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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today I Celebrate Independence

After many years of listening to doctors instead of my common sense, I am drug free.  I imagine how wonderful it must feel to addicts to reach this plateau.  Today I celebrate independence from drugs.
I finally found a doctor that uses good sense and is open minded about treatment.  He was shocked by what the past doctors had me taking.  Zanax and Lexapro! 
I should never have listened and should have followed my own motto of  "Get over it".  I was lured into the world of medicine by the very people who benefit from my continuing need.  What ever happened to healing for healing's sake?

Zanax was used for anxiety...I often had chest pains.  I soon discovered it helped me sleep so those were taken in the evenings.  I was supposed to take two a day but I am a cheap date. It does not take much to affect me so I cut my intake to just one before bedtime.

I have taken these for years, it seems.  This is the one Doc really was worried about.  He said sometimes when you stop taking these, you have seizures.  Funny how they never tell you that stuff when they recommend it.

I know we are adults and are supposed to read the side effects.  I found out long ago, if I read the side effects I will not take any medicine at all.

To make a long story short, I lessened the dosage by half for about a week and then stopped all together.  I am sure this method would not have pleased my present doctor but, hey, it worked.

I have a clarity now that I have not had in a very long time.  I wake and there is no coming awake period, it is immediate.  For a while I did have trouble sleeping.  Now, I know I do not require as much sleep as I thought.  The sleep I have is very refreshing and renewing.

This also marks the third week of no Lexapro.  So far, so good.  I have had a few moments when I tense and have to move around but that doesn't last long.

Drug free, Independence Day, indeed.  Now if I can just stop the cocaine and the crack...kidding!


Razzberry Corner said...

Congrats!!! Happy July 4th!!!

Razzberry Corner said...

Oh, forgot to mention- I like the new blog layout!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Happy Independence day dear one. Remember, Big G and I are out hear in blogville if you need anything at anytime. Spoke to her yesterday, she is not doing as well as you. The "coming off" and the "being off" are two different animals so keep that in mind too. I am so happy for you on this 4th. Yay for you.

Nora said...

Congratulations on being drug free, Gail. Gosh, that makes it sound like you were a drug addict. I'm glad you're off the medication. You did a fine job on your own. Hats off to you!

ellen abbott said...

Good for you. Some doctors are not healers, just pill pushers.

And, you know, it's normal to have spells when everything is not bright and cheery. they pass.

I like the new layout for your blog. Seems everybody is going over to the three column layout. Not me. I just don't have all the much I want to put on there.

Cara said...


sarah at secret housewife said...

Well done Gail. It takes courage to do what you have done.Happy Independence Day! S

Shanda said...

Your funny, glad to see you joking about it. Congrats on being off the prescribed medications. Some doctors are really pill pushers and yes they do get a kick back form all the drugs they dispense. There is a lot of cures out there for alot of our alliments, but they make so much more money managing them instead of curing them, diabetes is one of them. It's a gabillion dollar per year industry, why cure it I guess is how they see it. Stay strong, and God bless.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Boy oh boy...what a great post. I am now having trouble with Lipitor. Suddenly my ankles won't work and I nearly fall, and my wrists and the strengh in my hands etc. The 8th is my day for the doctor...and maybe I will no longer be on Lipitor. They did warn me however...but after five years I thought I was safe.
Not so, I guess.
You are right. It would be nice if they told you some of these things in the beginning..but it makes you wonder if THEY even knew.
I am glad you are off them. Really happy for you.
Happy Independence Day...on every count!! :)

carolina nana said...

Congratulations on taking your well being into your own hands. I am in total agreement that doctors make a lot of money by pushing pills whether you really need them or not. My husband nor I take any prescription drugs and at our age we are really lucky. We are now concerned with our son who has been on these pain killers for almost a month now.Help us pray that he can kick them and get his life back into his control.
Hope you have a wonderful 4th and many blessings to you.

Pat said...

They say that you should "wean" yourself off of the drugs - you cut the pills in half, so that was good. Doctor probably would have wanted you to do that a little longer, but, hey, it worked for you! I'm glad you're thinking with a "clear head" now, although does your family feel the same way? Ha ha!

Love what you did to your blog!

Why are you looking for a norwich terrier?

Chickadee said...

*HUG* Good for you. I didn't realize my doc was a pill pusher until I got a new doctor. I was also on Xanax for anxiety. And EEK I didn't realize you could have seizures when you quit. I quit cold turkey! (Well, sort of...I would often go 3-4 days without taking it)

Rudee said...

Ah yes, I know what you mean. Lexapro and I were not good friends. The xanax, used judiciously, is not bad, but can be an issue if used daily. I've had the same bottle since February and only use it when I'm feeling intensely anxious. Otherwise, I've turned my anxiety into knitting energy. It works for me.

Good luck with this.

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