleep and cleaned the barn, it all waited on me.  It was glorius!
I am not being a horse's butt about the weather.
I just have to say, this was the cure and you told me!  A wonderful sunshiney warm day, oops, did I already say that?
I packed my bag with camera and pop, found a handy place to set them and went to work.  I shoveled, I raked, I shoveled, I raked and I smiled.  The most perfect theraphy I could have.
Look at all this wonderful, garden enriching, plant growing, free recycled feed!  Just laying there waiting for me to shovel and rake.
Yoda is training to be a stock dog.
Here's my proof, see horse hair and manure.
I even brushed my babies...they were so BIG!  I had forgotten I did not have miniature horses any more.  I snapped the camera at them.  I hugged and loved and brushed and they tolerated it all very well.

The Joy Of Sunshine And Friends

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Whatcha lookin' at?
What do I care?
What is that?
What was that?!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Is Wrong With Me????

I have some wonderful horses.
Even in their winter woolies
and pasture uglies, I think they are fine.
I can't remember the last time I brushed them.

They are my dream and I stay away.  I cannot explain this funk I am in now.  Go ahead, tell me, jerk myself up by the boot straps.  Get over it!  Slap some sense into me, please.

I love to paint yet I do not pick up a brush.  I love to write and this is the extent of it.  I love to read and I cannot concentrate.  I am a worker and yet I am lazy.  My emotions are flat lined. 

Any words of wisdom for this old lady?

Strange Bedfellows

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sunday Surprise

A very welcome visitor for a camera opportunity if not welcome for the tree.  I am glad my art corner window was clean.  I shall admit I took thirty-one shots to get these few good ones.  First I had it on landscape and wondered why every time he pecked away I had a blur.

So I changed the settings, leaned on my human tripod of arms, and snapped away.
I got closer with the handy zoom lens and through the window he had no idea I was spying on him.  I even turned him sideways and he looked just as cool.
What joy it gave me to see this beauty so closely.  He posed nicely for me but he did not know he was posing.  I love being a bird spy!
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