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Friday, July 30, 2010

Just My Opinion...WARNING: RANT

I may be sticking my neck out just to get it chopped off. The nice thing about America, I can offer you my figurative neck and you can figuratively chop it off...and that's okay.  In my America, opinions are okay and allowable. There is no such animal as political correctness.  We have ridden this horse too long!  Why have we become a nation that is so afraid to voice our opinion that we are becoming  yes men with no voice of our own???

The subject is the influx of illegal aliens and Arizona's right to enforce an federally mandated law and my opinion on that subject.

I may not have all the facts straight but that is what opinions are basically about...a comment on what you know of a subject.  I personally try to arm myself with information before I feel I can adequately state an opinion.  If I am wrong on that, please point it out.  Speak up people, this is your America!!!

It seems the federal government is suing Arizona about the state's right to enforce an immigration law that is established.  My first question is how can the federal government condemn the enforcement of their own law?

Can anyone say the state has no right to decide who enters the country through the corridor of their state? This is a law and they choose to enforce it.  It is not racial profiling.  There is a problem here.  We are required as American people to carry identity with us.  Our driver's licence is a must for daily living and if that is not available we have state issued ids.  Many companies require additional id to enter the area of employment.  We are a nation that runs on identification. 

Would I be upset if I were asked to show ID because I am blue-eyed...yes.  Would I be upset when my neighbor is killed by people coming into our country uninvited...yes.  Would I be upset when my family land is so trashed by trespassers that I can't even use said land...yes. Would I be upset that my own children cannot find employment because of the use of illegal aliens...yes.  Would I be upset that same said aliens received government assistance and far better housing than I can afford working two jobs...yes.

Please do not misunderstand.  We are a nation of immigrants and should be proud of that.  My own ancestors not four generations back came through Ellis Island proudly.  They worked hard, they learned English, they obeyed the laws and had a dream.  They became Americans...not Irish-Americans, not English-Americans, not African-Americans, not any hyphenated Americans in the bunch.  They simply became Americans. And that, my people, if you haven't figured it out, is the way it is supposed to be.

Leave Arizona alone!  They are only enforcing a law that is in place.  I have a suggestion, if Arizona is so bad, MOVE.

I will apologize in advance for those I have offended, not for the act of  offending but rather for hurting your feelings.  I am not very good at being politically correct.  Many of you may be surprised that this farmer's daughter has a political opinion.  I have always been taught that if you can't say anything nice, keep your mouth shut.  I have also been taught to be a proud American and stand up for what I believe.


Farming Is A Community Venture

We are a collective,
a total sum of our parts,
If it cannot be done by one,
It is accomplished with help by all.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WELL..Let Me Tell You Something

I am sure you are familiar with this line since I did tell you once, this is how I began all my great tales.  Today there was a cloud over WalMart and usually that is my money you see floating away in that cloud.  Today was different, today I made a difference, today I still spent money but I left feelling good about myself.  Today I probably could have been arrested.

I had dropped Dalton and Andrew at the movies while I ran to Walmart. I quickly filled my buggy knowing I had to be back at the movies to pick up the boys.  Fast Forward to check out. 

I rarely have good luck at choosing a fast moving line and was expecting nothing more or less today.  Two men, one item, hurray!  Quickly rolled my five hundred pound buggy, mostly cat/dog food, behind them.  Another person joined me...now we have a line.  Well, it ain't moving!

Why, WHY, Why, did you ask?  Well, let me tell you something!!!  The gentleman in front of me, and I use that term loosely, was talking rudely to the check out lady.  Now, normally, I let people deal with their own problems unless they ask for my help. 

Not this time, no siree, not this time.  I politely suggested to the G-man, Hey, it's not her fault, back off!  His snappy little beady blood-shot eyes turned and focused on me.  First let me mention, I do not judge people's appearance only their actions, I only add the description now for dramatic effect.  The poor clerk was cowering and trying every thing in her power to calm this man down.  He had purchased a router and they would not accept it as a return, so we know by my previous experience if electronics would not take it as a return there was a valid reason.  Poor Clerk tried to explain this, Beady eyes was not listening but the whole world was listening to him because he was yelling.

Anyway, as I was saying, his beady eyes snapped my way and he said I'm not saying its her fault.  I said, Sure sounds like it to me.  She is just doing  her job.  Leave her alone.  He said, I just want to talk to a manager and I said take it the service desk.  I was calm and assertive just like the Dog Whisperer has trained me to be.  I truly think this man was suffering from "Small Dog Syndrome" something we all have been warned about often.

WELLLLL, he did not like my casual observations one tiny bit.  At this point, the line behind me cleared out, I felt like I was in an old west saloon and we were fixinta have a shoot out. 

The manager was there, another fine lady, and was also trying to avoid a scene and trying to calm his outraged asinine attitude.  So now we have two nice ladies, one loud obnoxious ass and me.

The discussion has turned to the price of the new router he brought to the front.  I know the cheapest one has been 69.95 and that is what this one rang up to be.  Not according to MR YELL To Make Myself Look Bigger thought.  They were on a shelf, a whole stack of them, and they were 29.95 and according to Craphead Law, that is the price it should be.

The poor manager and clerk were looking desperate and a little scared. Now, I tend to defend  helpless creatures and humans in need are no different. I was fed up.

Sir, I said, do you have anything else to check out, as he is dancing his little irate body around.  He stops and says NO.  Sir, I said, I suggest, you move on out and let us get on with business.  He started to say something and I interrupted and said, Have a nice day, Sir. Goodbye.  He stomped, he mumbled, he turned circles and you could tell he was wanting to really start something.  I stepped forward and started unloading my stuff.  He said something I could not hear, of course, too afraid to say it to my face!  I looked up and he said I'll have a nice day alright,  I said, I certainly hope you do, Sir.

The bad man exits.  The store security arrives, a little late, if you ask me.  He asks if he can help and both ladies say, no, this lady has already taken care of it.  The security guard smiles and says, ma'am don't work me outta a job.  He thanks me, the manager thanks me, the clerk comes out and  hugs me, almost crying and thanks me!!!!  They said you told him exactly what we wanted to but couldn't. I said I bet he beats his wife and the manager said, if it has one!  I said I have experience.  I work for the public too.  Today I was on this side of the counter and I got to say what I wanted to say.

I am thinking I need to get back on drugs or no one will be safe. 

A Border Collie Adventure

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Official...

I am fat!!!

Doctor is concerned with my weight gain, well, so am I, little man.  I came here because my feet are hot, not for you to tell me I am fat.  Well, to give him credit, he did not say it right out.  It was something like, "Gail, I am a little concerned about the weight gain(five pounds in six months).  Is there anything different going on?"

Weren't you listening??  My feet are hot!  So hot I can't stand it. I don't think this condition would cause me to graze the all night buffet in doughnut country but maybe this why my feet are hot.  I AM FAT.

Kinda puts my health perspective right where it belongs, doesn't it?  What about blood pressure, thyroid disease, congestive heart failure, kidney stones or anything else besides I AM FAT. 

This suave handsome young man with a body of steel and a medical degree has stated his concern. 

Now, here is my concern, no, my promise to you, Dr FIT AS A FIDDLE.  I will be back and I will watch you grow old and droop in all the wrong places.  I will witness your tumble into the vast hole of  junkfooddom and I will laugh...ha!  Then I will voice my concern about your weight gain and ask you if there is anything different in your life.


The word means nothing.  It was a word verification and I like the sound of it so here it is, teedifus, teedifus, doesn't it sound magical?

How creative do you expect me to be?  I woke early and tried to capture the moon for you.  I shall need a better camera or a bigger net because I was not very successful. 

The sounds were as beautiful as the sight.  The stillness of the night before the roosters began their attack on the day is my favorite time.  I hear the frogs singing for rain.  In the distance,  a tiny hoot owl was serenading the darkness.  I could also hear the freshly released Cicadas playing their violins.  The stillness of the night should last longer.

I took many shots and I would call none of them successful but here are my attempts at capturing the moon for you.

I played with auto adjust which is the extent of my photo editing talent.  If I were a ghost watcher, I might wonder about the orbs but it was probably hundreds of biting mosquitoes circling because they smelled meat. 

It could have been my many ancestors.  I can hear them now. 

What the hell is she doin'? 

Tryin' to take a picture, what does it look like she's doin'?

Well, she's crazy, there's no light, her camera's not good enough, why would she try?

Stubborn runs on your side of the family...I think stupid does too!  Didn't get that from my side!

I was enjoying it more when they weren't talking.

Don't Ask Me Why...

but for some reason I have been thinking about sayings I have heard and used all my life.  I thought these were commonly used.  Imagine my surprise when people asked about them.  Although some of these commonly used phrases have violent content, they were never carried through.

How'd you like to not see me for three days?  Take that long for the swelling to go down.

I'm gonna rip off your arm and beat you with the bloody end of it.

Gonna knock a knot on your head, big enough for a bull calf to suck on.

I'm gonna knock you into next week and you'll miss the weekend.

He would argue with a fence post.

Not worth the powder to blow them to hell.

Not worth the salt in his bread.

Happy as a pig in a mud hole.

Nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Madder than a wet hen.

Best thing since sliced bread.

Slow as the seven year itch.

Who put the burr under your saddle blanket?

Could talk the horns off a billy goat.

Can heal a crack in a fence post.

Ugly in the cradle, pretty in the saddle.

More scared than a cat on a coon hunt.

Meaner than a one-eyed snake

I could probably go on forever but I will not.  I enjoy using these colorful phrases, sometimes just plain English doesn't serve the purpose. When I think about it, it is kinda sad that it takes so little to entertain me.

What is your favorite off the wall saying or description?

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Sunday Morning Walk

I ventured into less traveled territory.  It almost seemed prehistoric.  The quiet was loud as I walked, just me and the dogs.  I chose a fork of a dry creek that I had not traveled since spring.  Overgrown and not dry, it was cooler in the depths of the wash.
The dogs enjoyed the hidden pools.  They cooled as they adventured.  The dry creek held pockets of water from the last rain.  In the ravine, you would not know the land is dry. There were many signs that wildlife came to drink here.
 ...a small armadillo skull on a mossy rock
and more crooks and crannies to explore.
The boys loved the adventure.
We must have startled a deer.  In front of my properly attired feet is a very fresh deer print. 

The journey was a success and although the way was overgrown, we met no snakes nor saw any danger.  The briars tugged at us, the dogs and me, but we pushed on in the coolness of the earth and the quiet of the land.

We reentered the land of sun and heat and insects and wondered why we had left the coolness of the creek.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Like A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof...

I used to say that a lot in the drawl of  Maggie.  It was such a dramatic play but I was too young to understand the undercurrents.   I would not have paced and drawled the phrase so much if I had understood the implications.  Tennesse Williams did an outstanding job with a play that is timeless in meaning. 

I still feel like a cat on a hot tin roof but not because I am sexually frustrated nor because I have a lot of anger.  It is because it is hotter than hell!

If jumping off the roof would help as suggested by Brick in the play, I would be gathering my muscles to jump.  Trouble is, it is as hot on the ground as it is on the roof!

Southern Comfort In A Jelly Glass

No time is a bad time for sweet tea.  When the temperatures are triple digits and every thing you have is dripping with sweat, make a glass of sweet tea for comfort.
It tastes of memories,
of clear summer days,
and rope swings over the creek.
Dreams seem closer with sweet tea.
You may travel to exotic places
or stay at home.
Sweet tea tastes of friendships,
old and new.
I drink a toast of friendship
to all that I may meet
I drink a toast of kindness
to all of those who seek.

May your summer be merry,
 your waters flow cool and deep
May your glass never be empty
and may your tea be sweet.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Touch...Part Two

There were changes as she grew. People talked of her loving kindness, way beyond what was normal. 

They began to notice more, extreme things and stranger things, far from what was considered normal.  A wounded bear had entered the settlement and as they ran for protection, the young lady approached the bear with open hands.  Her hands glowed, as the telling was told, and she softly, gently touched the bear.  Holding her hands over the wound,  a light glowed and the observers talked of a heat that radiated from her hands. 

The bear suddenly rose to his high legs, the people feared for the young lady's life, she smiled and the bear returned to all fours and walked into the woods.

This incident changed the people.  While in awe of her healing powers, they now were also afraid.   If she has such healing powers in her hands, would she not have equal deadly powers? 

The cattle became sick and although the young lady nursed them back to health, the people also whispered that maybe she was the responsible one. 

The old midwife tried to reason with the villagers and tell them what a fine gift they had with her healing powers.  The people, all in one way or another,  had been touched by the healing hands but now, they feared them.   Small groups met around the nightly fires and talked of danger and no longer talked of dreams.

The end of times was near.  The gift of the child of light was no longer important,  The fear took front position. 

The midwife, the young lady and her family gathered for protection.  They waited.  The knock came with muted voices and angry rumblings.  The group was greeted but there was no reasoning left in them.  They were crazed by their glimpse and fear of the unknown.

A shot rang out and the midwife fell..  The child, the wonderful gifted child she helped enter this world, ran to her as another shot was fired.  The young lady, the giver of life, the bearer of light, lay along side the midwife.  As the family struggled to break the hold of the angry mob, they cried out for the child and the woman they loved.

Silence filled the room as the settlers became ashamed by the horror of what they had done.  The Healer reached her hand toward the lady who had helped give her life.  "... for you" she softly whispered as her hands radiated  the healing light and warmth.

The midwife cried softly as the light left the healer's eyes and she, herself, began to heal.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Touch...Part One

The midwife knew at her birth, there was something special about this girl child.  It was not mentioned as the child was cleaned and laid in her mother's arms.  The Truth would show itself in its own time.  That is all the midwife needed to know and it made her smile as she carried the wash to the kettle heating in the side yard.

The birth had not been easy.  There were times the midwife doubted, just for a moment, the whole thing would end well.  Now, she hummed under her breath with the excitement of the future as she busied herself with mothering chores around the birth room.

The crisp November moon shot a beam through the uncurtained window, the midwife took this as a sign.  The beam had traveled across the room and now rested, embracing the child in its light.  There seemed to be equal light emanating from the child but no one saw, because the family rested after the long hard earned entrance into this world.

Years had passed since the birth of the girl child.  She grew in beauty and in grace.  Evey person who met this child felt the better for it and could not tell the why.  The midwife, still in her life, knew what treasure was growing and contented herself in the watching of it.

The child was a child of light.  It was in her eyes and her hair and in her hands.  Not only were people drawn to this magical child but so were the beasts of burden and the beasts of night.  In a world where pets had not entered yet, the working animals, the food animals, the wild animals were also drawn to her.  It did not strike the child as odd when in her play,  a deer might enter the glade and lay down beside her.  At night people had seen a lone wolf circle the tiny cabin and slip away in the darkness having caused no harm.

No questions were raised at the oddity of this.   The times made these things acceptable.  The entire settlement loved this child of light and did not think it strange that the animals sought her company also.

Time passed as it always does.  The child was growing into a young lady....

This N That

Marcy's plants are thriving despite the heat.  The bugs are well fed here as you can tell from the leaves.  Our variety of insects has been amazing this year.  I have seen many I did not know and many that are old friends.  All are doing well.  I have never been bitten by such a variety of insects.  I hope they are serving a purpose because that Sevin Dust is looking awfully tempting  to me.
The wild honey bees are making a come back and that is wonderful.  Dad used to raise bees and we always had the sweetest honey.  If you enlarge this, you can see the bees are heavy with pollen.
A small water fall in Marcy's yard is lovely to behold.  Makes me a little cooler just to see it but I swear, my sweat was sweating last evening!
Even the frogs are moving indoors to beat the heat.  Marcy found this tiny tree frog when she was watering her house plants.  Still don't know how he got in but he's no dummy, Marcy has the AC on.

I am working on sick again.  Allergies turned to coughs and bronchitis with no way to get off and see a doctor.  Just dedicated, I guess. I have always thought there was a thin line between dedication and stupidity.
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