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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Yoda

Remember the half naked foster dog I had, then I didn't have, then I adopted him.  I called him Yoda because of his big ears and lack of hair.  Yoda's hair is coming back but his ears are still big.
His coat is much improved from his first picture.  I suspect he has some Silkie in him but we shall never know.  It doesn't matter anyway because his heart is what counts.  This tiny eight and a half pound ball of fur has a heart as big as a mountain.
I have adorned him with jewlry.  He has two name tages, a peace symbol, a teddy bear and a rock band symbol on his collar.  He jingles and I know if he is with me in the dark.
I have had dogs all my life but I don't believe I have ever had one so devoted to just me.  It  was a sore point with me because Hubby would win over every dog I would bring home.  Yoda sees only me!  He loves me!  He plays with others and begs for attention but when I am in the room, I am all he sees.  It amazes me that such a little bundle can show complete selfless love for a turd like me.  Hubby calls him Pogo because he jumps for my attention so much.
I can't fatten the little bugger so he may always be bony, maybe part of his breeding, at least he is covered with hair now.  I serve him food with gravy, delicious treats, and ply him with people food.  Nothing puts meat on this guy's bones!

So here he is, a spot of nothing, when I have always had big dogs.  I could carry him in my purse but I will never do that.  I am training him to be a farm dog with seeds stuck in his hair, teaching him how to play in the creek, and how to be good around horses.  Maybe I can teach him to ride.


Anonymous said...

Gail, Yoda is absolutely got the sweetest face and his hair is so pretty no. He is a tiny fella but I am so glad it worked out that he is yours - it was meant to be! Hope you have a great day!

Journaling Woman said...

Gail, I have to disagree, I think his ears are shrinking with the addition of hair. :)

He often reminds me of my Yorkie -Tiki. She was tiny and never put on much much weight. Oh and her ears were big too.

Anonymous said...

I have a rescue Yoda, too. We found her abandoned in the Daniel Boone, desperately sick with mange and having lost an eye. She's gotten very fat, so there's still hope for yours!
Her photo is at flickr.com/tizzierunamok/4165890041

Rudee said...

Yoda is adorable and you are deserving of this gracious creature's love. He is a lucky dog.

Maybe all his new farming activity is the reason he doesn't gain weight and for small dogs, that may be a good thing. The healthy growth of fur is all the proof you need that he's well nourished.

One more month and we're going to the pound to pick out a new dog of our own.

Autumnforest said...

Oh, my gosh--that pup is just the cutest thing in the entire universe--and look at those big brown eyes! I suspect that he has such a happy life with you and the family and critters that his coat has come back. Just a sign that he's glowing and happy.

Kate said...

I'll bet he'd love to ride with you! I know my dog would... he's big enough to run with the horses but he's also very lazy. :)

Nezzy said...

Who wouldn't love those big bright eyes and that adorable furry face. After readin' the delectables you feed the little fur ball no wonder he only has eyes for you! Too cute :o)

Enjoy your blessings!

A Melbourne Girl said...

Gail, don't you just love it when a critter gives you their undivided attention and love like that.

Wonderful stuff.

Tina said...

ahhh you have a way with words, girl...i'm..sniff..speechless...but "terd" ahemm??

An English Shepherd said...

What a lovely lad :-)


Gramma Ann said...

Awww... Yoda is a cutie. And so nice he is a one woman dog.

Our dog Joey is Tony's dog in the daytime and he becomes mine as soon as it gets dark.

Pat said...

Devoted love, constant companion, happy to see you all the time - what more could you ask for - in a PET?

You know that old saying about putting your dog and your spouse in a trunk of a car for a half an hour. The one that's happier to see you when you open it up is the one you should keep! :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a dog devoted to you, to watch your every move, to sit outside the bathroom and whine..I miss it..Far Guy and I share Chance but he is very attached to Far Guy..I will do in a pinch. Yoda is looking really good..Yorkie/Silky cross maybe..it is probably good he stays on the thin side..maybe it is all that jumping!! :)

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