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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Southern Comfort In A Jelly Glass

No time is a bad time for sweet tea.  When the temperatures are triple digits and every thing you have is dripping with sweat, make a glass of sweet tea for comfort.
It tastes of memories,
of clear summer days,
and rope swings over the creek.
Dreams seem closer with sweet tea.
You may travel to exotic places
or stay at home.
Sweet tea tastes of friendships,
old and new.
I drink a toast of friendship
to all that I may meet
I drink a toast of kindness
to all of those who seek.

May your summer be merry,
 your waters flow cool and deep
May your glass never be empty
and may your tea be sweet.


Farmchick said...

For sure...nothing better on a hot summer day! Come say hi... :)

Sunny said...

☼ Sunny

Kate said...

Now you're talkin' -- I was introduced to sweet tea when we were working with Habitat for Humanity on the coast after Katrina. I wish northerners would start making that stuff! :)

Shanda said...

I think someone could blind fold you and bring you to my house and you wouls still think you were right at home. I drink from those same glasses and some wide mouth 1/2 quart canning jars too, and that same mag is on my coffee table. My 30 yr old step son is in love with the big hairy footed black horses, i told him maybe he should start raising them if he loves them that much. It would sure be something different around here.

thank you for the compliment on riding. I don't feel like I ride good and I need all the confindence I can get. My husband says I don't ride good, only because I am not a trained rider. I grew up just 'riding'. I didn't know about leg pressure and cues, we just did what we did because thats how you ride. back then there wasn't a horse that I couldn't stay on....no not so much. I went 10 years with no riding, until this last year and I dove head first back into it.

Hope you have a wonderful week,

Rudee said...

May your tea be sweet, too.

ellen abbott said...

Um, when I read 'southern comfort', sweet tea was not the first thing that popped into my mind.

LindaG said...

Have a great week! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Can you mix some REAL Southern Comfort in my tea, please?

I'm afraid that I'm not a fan of sweet tea.
When we lived in South Carolina those 7 years, I drank my weight and then some in sweet tea.

They say Amercans take in over 125 pounds of sugar every year. I think Southerners take in double that amount just in sweet tea.

I swear when you got to a restaurant, instead of the waitress asking if you want sweet or unsweet, she should also you if you want some tea with your sugar.

Just how many teaspoons....I take that back....how many tablespoons....no that's still not quite right.....how many SHOVEL-fulls, of sugar are added to a pitcher of tea anyway?

I'm surprised my teeth didn't rot when I lived in SC. But I sure packed on the pounds!

Now, I drink lemon water with stevia. Zero sugar and zero calories....but nicely sweet...and cold on a hot summer day :)


ps Did you create that poem? I love it!

Nezzy said...

Hold the sugar please but I do like extra ice!

God bless :o)

Journaling Woman said...

Yayyyy sweet tea. There is nothing like it. I love tea - sweet or not. OH and I like the pillow (wink wink). Wouldn't it be great if we had a cold spell- say temps in the 80's?

Nora said...

I thought you meant Southern Comfort as in bourbon. Not that I ever drank the stuff. I've never had sweet tea either.

~Tonia said...

My husband says Sweet tea is an Elixir of the gods!! lol We drink about a gallon a day. Its as necessary as my morning cup of coffee!

Pat said...

My mom always made ice tea at home with sugar in it; but I'm not sure it's a sweet as the Southern Sweet Tea! Now I drink the diet green tea - not the same, I know.

But I'll raise my glass to you just the same.

Sandra said...

sweet tea, nectar of the deep south.. love this one, saw it down below your whirly gig

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