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Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Favorite Santa

is a wooden man about twenty inches tall and of undetermined age.  
His joints are more far easier to move than mine.
Santa was a gift from my sister, Beverly, years ago
She doesn't know how old he is.  
Doesn't matter, I'm keeping him.
He stays out all year for my pleasure.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Sam Elliott

could sell me a bag of ice in Antarctica or a bag of sand in the Sahara Desert.  I love his voice.  I can hear him talking in another room and run just to hear him better.  Hubby is not threatened at all by this.  It amuses him and sometimes will hunt for a Sam Elliott show just to see me run!
 Sam Elliot advertised for Dodge..."Ram Tough"...but I didn't buy the Dodge.  
Andrew did.
It's not new but it's new to Andrew.
He also doesn't know Sam Elliott!
Joining the working force full time Andrew faces the world bravely
with guitar in hand and Ram Tough.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Grey Ladies

were just puppies yesterday.
Ki-Anne and Diamond Lil
showing their grey but still hard at work.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snuggling With Good Men

The Polar Vortex has sucked the warmth right out of me!  I know I have it easy.  It hasn't dropped to subzero for us BUT it's all in the comparison. Our cold month is January and February. Many folks are neck deep in snow and we haven't had a flake but I'm still freezing!

There is something new in the air this year making things happen. I've observed insane politics of THE WORLD, the Chicago Cubs winning The World Series, Policemen with targets on them and war atrocities that make my heart ache. We have lost a veteran/astronaut hero, John Glen, and an infamous dictator. I have detected lies where I usually find truth and truth sprinkled in lies. We may now know why those participation trophies are not such a good idea since our college students (and many adults) have shown they have the inability to deal with reality.

I've reacted like any self respecting married woman...I crawled under the covers with another man, in fact, more than one....Clive Cussler, Harlen Coben and James Patterson. If the weather and social atmosphere holds I may add a few more men AND women to those I snuggle with for confidence, solace, security and to take my mind somewhere else. Talk about dealing with reality!

Hubby doesn't mind my strange bedfellows.  It gives him peace so he doesn't have to hear me rant about my perceived worldly circumstance.
My rose is freeze dried.
May our nation unite.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Repost From Eight Years Ago~More Pictures...Fewer Words

It is...was a beautiful day. Warm, windy, and did I say wonderfully, comfortingly warm!
No snow, no rain, only mud left over from both.
Started at the barn with my four God-Given equine treasures.
(Refer to previous post, My Mistakes, My Glories.)
All not recently groomed with their winter coats.
As you can see the wind is blowing.

I took pictures of Arrow's whorls so I can get them read by some whorl experts (y'all!). 
In this picture you can see plainly why he is dubbed Broken Arrow.

Knot was too busy eating to smile for the camera.

Showing Magic's blue eye.
It was a day for muck boots, not these!
 It was warm enough that the mud felt quite wonderful pouring through all the holes
while I was trying to keep my balance.

Maggie and Lil anticipating the walk
Then we walked.

One of five ponds we have. This is the New pond, meaning it was built in the last twenty years. We also have the Top Pond, the Highline Pond, the Frog or Hog Pond and the Spring Pond.

Parts of the creek no one sees
Another hidden jewel
Help! I've lost my feet!
The sky darkens!
Watching Lil hunt a varmint.
Enjoyed the day and took many pictures.
and found my feet!

This post was written eight years ago, two months after I entered the blogosphere. Circumstances may have changed but I think I may be about the same.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

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