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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts...

I had a post planned for this morning but I woke to the sound of rain and was so excited, my plan went out the window.  We are so dry, any rain will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.  I was beginning to think I was going to experience the Dust Bowl Dad always talked about.

There is nothing like the sound of sweet, slow rain falling outside my window.  I know every drop is soaking into the ground.  This is music!

I am dreaming of retirement but so far, only a dream.  Hubby will have no job by the end of November, the first time in his life he has had no job.  I think he is planning on being my Sugar Baby while I continue to work.  I am already compiling a Honey-Do list...I am on my third page, very full, tightly written pages!

You who know me well, also know I have an obsession with animals, particularly dogs and horses.  I have been chewing on a plan to raise dogs...I know, I know, there are millions of strays who need a home!  I am speaking of something that will bring income where it is needed.

I do love the terriers, heck, I love all breeds, but the terrier has always fascinated me.  I did my research and decided Border terriers...not too common around here, a calmer terriers, little grooming, a working dog, very few health problems, good with children, da, da, da... Well, I can't even touch one for less that $1500!! and sometimes that does not come with breeding rights.  I could buy three horses or cows with that kind of money!!!

I don't want to raise lap dogs, I want to raise a small working, intelligent dog that is an easy keeper, easily trained, and with a great attitude that can be a lap dog if you want it to be.

I am looking at Cairn, Scotties, Norwiches, and Borders.  Wish me luck or talk me out of it...your choice.

It is still raining so nothing will dampen my spirits today.  I must go wake the crew to begin their day.



I think your idea is wonderful ! why not do what your heart desires ya only live once, arent terriers yappy and hunting dogs more then farm working dogs they are chasers arent they just asking. Either way I hope you live your dream as you want to, best of luck to you , you go girl, as for your hubby is he retiring ! I hope he didnt loose his job that would be a shame ! Great to hear of the rain there I to love the sound of a gental rain so nice it is ! Have a great day !

Nezzy said...

Hey sweetie, I sure don't want to be a downer here but please do plenty of homework before ya go into the dog business. Both my Brother-in-law and daughter have had experience here and both no longer in the business. I'd sure hate to see you get into a financial delima at this point in your life. Just sayin'....'cause I care!

Ahhhh, I'm so glad ya got enough rain to pitty-pat! I got all excited this morn' when water dripped of the roof on my head while grabbin' a log for the fireplace. I ran outside like a giddy school girl with a crush after the quarterback star to look at the rain gauge.....dang if it didn't even cover the bottom of it.

Hopefully, it'll prime us for the good one! :o)

God bless your wonderfully damp day!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh the sound of the rains, tis like a sweet repose for those dreams and sought after desires~

Carol............. said...

Life's funny, huh? We just left Washington State's rain for the winter. But I tell you after a few weeks in Arizona my heart aches to hear the sound of raindrops....... especially when its drumming on the metal barn roof while I'm visiting my horses...it will be a long winter here!

I used to raise Norwegian Elkhounds and it was a lot of work and can be costly with vet bills...there really didn't seem to be much money in it but overall it was a lot of fun. You know...the smell of new puppies? LOL

Give it a try and see how it works for you. Although I'm partial to big dogs...those Scotties are really cute!

When I get back to blogging after Thanksgiving I'd like give you a big thanks on my first post (and a link to your page) for all the seeds! Let me know if this is OK.

LindaG said...

Sorry to hear about the hubby. Hope it's a good reason that he will be out of work.

Hubby and I are planning our retirement as best we can.

Not sure about the dog part, but if that's what you decide you want to do, then good luck!

The Golden Eagle said...

Rain--it's wonderful, isn't it?

Rudee said...

Don't waste the margins on your honey-do list. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

My father got into dog breeding to make some extra cash...it turned into a terrible ordeal for the dogs and family members. I don't think you would ever put money before the animals themselves, as he did. I think if you go into it with the desire to better the breed and with a true love of the dogs involved, you will be successful. I just wish my dad had the same attitude. But I say, GO GIRL! :) Do what makes you happy. If it's meant to happen, the finances will fall into place.
As for the rain... I miss rain. In alaska, it's either snow or nothing. If it weren't for the snow, we would probably be a desert. :)

Rob said...

I think if you have a dream you should go for it. I would love to raise Border Collies but I doubt I would make any money out of it cos I'd end up keeping them all LOL!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

congrats on the rain... we have hada little too much over here!!!!!!
as for border terriers ...... you cant go wrong with a terrier!!!! belive me!

Silver said...

Ah .. the sweet sound of rain! It's the sound of hope, renewal and life!

btw... thanks for your persistence in finding me even though blogger sometimes think i don't exist... ;D


An English Shepherd said...

Our small Terrier, Chip who is a rough coated Patterdale would tick all your boxes. But he is a one off ;-) He probably has Border Terrier in him somewhere!

(and was found abandoned so was free...)

Not sure its an easy way to make money raising dogs. But good luck.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I raised Shelties a long time ago..it is a good thing I didn't count on it to make an income as there was more outgo than income.

Something that I have noticed..a small kennel that boards dogs and grooms them and takes really good care of them so that they get repeat customers might be worth a thought.
Organic meat seems to be big in some areas and meat goats..but I like goats way too much to eat them:)

Pat said...

Anything to do with dogs and you can make money at? I say go for it! It will make you happy! You are great with dogs and I think it would be a great fit.

Pyatshaw said...

We call that puppy farming here but often the conditions under which the dogs are kept are horrendous. It's very much frowned on in UK.
By the way, some "lap dogs" are very intelligent!

IanH said...

I just flipped over from The Old Geezer's Blog as I was concerned about your "loss of your dreams". When I read your post, I found that you haven't lost them, but are just refocusing. Dream on, and make it happen!
Hope you don't mind if I follow along for a while?

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