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Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
I do not think this is what Dylan Thomas had in mind
but it sure seems to fit.

Curses be the alignment kings!
and after the night/day I have had.
I wonder why I embrace technology
when I could hug a tree,
or an animal.

I wanted to complain in left alignment.
It seems so much more serious that way!

I have no left alignment but thank you, I am in justify!  That holds some poetic justice.

Early this morning, Andrew told me, after I went to bed my desk top died.  Not really died, I have not called time of death yet but as blue as it is, I do not hold out much hope. 

Blue page hell, that is where I have been!  You can hold what I know about computers in one tiny hand.  I was lost.  I F2ed and F12ed and shut down and rebooted and shook the tower a couple of times.  I ran tests, I kept trying but all that remained of my loyal desk top was the blue of blues.

I worked from three am til seven am this morning...there was my relaxing weekend!  I have never seen so many things inside my computer.  I did not even know how to get there or that these things were there.  I gallantly tried to revive my very blue screen.  Restore held no magic because I could not get there.  Nothing but blues and blue.

Enough of that!  I loaded up my lap top that never did act right, loaded up my basic router that Wal Mart Man told me I needed, took my disgusted, short tempered, out of patience receipts back to wally world by eight am this morning.

I was prepared to do battle if necessary to complete my mission and restore my electronic kingdom.  This may sound a little dramatic but that was what I was after no sleep and no success at CPR(computer programming resurrection).

First you get stickered at the door then you go to the service desk, then you go to electronics so you can return to the service desk.  I did the door sticker, the service desk, and on to electronics.  The man who finally came to help me went over that laptop with a fine-toothed comb.  He examined the screws on the battery department and would have opened it to see if I had stolen the battery if he could have found the tool.

Needless to say, this seemed like an insult to my integrity.  I sucked it up and played good.  I did not enquire about his actions.  I did not take personal affront over his lack of trust, I know it is his job...Man, that was hard to do. I think y'all may know how difficult it is for me to keep my mouth shut.  I played nice, Mama woulda been proud.

After meeting the stamp of approval and having my "you are a thief" label removed, I asked for help...yes, I asked for help.  Explained my dilemma and talked of the problems with the lap top.  This man had never seen that before so we should all feel good.  We could find no solutions because this problem never existed until I screwed up the laptop!

Anyway, with assistance I am now the proud owner of an All-in-one Dell Inspiron One computer.  No tower!!!  It is all built into the screen.  Amazing!  I am enthralled, excited, elated and tired!  This costs about one fifth the price of my first computer.

Computer is up and running smoothly.  All hooked in to the Internet, on line, surfing, emailing, posting and downloading pictures. 

I have a new plan now!  Plan A and Plan B actually.  If I can find someone to repair my tower so I can recover some of my stuff(lost pictures) that will be the noise room computer and this fine baby will become my wireless in the quiet part of the house.  B...if not, a wireless far reaching router and a lap top will be purchased.  Then we will try this again.


LindaG said...

Oh man, I am really sorry to hear that. Was Andrew using the desk top when it died?
If so, does he remember what happened?
I imagine you don't get any messages when you turn the computer on?
Do you see anything on the monitor when you turn the computer on or is it immediate blue screen?

I don't know a lot, but my husband works on computers all day long so I will probably ask him about it, though it's hard to diagnose without hands on.

Glad to hear you're the happy owner of a Dell though! :)

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh gawd, I can't live without technology but I hate it. I've had to revive this beast I'm on now 3 times. But now I have the appropriate computer condom, according to those that know, so so that I don't contract another computer STD (stupid thing damn it). Hehehe. Glad your up and running.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

LOVE your blog! So much I can relate to - sadly the tech troubles lately too. Tho my experience w/the service at Apple finally won me over permanently to "The Dark Side!" ;-) Now that you and I seem to have all that behind us, I'll be back often for more!

Silliyak said...

New meaning to "the Blues"

Anonymous said...

Technology can sure be corn-fusin' Glad you are back in cyberland!


carolina nana said...


Olivia J. Herrell said...

Awww, I'm sorry about the death of your loved one. And I you can squeeze your pictures out of it! Good luck. And congrats on your new shiny one!

~that rebel, Olivia

Nora said...

That sounds like what happened recently to me. Luckily I had my "old" computer still. My trusty standby. I haven't got the "new" one repaired yet. One day I will. I'm too disgusted with it now.

Anonymous said...

I think my laptop is on its way out but I am still firmly rooted in the denial stage... I have done no back-up and know that I will regret it but I.know.it.won't.die!

Pat said...

I swear there is nothing worse than a broken computer!

Luckily I am married to a geek who knows a LOT about computers; he's even torn them apart and fixed them. But when the monitor burned out on our last lap top there was nothing he could do. So I recently bought a Dell lap top. We also have a desktop that he uses all the time. I sneak in an use it when he's not around (sleeping or walking), because that computer has a great internet connection. I have WIFI on mine and it is iffy.

Hope you can retrieve your pictures from your old one.

Jules said...

May it rest in piece. I wish I was closer, computer resurrection is a real challenge to me, I love it. I totally rebuilt my first one.

Glad you have returned to the plugged in world though.

Nezzy said...

Ahhh, technology! Love it when it works, hate it when it's possessed. Just makes ya want to take the dang thing out and shoot it doesn't it! (We can do such things in the country!) Heeehehehe!

I'm so glad your up and goin' again. Any good 'geek' should be able to retrieve you stuff and transfer to your hard drive.

God bless ya and stay cool, man it's hot!!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Both times my computers have kicked the bucket..it was the blue screen of death..and nothing could be saved..therefore I am compulsive about backing up my photos. I hope you have better luck than me:)

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