a tale of tails, tenacity, and tedium, as told by me, usually barefoot and bellowing

The Truth About Me

and you thought I was really gonna tell on myself!
Born in '54 I have seen men walk on the moon,  people die in wars, and the world become smaller each day.  I have lived through the times of  "Make Peace, not War", Where's the Beef, and Who Shot JR.  I have seen many changes and suspect I am witnessing the death of a nation.

Born and bred in Arkansas, I have no desire to live another place.  I have traveled around but there is no place like home as Dorothy said so very well.  I am aware there are other states and countries but none hold the appeal that Arkansas holds for me.

I am a half-ass farmer, painter, pet owner and family member.  I have the gift of gab and love to write.  I am an thirty-nine year retired employee of the United States Postal Service.  I am married to the man I married forty-four years ago, have two daughters and three grandsons.  We have a collection  of canines, felines, bovines, and chickens.

My husband, one grandson and I live on the family farm with one sister next door. We share the land, the animals, the chores and the rewards.  We live the way we were raised...honestly, respectfully and lovingly...and expect no less from others.

We are the make-do generation.  I know how to trap, hunt, fish and grow, harvest and preserve.  I know how to sew my own clothes and wire a lamp.  I can carry water and know how to survive without power.  I can pick edible wild mushrooms and know how to rock and roll and waltz.  I can build a fire and I can build a fence. 

I praise God and praise our nation.  I honor the country's flag and the men and women who have served and are serving our country.

Our nation was built on immigration.  I support that but not to the detriment of those who are already here. I firmly believe we should speak one language and that should be English. 

I believe nothing is free.   We should earn all privileges.

I believe in the Bill of Rights and the right to bear arms.

I did not vote for Obama nor either Clinton (from Arkansas...I know too much) but in the same instance, I respected their position.  I am a true believer of the statement, you must stand for something or you will fall for anything.

I am not prejudice.  I honestly do not notice a nationality but the truth of a person.  I believe every one should progress by their own merits and not ride the coat tails of an injustice done to ancestors.

People sometimes go through life with blinders on.  I hope that is not said about me.  I am open-minded, open-hearted and, except for here, close-mouthed.

I believe Rachael Carson and hope we come to our senses before there is a silent spring.  I believe Edgar Cayce and hope we all learn to heal, ourselves and our nation.  I believe Stephen King when he says there are monsters and they are within us.

This has just skimmed the surface of the deep mysterious well that is me.  I don't understand me nor will you.  I sincerely hope my honesty has not scared you away.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the visit and may I bring a smile to your lips and laughter to your heart.
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