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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Like A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof...

I used to say that a lot in the drawl of  Maggie.  It was such a dramatic play but I was too young to understand the undercurrents.   I would not have paced and drawled the phrase so much if I had understood the implications.  Tennesse Williams did an outstanding job with a play that is timeless in meaning. 

I still feel like a cat on a hot tin roof but not because I am sexually frustrated nor because I have a lot of anger.  It is because it is hotter than hell!

If jumping off the roof would help as suggested by Brick in the play, I would be gathering my muscles to jump.  Trouble is, it is as hot on the ground as it is on the roof!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well...just how hot is it? How hot is hell? lol!

Seriously, can you find relief from the heat in the shade or under the porch with a tall glass of lemonaid?

I suppose you also have humidity, too. I remember that mugginess swampy feeling all too well.

And I don't miss it a bit!

Today, it is raining and only 70 degrees. It's kind of cold when the rain falls on your skin.
We don't own an A/C so it's a good thing our temps usually hover around the mid-80s up here. And we rarely ever have any humidity.

I feel for ya, my friend. But you'll be feeling sorry for me come winter, eh?

Can you believe summer is more than half over already?


Rae said...

Love that rooster header. He is a handsome devil.
You aren't kidding when you say it is hot. I don't remember any summer being quite as bad as this one. I hope I can hang on to these miserable hot memories when it is the middle of January and I am complaining that it is too cold. Right now snow and cold sound awfully good.

Nezzy said...

Great header Gail! Now don't hold back...tell us how hot it is! Heeehehehe!!!

One might think it's summer in the Ozarks. Right now it's 97 and the corn choppers just pulled into the fields. Plants are droopin' and so am I. My pool water is more like bathwater....I'm thinkin' several bags of ice might help. Yet baby, I'd take this any day over winters cold and ice!

You have a super day dear one!!!

Nora said...

Thank goodness our heatwave is over for now. We have normal temperatures again, in the seventies. It's a great relief.

I would love to see that Tennessee Williams play again. Chances are, I won't. Not even the movie.

That's a great rooster at the top. How does he crow?

Pat said...

That's one beautiful cock-a-doodle-do!

We finally got some relief from the heat today - it was 79 degrees and low humidity - not bad in the shade. I turned our a/c off for a few hours. I wanted to air out the trailer and try to get rid of some germs. But by late in the day it was 84 in the trailer, so I broke down and turned the a/c back on. But tonight? Low of 59! Yipee!

Brenda said...

I love that movie also. And yes...it is really hot here also!

Linda in New Mexico said...

I have always loved the play/movie. And it's okay about the drawling and all...I used to say that my Mother was like Blanche in Streetcar named Desire....depending on the kindness of strangers....till I got the root of that too.
Great red head on your header as someone else already said...good looking critter.

Gramma Ann said...

It was beautiful here today, we went for a Sunday afternoon drive, which we haven't done in ages.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'd jump off the roof only if it was into a pool. Its been so sticky here . yuk

allhorsestuff said...

YEA MOMMA! It is too blame HOT here as well!
Had to get up really early to ride in the woods..but it was nice.

I will have to watch that movie again...saw it when I was much younger..maybe, I shall understand it now!

Yea...tis true on the hay being wet when it sits on the ground for days...try 100 degrees for 4 days... and my silly barn owner thinks if he turns it over for 15 minutes...before he loads it up, it'll dry for stacking...300 bales. A NA!
NOT for my horse, glad I got my hay!...they may try to make theirs sick though.

Be well...stay in the shade with a cold drink and a cat or dog nearby!

allhorsestuff said...

LOOKS SO PRETTY AROUND HERE>>really cool header!

Anonymous said...

We are all suffering here with the heat too... roll on Winter!!

Jules said...

WOW, what fans you have. It is still hot here as well but hopefully rain is on the way.

I like the rooster too. :)

EPDM Coatings said...

I think this rooster should be on the top of the roof. :):)

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