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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sharing Some Strange...

When you enter someone's home, I believe you see part of their soul.  Tonight, I bear my soul to you.  Be kind.  I never buy anything new unless it's electronics.  I love pieces with history...I love creating.  So open the door and take a peek.  
Chest and side table...yard sale years ago, lamp from Aunt Evah, painting by me, cedar wood cookie with old door knob to hang my purse on, made by me.  Weird chicken, junk store.  This is where I come home, empty my pockets, lose the ID from work and become myself.
I have been thinning and purging but not completely there yet.  Aunt Evah's chair, FIL's railroad spike barrel, my arrow heads under a glass round topped with an cedar and iron wood lamp made by Dad, lampshade revamped with paint and glitter by me.   Old boots...Hubby.
You saw Granny's organ last week, now the decorations are complete.  Top, an old piano or tv lamp and three old flat irons from the family; shelf, left to right holds a yard sale vase, Hubby's cerificate, his dad's old tools, my yard sale fruit bowl (I did buy the grapes new) an old picture and rocks.  The final level holds a family photo and a Santa I received for my birthday.  Ignore the card board boxes under the bar, please, we are filling them next week.
These shelves were designed for Mom and Dad's bottle collection.  It's in the kitchen and by the cooking area so the purpose has changed.  There is nothing in this shelf that doesn't have a story...except for the cornmeal and tea(and they're not talking).  This wall connects to the organ wall with a bar in between.
An old wardrobe I bought years ago,
topped with Hubby's gone-now-job cerificates,
Mom's lamp, MIL's flowers,
 a bowl of rocks and a dog. 
I asked the other day,
How many old Mason Jars do you need?
I guess the answer is five.
These are filled with old silverware I have found,
an ivory letter opener
and broken glass.
The horse came from a junk shop.
The shelf is my pantry.
Now, here is some really strange! The old window was a gift from my daughter, the picture has been around for years, and more accomplishments of Hubby's are above.

Now you've seen the heart of me, aren't you frightened???

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bad Pictures Of Good Horses...

The rain made them happy,
happy enough to run,
and buck,
and run and buck some more!
Felt like Bonanza to me...
as they returned to get a scratch.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Looks Like Snow...

but it was only frost
on my windshield.
Some of the doors were frozen shut
from last night's rain.
I started my car to warm
and snapped some pictures.
My window sticker looks like Charme.
My license plate was dirty,
but I am grateful we have had rain
 to make mud.
I decided I must be a nut,
since this is my post today.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Red Berries and Raindrops...

green grass,
orange leaves,
and winter's beauty...

Just a few things I am blessed
to experience.
Thank you, friends.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Beauty In The Ordinary...

An old number three wash tub with ice,
a rainbow of color,
in mixed leaves,
and the intricate beauty of a sweet gum ball.
Some days it's harder to find beauty...
it's always there, if we just look.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grandma's Organ

Grandma Pruett's organ moved today.  It was in my sitting area, now it resides in a more proper place of honor in my huge dining room.  Now many of you may think, this is a strange place for an organ but not for our dining room.

The kitchen/dining room is where we always gather, at least, the woman congregate here, the men leave when their bellies are full.  We gather around the large hand made table of Mom and Dad's and visit.

Today Bev and I did some major rearranging and thinning...yes, thinning!!!  It was time.  Even though we live in an old large farm house, there were too many things...too much past.  We packed some boxes full of things that I could live without, things that no longer made my heart sing, and things we no longer used.  The past two days, we have packed eleven, yes, eleven, wonderful full boxes of THINGS.

Know I am not a hoarder, especially not like those on TV.  My things were organized and artfully displayed...just too many.  How many blue glass canning jars do you really need??  How many cookie jars?  How many cannister sets?  On and on, we sorted.

Simplify, simplify!  I don't want to spend my years dusting things I really don't LOVE.  If it did not bring a smile, a memory or a good feeling, it went into a box, all cleaned, wrapped and packed and taken to the shop.

Beverly asked what theme or direction do you want to go in here?  I thought and thought and believe I came up with a new one...Country Comfortable.  So Grandma's organ holds the place of honor and mother's old quilt cabinet is now the pantry full of home canned goods by Marcy.

Today I am five bar stools lighter.  Today I am one couch and one love seat lighter.  Today I am eleven boxes of treasures lighter.  Today my spirit soars because by letting go, I have grown. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Yesterday my friend stopped at work and brought me Dr Pepper and a chocolate bar with a picture of puppies on it.  She told me I only needed chocolate, not a real dog.

Then she kidnapped me for my birthday.  She called my home and left a message, Kidnapped Gail, no ransom involved, will return her sometime later...I am taking her to celebrate her birthday.

My friend would not take no for an answer and off we went.  She took me out to eat and to Walmart and even drove me by the dog pound for my puppy fix...but the gate was locked and I could see no dogs...she planned it that way.

We went to her favorite place to eat, Cowboy's Barbeque and we had the most wonderful peanut butter pie for dessert.

Was released before bedtime, Hubby and Andrew had me more chocolate.  Both my daughers had told me Happy Birthday earlier and it was good to hear from them.  My friend Anna emailed me and I had cards in the mail.  Also this afternoon, Marcy hauled a bag of goodies over.  Bev said I'm not giving you anything...while she cleaned my house!!

I guess turning fifty-six was a pretty good deal...I made out like a bandit!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Attempt At Fiction...

She stood on a high outcropping of the stone quarry that existed before her memories began, admiring the beauty of the water, a peace enveloped her that had been absent for a very long time.

The cliff where she stood was high and the water's depth had been guessed at over a hundred feet.  People used to dive and swim here but that, too, was long ago. 

The water called to her weakness, promising a release.

She sat, crying into shaking hands while she reviewed her life and saw only emptiness.  As the sun dipped below the horizon, she discovered she held no desire for life to continue.  There has been love and laughter, but that too, was long ago.

The dark waters beckoned as she slowly walked to the edge, stepping off the cliff as easily as stepping down one step of a long stairwell. She exhaled as much as possible before the water closed over her head, drifting down, she inhaled deeply.  Liquid cold filled her lungs with no effort from her to dispel the water.

Her eyes remained open as she slowly sank.  Peace, at last, and in her death, she realized she was no longer alone.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Both Wore Brown...

and blended well with the pre-winter landscape.  As we walked, the leaves that had fallen during the last hard freeze covered the ground and crunched beneath our feet.

We were brown with brown around us with accents of gray, black and white but it was mostly brown...brown and peaceful.

Summer was gone.

The walk was short, the air crisp.  We returned to a brown house and walked in...into a world filled with bright artifical color.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts...

I had a post planned for this morning but I woke to the sound of rain and was so excited, my plan went out the window.  We are so dry, any rain will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.  I was beginning to think I was going to experience the Dust Bowl Dad always talked about.

There is nothing like the sound of sweet, slow rain falling outside my window.  I know every drop is soaking into the ground.  This is music!

I am dreaming of retirement but so far, only a dream.  Hubby will have no job by the end of November, the first time in his life he has had no job.  I think he is planning on being my Sugar Baby while I continue to work.  I am already compiling a Honey-Do list...I am on my third page, very full, tightly written pages!

You who know me well, also know I have an obsession with animals, particularly dogs and horses.  I have been chewing on a plan to raise dogs...I know, I know, there are millions of strays who need a home!  I am speaking of something that will bring income where it is needed.

I do love the terriers, heck, I love all breeds, but the terrier has always fascinated me.  I did my research and decided Border terriers...not too common around here, a calmer terriers, little grooming, a working dog, very few health problems, good with children, da, da, da... Well, I can't even touch one for less that $1500!! and sometimes that does not come with breeding rights.  I could buy three horses or cows with that kind of money!!!

I don't want to raise lap dogs, I want to raise a small working, intelligent dog that is an easy keeper, easily trained, and with a great attitude that can be a lap dog if you want it to be.

I am looking at Cairn, Scotties, Norwiches, and Borders.  Wish me luck or talk me out of it...your choice.

It is still raining so nothing will dampen my spirits today.  I must go wake the crew to begin their day.

Monday, November 15, 2010


is undressing for winter,
although some colors still hold on.
Protected mums remind us of the beauty
that will be again.
One sweet potato plant yields much,
but the ground is hard and dry for digging.
The winter radishes are almost gone
and the snow peas are eaten by deer.
The sunrises are beautiful
showing bare trees.
The  plants dressed in frost,
dream of spring.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Undressed With Horses...

Stepping out in my gown,
I had no idea someone was watching,
I had not combed my hair,
the horses didn't care.
I'll have to watch for paparazzi next time.
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