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Friday, July 16, 2010

Are You Ready To Ramble?!!

Many of you may have wondered why my posts have been off their regular schedule or you may not have noticed at all...but they have been because I was off this week!  Finally found someone to work for me Monday through Friday and I return to work tomorrow.  NO!!!  I don't want to go back.

So I have had five glorious days to do some things I have wanted/needed to do...that's right, that is what I truly believed when I had some time off.

Monday, I never even dressed, an all day PJ day with no schedule, no commitments, pure freedom.  I repaired the inner workings of two toilets and that was the height of my accomplishments.

Tuesday, I took Andrew and his friend to a matinee movie and that pretty much took care of that day.  We watched Predators, had popcorn and stopped for a Blizzard on the way home.  Then there was football practice.

Wednesday was physical and eye checkup day.  Another day that was filled with just enough stuff to avoid doing anything fun.

Thursday I ran away from home!  I went to Walmart in search of a second computer with wireless routing,  As much as I have tried to keep thirteen-year-old Andrew in the dark, word has reached him about Facebook.  The computer now, like the phone, is no longer available.  I bought a lap top and am taking it back today...don't like it. I guess I am a dyed-in-the-wool desk top person with no hope of converting.

Now to Friday, my final day off!  Have to take Andrew for a shot he must have before he is allowed to enter high school.  As much as I may think the government is inserting computer chips into the blood streams of our youth, I have no choice. It is too late for me to become a Christian Scientist, which is my only lawful protection against the inoculations.  We will go and wonder when the government will call in their chips.

Afterwards I will battle with the great leaders of Walmart to return my laptop...pray for them, if they don't talk right, they could be in danger.


Judy said...

OOHHH MAANNN...I've also been wondering about the chips...however, had not thought about the shots being the source...what are we going to do???

Journaling Woman said...

Don't give up on a laptop. It took me 2 weeks to get use to my laptop and I'm a Techie. Now I can't imagine sitting at my desktop. I'm just saying....

ellen abbott said...

Amazing how fast a week can go by and you didn't do any of the things you wanted to do.

Anonymous said...

Yep, times flies when you're having fun! Laptops are easy to use once you get use to them. You can even buy a mouse that plugs into your usb if you prefer to use a mouse. I've had my Mac laptop for two and a half years and it goes all over the house with me. Even outside on the porch or deck.

Enjoy the days you have left...do something for you!


LindaG said...

I love my laptop! It keeps me connected everywhere. :) Mostly, haha.
I would recommend you try Dell or Toshiba first. I've used both and been quite happy. (I always turn off the touch pad click thingy, though and hubby likes it, haha.)

Is home schooling an alternative for the boys?

I took my 25 year old to watch Despicable Me. It was great! ;)

You all have a good weekend! :)

Rusty said...

My desktop has been sitting idle for the last three years. A while back I had to 'rush out' and get an inexpensive laptop - (Second hand HP). I use it all the time. It's a little shy of memory - but it handles everything, including editing my digital photos. The keyboard takes getting used to - true. I also use a real mouse -I can't stand the pad type thing - but I will probably stick with a laptop for a long, long time.

Rural Rambler said...

Don't give up on the laptop Gail! Give it another chance. I love mine, so much easier to sit in a comfy chair or on the couch and read blogs :) Well I see a few problems with that declaration. Had to check out this post, I mean, "Ready To Ramble". Hell yeah!

Nezzy said...

Sounds like your week off was filled with many must dos. I think ya need another week off just to veg! :o)

BTW: no sugar in my tea, sorry....my bad!

Ya'll have a delightfully blessed weekend!!!

Rae said...

Good for you getting to have some time off from work - except it sounds like you have been plenty busy while on 'vacation'.
Like others said, don't give up on the laptop idea. You just haven't the found right one yet. I never thought I would like one, but now I have two and they are much much better than my old desktop.

Rudee said...

The beauty of the laptop is its portability. Maybe the one you got isn't quite right.

Jules said...

I agree with all the laptop comments, though for serious work I go to my Desktop. Give it a week anyway.

Do you think we could activate those chips ourselves when we need a response from these kids? Oh Yeah Baby, Momma can make you dance! LOL

Thanks for the lovely comment today, I'm glad we found each other. :)

Pamela said...

I've not liked any laptops I've used. just messes with my typing finger stance.

well -- let's hope there was no predator chip in that immunization.
(egads -- I could never watch that scary stuff)

(here to visit from Farside)

becky said...

all day pj days are the best! i like to do those on my days off, or at least until the afternoon! i've thought that about flu shots before... you never know.
glad you enjoyed your time off!

Nora said...

I can't say anything about laptops because I don't have one. I don't have a teenager who needs shots either. I'm sorry you didn't really get to enjoy your days off. That's a real bummer, and why make you go to work on Saturday? That stinks. I hope you manage to get another week off and really do nothing.

allhorsestuff said...

I am one that did not notice...I too have been absent and hit and miss.

Laptops...yea..well, I have been liking the one I use sometimes a bit more since I plugged in the mouse..that is a bit better for me.

PJ days...I crave them myself...maybe tomorrow..and Monday too! I have been going too fast.
Hope you put your feet up today and view your lovely country world ever changing around you!!!

I love your new look...

Pat said...

SO you had a "staycation" AT THE FARM. Sounds like a busy week!

I love my laptop! It is so convenient to take anywhere you feel like sitting - that is if you have WIFI hot spots around your place!

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