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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lori E's Question And Ice Art

Lori E at Family Trees May Contain Nuts is a delightfully humourous person and very well versed in computers.  She has saved my computer tail lots of time.  Thank you, Lori. 

Lori has asked, "Knowing that you have a crazy practical joke kind of personality, have you ever had a joke backfire on you?"

No, a well planned practical joke never backfires.
I come by it honest.  Both sides of my family are as ornery as pole cats.  Dad was the biggest practical joker since he was always the butt of many in his family.  I guess it was kinda justice to allow him so much fun with us.

Dad always had strawberries since I can remember. That was part of our money crop as children, that and earth worms, rabbits, garden produce and grapes.  If we picked, we got to keep part of the money when we sold the product.

I hated to pick strawberries.  I don't know why, I guess because the rows went on forever and ever.  We sold strawberries by the crate, not the quart.

After I married, Mom and Dad would call us if there was  help needed and we would come.  Sometimes I would help with harvesting because there was just Mom and Dad At The Farm.  Strawberry season, my favorite time, Dad calls and says, can you help pick?  Ma is busy puttin' them up.  On my way, Dad.

...and this is where I say, WELL, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING.  Dad always used rubber snakes in the berry batch to scare the birds away.  I would fuss at him for moving them just where I would jump and he would say no, I move them to surprise the birds.  If they stayed in one place, the birds would get used to them...so would I, Dad, so would I.

We are picking berries, side by side, racing each other down the rows.  Work was always a competition to Dad, also made it more fun.  We would pick our containers full and consolidate the berries into a larger container on the edge of the patch.  When we filled those, one of us would carry them to the house for Mom to work up.

I was picking away, a snake!!!  Not just your ordinary, old dull fool the bird snakes but a life-like Copperhead Snake.  Oh, Daddy, you have had it!  Copperheads are poison and you are taught from a very young age to jump first and look later.  Dad had upgraded the strawberry patch snakes.  I look around for him to fuss at and he is gone, probably laughing his ass off! 

I keep picking and say nothing to Dad, he returns and joins me.  Picking, picking and Dad is gone again...another blooming real looking Copperhead under that berry plant.  I am slow but I am catching on, Daddy.  Now I  know when Dad gathers the full containers to go inside I am getting close to a snake.  I have found you out, Dad, you are no longer the innocent farmer in my eyes. 

Dad disappears with a load and I am ready, okay, brace yourself, Gail, you will be seeing a snake soon.  Ha!  There it is but I can't keep from jumping because we do have Copperheads and the training is so deep in me, I can't tell my brain it is not real.  I do look up and there is Dad peeking out the living room window, laughing so hard, he is shaking.

I now have the proof that the snakes are not moved randomly to scare the birds.  I have the proof that their movement is planned just for me.  Did Dad really need helping picking berries or did he just need some entertainment?

So, Lori, even though I have never had one backfire I have had my share of tricks played on me.  Thanks for helping me remember.


Razzberry Corner said...

Lol - sounds like you have a fun family!

Lori E said...

I am so scared of snakes that I wouldn't ever step foot in the patch again. I left an electric mower running in our yard one time when I saw a tiny garden snake.
It ran in one spot until my husband got home from wherever and shut it off.
I am not scared of bugs, spiders, birds or any of that common stuff. Not even lizards but snakes are the end of me.

Judy said...

My daughter likes snakes...she and her husband own a greenhouse; last year while some friends were helping change some plastic roofs, she found a little garter snake (really little) by the greenhouse...she picked it up and was playing gently with it...her friend said put that thing out of here or she was leaving and NEVER coming back...some people are really afraid of snakes...

Gramma Ann said...

I am not a snake lover, so he would have picked the strawberries all by himself. I use to go wild strawberry pickin' when I was young. But, never saw any snakes, I suppose they were more afraid of me then I was of them.

DesertHen said...

What a great and funny story! Thanks for sharing your family memories!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

After that first snake, I would have told Dad, "I'm done now. I left the rest for you" lol!


日月神教-向左使 said...


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