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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The word means nothing.  It was a word verification and I like the sound of it so here it is, teedifus, teedifus, doesn't it sound magical?

How creative do you expect me to be?  I woke early and tried to capture the moon for you.  I shall need a better camera or a bigger net because I was not very successful. 

The sounds were as beautiful as the sight.  The stillness of the night before the roosters began their attack on the day is my favorite time.  I hear the frogs singing for rain.  In the distance,  a tiny hoot owl was serenading the darkness.  I could also hear the freshly released Cicadas playing their violins.  The stillness of the night should last longer.

I took many shots and I would call none of them successful but here are my attempts at capturing the moon for you.

I played with auto adjust which is the extent of my photo editing talent.  If I were a ghost watcher, I might wonder about the orbs but it was probably hundreds of biting mosquitoes circling because they smelled meat. 

It could have been my many ancestors.  I can hear them now. 

What the hell is she doin'? 

Tryin' to take a picture, what does it look like she's doin'?

Well, she's crazy, there's no light, her camera's not good enough, why would she try?

Stubborn runs on your side of the family...I think stupid does too!  Didn't get that from my side!

I was enjoying it more when they weren't talking.


Judy said...

Good Morning...I was out last night taking moon photos...it got dark fast...Your Photo looks great...I think you did a good job even if your ancestors don't ...what do they know anyway???

Lori E said...

I was up in the middle of the night and was admiring the moon too. We all see the same one yet we don't live near each other. That is pretty cool.
Your header pic is really cool too.
I find word verification very interesting and did a whole post on my definitions of them words. I have collected a bunch more that I should work on soon.

Farm Girl said...

I sat and read both of your blogs this morning, I love your pictures.
I love your pictures of the moon, I knew my camera couldn't get good pictures of it so I am glad you did.
I was thinking about a blog post with those sayings that you wrote down, Oh my gosh, you have more than I could remember, I was thinking of my grandmother saying " scarce as hen's teeth, hung with a new rope,
cute as a bug,"
I was thinking about why they talked that way and why we don't it was more descriptive.
Thanks for stopping by and reminding that that is beauty in the dangerous too.
Have a great day!

Rural Rambler said...

Teedifus. You know how I love word verification. I think your shot of the moon is pretty dang good. I still can't "shoot the moon". Love the bottom picture of Jake on your sidebar.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I love your newest magic word....of course I love word Verts. Glad to know other folks do like them too.
Your picture of the moon is great.....it's great....and your ancestors are speaking from the "other side" of their mouths....hehehehe...nevermind. I laughed out loud...love your humor.
ionsum is the ver word....ionsum and ionsum now.

ellen abbott said...

That first picture is pretty damn good. I was out wandering in the yard night before last about 12:30 looking at that full moon and how bright it was outside. Reminded me of being in the canyon on full moon nights and not needing a flashlight to find my way to the latrine.

Rudee said...

I am so going to steal that word. Teedifus--sounds like some of my colleagues: tedious and fussy. Teedifus.

LindaG said...

Well, it looks like a moon to me, so your camera must do just fine. :)
Love the chicken up top, too.
And the pictures of your animals are best of all. ;)

The 'orbs' are probably satellites, planets or some sort of reflections.

But ancestors sounds more wonderful. ;)
Happy Tuesday!


hello gail - i just saw your comment over at the macgregors blog - that you're from arkansas AND have FIG trees!!! my family [gilstrap] lived all over arkansas for 100s of years and there is still family land up around eureka springs - i'm guessing you'll be putting up some of those fabulous figs before long, if not already - anyway, couldn't resist saying hello - and i think i may have visited your neat blog before - have a great arkansas day! jenean

Nora said...

That moon in the first photo looks good to me. I don't know what you are complaining about. Maybe you have been listening to too many negative ancestors. You tell them to keep quiet or to come up with more positive input.
Teedifus is a great word, you're not very teedifus yourself.

allhorsestuff said...

HAHA..the word reminds me of some I have been making up , of late, this one is a fussy, tedious person!
YOUR moon is great!


Melanie said...

The moon has been great the last few nights, hasn't it?

And I love that your long, gone ancestors talk about you.
They probably do it more than you know...teeheehee!
They thought they had you fooled, but you were smart enough to catch on. Now whose side did that come from??? ; )

Pat said...

The first photo turned out pretty good I think! Was it a full moon last night and I missed it? Huh!

Nezzy said...

Makin' sentences out of word from word verification is one of my many hobbies. Like I need to look for somethin' to do. :o)

I though ya captured the moon beautifully, especially the orb pics. Your ancestors are almost as funny as you.

Have a great day my friend!!!

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