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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sharing Some Strange...

When you enter someone's home, I believe you see part of their soul.  Tonight, I bear my soul to you.  Be kind.  I never buy anything new unless it's electronics.  I love pieces with history...I love creating.  So open the door and take a peek.  
Chest and side table...yard sale years ago, lamp from Aunt Evah, painting by me, cedar wood cookie with old door knob to hang my purse on, made by me.  Weird chicken, junk store.  This is where I come home, empty my pockets, lose the ID from work and become myself.
I have been thinning and purging but not completely there yet.  Aunt Evah's chair, FIL's railroad spike barrel, my arrow heads under a glass round topped with an cedar and iron wood lamp made by Dad, lampshade revamped with paint and glitter by me.   Old boots...Hubby.
You saw Granny's organ last week, now the decorations are complete.  Top, an old piano or tv lamp and three old flat irons from the family; shelf, left to right holds a yard sale vase, Hubby's cerificate, his dad's old tools, my yard sale fruit bowl (I did buy the grapes new) an old picture and rocks.  The final level holds a family photo and a Santa I received for my birthday.  Ignore the card board boxes under the bar, please, we are filling them next week.
These shelves were designed for Mom and Dad's bottle collection.  It's in the kitchen and by the cooking area so the purpose has changed.  There is nothing in this shelf that doesn't have a story...except for the cornmeal and tea(and they're not talking).  This wall connects to the organ wall with a bar in between.
An old wardrobe I bought years ago,
topped with Hubby's gone-now-job cerificates,
Mom's lamp, MIL's flowers,
 a bowl of rocks and a dog. 
I asked the other day,
How many old Mason Jars do you need?
I guess the answer is five.
These are filled with old silverware I have found,
an ivory letter opener
and broken glass.
The horse came from a junk shop.
The shelf is my pantry.
Now, here is some really strange! The old window was a gift from my daughter, the picture has been around for years, and more accomplishments of Hubby's are above.

Now you've seen the heart of me, aren't you frightened???


tberry29 said...

I love your shelf and pantry and your jars...I have a small collection myself. Nothing strange about any of it...I like it all, my kinda stuff! ; )


Love it all ! Hubby and I also love old things with history ! Have a great day !

Queen-Size funny bone said...

not at all scared actually I feel a sisterhood. Mine is a old farm house 1825 so I love anything old and I don't throw much out.

Teresa aka JW said...

Aww, loved the tour. I loved it all. From the bowl of rocks to your BEAUTIFUL PAINTING (what a gift you have) to the furniture. Good job.


Yaya' s Home said...

With the exception of pro'lly a few hun'erd miles or so, we could live on neighboring acreage. I love alla' your treasures AND the ways you've displayed 'em. SUCH talent!

~ Yaya

carolina nana said...

Love it,love it, I'm always glad to see some one else's house that looks like mine. Those aren't things ,they are memories !!!
Blessings to you

Rusty said...

Well done - but somehow not the least scarey. ATB!

Rachel said...

It's not at all scary! I think "cozy" is the more appropriate word! You have a lovely home. :)

Nezzy said...

Ahhh, thank you for sharin' your heart and your home, both beautiful sweetie!

Have a blessed day my friend! :o)

~Tonia said...

Old stuff is much more interesting than new most of the time!Lol I am alway sbringing home someones junk according to hubby....But it must be catching because he does it too!Lol

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Very cute. Though I decorate a bit more modern, I have been looking for older things to use as photo props. Neat stuff you can find!

Rudee said...

I like it all, but then I'm not surprised. I just knew the interior of your home would be warm, inviting and full of history.

I kind of like those skillets on the wall. Something tells me they're well seasoned.

Rob said...

Hi Gail, I like the picture on the wall that says, 'you don't get overtime you just get oven time'! Not that I believe that should be the way of things of course. Thatnks for the comment on my blog, the floor under the carpet is concrete os just needs to be dried which will take about a week with the fans on it.

Janice said...

Loved the tour of your home and heart. Nothing frightening about it at all. I think one would feel very welcome at your place.

allhorsestuff said...

I think that IF I did that, as you have-shared your wonderful home here...it may have the effect of knowing company is coming! I'd clean up my act!
WOW! I do love the way you live, and only 5 mason jars?? How about 3 in each room, is my motto. The 3 in the bathroom attop the hutch, are that neat pale green color with Zink lids. They hold Q-tips, shavers,cotton balls. The 3 on the counter in the kitchen hold dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. the 3 in the pantry(that's another room isn't it?) hold oats,coffee, and fructose. I can go on an on...I LOVE BALL and MASON JARS!

You're style is perfectly wonderful!
Strange is someone that has all new items and trades them in- every year- for more all new items(in my book)

Sarah said...

how cool to see your house!! It shows your personality - warm,quirky,thoughtful.love it & love you!!
ps thank you for your kind words.I know you visit that dark place too sometimes & I wanted you to know I am fine & dandy again now xx

Nora said...

I especially like the entry into your house. That makes a big statement. You got it exactly right.

Vickie said...

Nope, not scared at all. Home is what you make it. I can see it's made with love and memories and all the things that have meaning and are precious to you. Home is just YOU. I hope my home reflects me, too.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Frightened? You've GOT to be kidding. It's....home. Pure American home!!!

Chickadee said...

I love old furniture, regardless of whether or not it is considered an "antique" I bet I'd spend hours looking and exploring in your house. I would love it.

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