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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who Forgets The Fireworks???

It had been long planned for the grandsons to enjoy the fireworks.  We THOUGHT it was Sunday night we were sadly mistaken.  It was last night and we missed it, here's your sign!

So Andrew played a concert for us as my camera battery died. I turned my camera to fit Andrew in the screen and I can't figure how to rotate it.  Would you say I should have stayed in bed today?! So tilt your head and join me in being thankful I did not have to work with sharp knives. (I have waited two hours for this video to upload and no luck.  You will  have to make do with stills.)
Andrew said it was his biggest crowd since the science fair.  I am so pleased Andrew has accomplished all this without a lesson.  He simply wanted to play and he made it happen.
Zander was dancing but every time I tried to get a shot, he stopped, of course. 
Jake was singing.  Aunt Bevie was clapping while Mom and Nana enjoyed the concert .

It may have not been shooting rockets but we could see the stars!


Anonymous said...

What an entertaining fourth of July you had! (I use You Tube to download videos onto blogger. There is just no way to do it using blogger alone.)


Nora said...

You have goodlooking grandsons. I bet people have told you that already.

Anonymous said...

I can not even sign on to my blog so trying to fix something I know nothing about...Gail

Grammy said...

Sound like a blast. The kids are growing up fast.

Pat said...

How sweet! What better way to spend the fourth than with your grandsons around you?

Rural Rambler said...

I think it sounds like a great 4th of July celebration Gail. I like the new look here too. Geesh, I am away from a computer for a few days and look at all the good stuff I miss here!

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