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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Touch...Part Two

There were changes as she grew. People talked of her loving kindness, way beyond what was normal. 

They began to notice more, extreme things and stranger things, far from what was considered normal.  A wounded bear had entered the settlement and as they ran for protection, the young lady approached the bear with open hands.  Her hands glowed, as the telling was told, and she softly, gently touched the bear.  Holding her hands over the wound,  a light glowed and the observers talked of a heat that radiated from her hands. 

The bear suddenly rose to his high legs, the people feared for the young lady's life, she smiled and the bear returned to all fours and walked into the woods.

This incident changed the people.  While in awe of her healing powers, they now were also afraid.   If she has such healing powers in her hands, would she not have equal deadly powers? 

The cattle became sick and although the young lady nursed them back to health, the people also whispered that maybe she was the responsible one. 

The old midwife tried to reason with the villagers and tell them what a fine gift they had with her healing powers.  The people, all in one way or another,  had been touched by the healing hands but now, they feared them.   Small groups met around the nightly fires and talked of danger and no longer talked of dreams.

The end of times was near.  The gift of the child of light was no longer important,  The fear took front position. 

The midwife, the young lady and her family gathered for protection.  They waited.  The knock came with muted voices and angry rumblings.  The group was greeted but there was no reasoning left in them.  They were crazed by their glimpse and fear of the unknown.

A shot rang out and the midwife fell..  The child, the wonderful gifted child she helped enter this world, ran to her as another shot was fired.  The young lady, the giver of life, the bearer of light, lay along side the midwife.  As the family struggled to break the hold of the angry mob, they cried out for the child and the woman they loved.

Silence filled the room as the settlers became ashamed by the horror of what they had done.  The Healer reached her hand toward the lady who had helped give her life.  "... for you" she softly whispered as her hands radiated  the healing light and warmth.

The midwife cried softly as the light left the healer's eyes and she, herself, began to heal.


Linda in New Mexico said...


Nora said...


Jules said...

Dang, that was unexpected. VERY powerful, please continue....

If this what allergies do to you, then maybe you should keep them.

Rudee said...

We always fear what we can't understand. I just hate angry mobs.

Far Side of Fifty said...

and? You have us hooked now! :)

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Your gift is words !
Thank you .

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow.....beautiful writing!


Nezzy said...

Wow!!! Too bad she wasn't around when we had Dead Dorothy! Heeehehehe! Do we get more???

Take care and have a super day.

Are you feelin' your old perky self?

Pat said...

This was a great story, full of mystery and feeling and love. I enjoyed it very much!

mrscravitz said...

WOW! That was a powerful story! Do you have more?

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