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Friday, December 26, 2008

My Mistakes, My Glories

Many of you have asked about my horse story so here I begin, maybe not in order, but the whole story will play in bits and pieces. Here's hoping you will enjoy the story.
My hubby and I are enjoying "Walkin' Small At The Farm", stable name, Buford. As you can tell I love play on words and name twisting. The old house behind us is Grandpa's. When Dad's family moved here, they brought two small houses by horse and sled from down the creek and put them together. Two rooms with a kitchen lean to on the back side.
Rolls Royce, my stud was purchased as a young colt. His dad sold for $45,000. I thought maybe he would be a good start. (And, no, he was a bargain because the color did not suit them.) I went to the White County Fair and met Royce there. It took me a few weeks but I did buy him. He ain't his daddy, but he ain't bad!
What can I say? From one to many...I loved these little guys! I researched, I shopped on line, I read every thing I could get my eyes on. I visited a trainer. I visited a show barn. I finally drove to a mini farm. I bought two bred mares and a filly, a pinto, a red roan and a brown...Fancy, Luci, and Phlo. They knew the owner of Royce so I bought him too. They delivered! In a van! Four horses in the back of a van, now that was amazing!
Fancy is now in New York State in a loving home with a long time horse owner. She is no longer able to ride so is trying Miniature horses.

My first foal born was a filly out of my Red Roan. Had trouble naming her. Asked my friend how do you decide on names. She said I wait for their personality because you don't want to name them Rose when they are a stink weed. Well, guess what happened, she became Stink weed. I googled stink weed and came up with the name "Angels Trumpet AT The Farm".

Now, this is supposed to be a business you know, buy, raise, wean, sell. Not as easy as it sounds! A lady contacted me and said she had a really good year with her Arabians but she had too many boys. Would I be interested in trading a filly for a colt? I agreed. She trailered Tally Ho's Kadir and came for Stink weed. I could not load her, I was bawling like a baby!!!! My husband had to load Stink. Later I was able to come out and meet my new boy. Not being used to the Arabian head, I said he's a knot head...from then on he has been Knot Head or just Knot.
Knot was young when I got him. Has grown a lot in this picture. He wanted to be with the babies so badly.
Later the first people I purchased from were selling more mares...a chestnut, a gray, and a grullo. You guessed it! I made an offer and here comes the van again! This is Betty...please remember I did not name these mares. I would have been much more creative.

I got to name this one! A man had miniatures and had not kept the papers current. He asked for help. In his whole pasture I saw this filly and I wanted her badly...did not know why. When I was helping him with the papers I noticed this little filly was a granddaughter of Paul Bunyon, the 1969 National Winner. He said girl, you got the eye! Of all those horses, you saw her.

I named her Tracer Backta Bunyon or Tracer.

A much younger Jake chose Tracer as his favorite and I believe she chose him. Please note the border collie is not leaving Jake's side.
Then my second amazing trade came along. All the things I dreamed came to me. I wanted a bomb proof, low to the ground (not so far to fall), a gentle, loving horse to ride. Two minis for one Haflinger!
I immediately fell in love! I could get my foot in the stirrup! Meet Charme's Delight. Haflinger registry requires that you name the foal after the first letter in the dam's name if it's a filly and first letter of sire if it's a colt. So she is called Charmie as in charming my socks off.

Jake, my middle GS, with my oldest daughter, Melissa.
Charme and Tracer...good big, little lesson.
My first GS, Andrew, (boy, has he changed!) trying out Charme.

And finally the picture you have been dying to see, hoping for, dreaming of, MY FIRST RIDE! I did not know how she would ride. I am a novice if I even rate that high. I'm always the one friends put on the crazy horse. You know the horses I am talking about, barn spoiled, pond loving, run you under a limb horses that noone could control.

This picture needs a setup. I did not dress properly, grabbed a pair of boots I bought only for decoration in the house, and grabbed the saddle. My husband had quite a laugh!

Charme is not liking this bridle!

Hubby helping his horse dumb wife!

Sad, isn't it?

Charme was bred by a Doc Bar Quarter Horse, unknown by all, except the two horses involved. Our Pinto came as quite a surprise...thus, Magic Man.

We cut Knot a week too late and we gained one more horse, registrable this time. Chadir's Broken Arrow(a mix of Knot and Charme's name with his marks).
hat is how I got my free horses! Two can be ridden, Magic will be trained soon, and next year Arrow will be old enough to ride.

Here they are today in all their winter glory!

Thank God for my horses!


Tiff said...

Not sure what happened, tried to comment but it disappeared. Hoping it will show up, but just in case, I think all of your horses are gorgeous and I really enjoyed the story of how they call came to be!

Melanie said...

I secind Tiff!! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Funny how horses can sometimes accumulate, isn't it??? LOL!!!
I love your Halfie! :0

Melanie said...

"Second!" I meant to type the word "second!!!" Sorry!!

DesertHen said...

What beautiful horses you have! I enjoyed reading about how you aquired them all. I'm a horse gal, have been all of my life, but we haven't had any horses for the past ten years or so.

C-ingspots said...

Oh Gail, you certainly do have a beautiful soul! I hope that your Christmas was wonderful time spent with your family and friends. I love your story of your horses. I believe that everything in our lives happens for a reason and these horses are truly a gift for you. You didn't pick them, God picked them for you. I truly understand how you feel and how they can fill up your soul with just their presence. Enjoy them!

Tina said...

I very much enjoyed reading your saga of your love of horses. What a wonderful story and all your pictures were very interesting! I love your poem about the art of the spider...your poems are wonderful, funny and warming..just like your heart! Always enjoy your posts. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Hope you had a great Christmas and Santa was good to you and your family.

Sharon said...

Your horses are beautiful! That's quite a story of how you got started with them too :)

I'd be like you, having problems with parting with them or selling them to others. We all get attached to our animals here too. My daughter has even cried over our hens when they died.

Keep sharing with us Gail, you have some really beautiful stories :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ok maybe I missed a few things. When did you start aquiring your minis?
And how long have you had Charme? She is gorgeous! I wish I wasn't so tall and larger, or else I'd have a smaller horse, too. I love the haflingers, especially that I could mount without a block. But I think I'm to big for one :(

I hope I'll be able to ride again, and for years to come, but I think I'll keep horses around even if I can't ride. hey truly are good for the soul, aren't they?

I never considered mini ownership before, but you're making me consider it now.
What are your favorite things about minis?

Thanks Gail. I loved learning more about your horses. I hope you will post more about them in the future, as well as your riding experiences, too. Maybe I can live vicariously through you until I can back up on my own mare one day...

New Mexico

Carla said...

If you learned somethin' its not a mistake:)
What beauties, I enjoyed the tail!!!

Saucy Kodz said...

Morning Gail - I have to say that I truly enjoyed this story. I have always loved horses and in fact, a friend of mine in the country - I used to go visit when I was just a girl was where I first learned to ride. Her Mom taught riding lessons and if I helped with the horses and cleaning she would give me a lesson. I started collecting little horses like copper n some glass ones when I was just a kid - still have em today. Horses have always found a soft spot in my heart, like dogs and I so enjoyed reading about your horses. Thank You for the smile I am wearing this morning. We had a truly red sky this morning as the sun came up - like brilliant red. Best to your family :)

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