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Saturday, February 28, 2009


The weather man was right. We got snow and are still getting snow. The only thing that is good is most of it is melting when it hits the ground.

Huddling in the snow, yes, they do have a barn

The animals knew last evening. The horses were kicking up their heels. The roosters were finding a hiding spot. Birds were looking for seed.

I also know it is close to spring because the barn cats are romancing.
Bev, the miracle worker, was here today. She spent almost her entire day in Andrew's room with Andrew. They sorted alphabetically. They played guitar. They listened to music...and Bev cleaned and cleaned.
What in the world would I do without her help????

Why I Don't Play With Ouija Boards

First, I believe, maybe erroneously, but sometimes you can't help the way you believe, that it is not a game. I know that's weird for someone as open minded as me. I do not condemn those who want to play, but I will not. I will not allow one in my house.

I know, I know, it has been a parlour game since the eighteen hundreds, but I still can not do it.

I played one time in my early teens. From that time, my mind has been set.

My cousin had a Ouija Board. Bev, in college, was engaged to be married. At some point, we decided to ask the Ouija Board a few questions.

We set up the board and placed our fingers on the pointer. The first question, of course, was who would Bev marry. The pointer moved. Diane, Bev and I all accused the other of moving it.
Bev was engaged to a gentleman named Brad. The pointer, without hesitation, spelled out RAD. We all laughed...someone could not spell Brad.

You know me, even at that young age, I was full of questions, always wanting proof. The next question was from me...who are you?

The pointer sat for a minute, we had decided it would not move. Very quickly it started to move, everyone was accusing the other of pushing it. We spelled it aloud...L....E....G....I...O...N!!!

This was in the middle of a sunny afternoon and I got cold chills, removed my hands and from that point have refused to touch or own a Ouija Board.

This may seem strange coming from a old farm girl with average intelligence. I cannot change this belief. Call it strange, weird, sick, crazy but I call it real.

My proof? Years later Beverly married Richard Alan Day! The board could spell after all!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

SkyWatch and Febreze

My hubby is an amazing yet trying man, if I haven't mentioned that. He does all the farm work he can from the seat of his tractor but rarely, rarely does he do house work.

So this question had me wondering...do we have any of that febreze stuff? I said what stinks. He said where is it. After giving him the location of one bottle he quickly locates the other bottle. Now this has my curiosity peaked. What is this man thinking?

I stepped into his tv room and he was spraying the dog, Maggie!!!! He said she stinks. I said brush her and the smell will go away. He continues to spray her and asked me if I had sprayed her. No, I did not think of it. Well, she acts like you sprayed her.

I leave them to their smell party. Then Den comes in and says, while standing in front of the vacuum, where is the vacuum cleaner. I said I don't know and he locates one, not the one in front of him, but the one in another room.

Then you're not going to believe this...he vacuums the whole tv room and may have vacuumed Maggie too, I did not stay to watch.

I am in shock!

Wonderful, sweet, hubby is cleaning the tv room!!! He even spot cleaned the couch!!!

I step into a hair free, clean smelling room, with Maggie out of site.

I think this guy is a keeper!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Love Purple!

Don't know when that happened. I use to be a blue lover but now I am purple through and through.  Did a little researching on purple since I knew you guys were just waiting on pins and needles to hear about purple.

There is medieval purple, Han purple, imperial purple, electric purple, and psychedelic purple. There is Purple Rain, Purple Haze and Purple People Eaters.  Klingons have purple blood.

In parapsychology, people with purple auras are considered to have a love of ritual and ceremony. Purple is associated with royalty and nobility. In some countries it is the color of mourning.

The word purple first referred to a dye from a marine snail...mucus secretion from a snail!!!

I am neither regal nor royal nor a Klingon, so I know not from where my purple love cometh.
I will just have to accept I love a color that first came from sea snail snot and live with my love of purple.

This N That

I always enjoy touching on this and that now and then.

A little humor

Our one eyed dog

The ice storm's devastation

And one simple question

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going Back...Way Back

Been organizing and you're thinking, is she not finished yet?! Anyway found some old pictures, this is Jake in diapers...I told you they were old!

Cash Crop

Large and very small

Charme before she came to live with me
Christmas '05 Maria(daughter), Andrew, her son, Melissa (oldest daughter), Jake, her son and Marcy, my oldest sister.

I Skipped A Day!!

Now you are saying, oh, no, she will bombarde us with two or three posts to make it up. I am goning to surprise you and NOT do that.

Monday, being a Monday, kinda sucked the life outta me. Then there was Terrible Tuesday which dined on whatever was left, so...no post.

Although Bev did not give me homework this weekend, I have been trying to keep this rock rollin'. I moved out a big craft table I had made and placed it on the dreaming porch. I brought in my Grandpa's old table he had made for my "art" table.

I have also been sorting papers for taxes (dirty word!) and trying to get my desk area organized, paper wise. Piles of tax use, piles of no use, and piles of future use paper are cluttered in my desk area. I have yet to finish.

May Wednesday be a wonderful, beautiful day to inspire me to achieve great things and seize the day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miracles By Beverly

It was another productive day in my humble dwelling. Beverly worked my tail off! One daughter even took another truck load!
May I present my new used for nothing else sewing area? This was the old utility closet in the lodge BEFORE we built it onto to Mom and Dad's house. There may be a little finessing to do but the bones, once again are in place. My machine sets on an old treadle sewing machine. This area shall later be painted.

This is the sitting area in my computer room. Pink Lady has found her home. Side table is a wooden bar stool covered first with a curtain then draped with the same scarf that is on the foot stool.
The Now Cook Book corner has been covered with bits and pieces gathered carefully by Beverly. They must be in the same color and they all must connect, not in theme but in color. Beverly is an artist!

See how the colors are carried to actual cook book shelf?

Last but not least, the flower corner, where a few survive my brown thumb. The hangings to the right are Mom's. This window faces east so Bev placed a lacy curtain so the flowers would have all the advantage of the morning sun.

We are getting closer to being organized totally. Sometimes I think, I should not post these for I do not live in a fancy dwelling. Then I think, why not, it is my home and I love it.

Can't wait to see what happens today!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Husband Had A Dream

My husband has been overwhelmed and overworked since the end of January when the ice hit, then the flood hit. He is the manager of the Office of Emergency Services for our county.

Most people have power restored and all roads are open. Things are not perfect but they are improving.

During all this, we, too, had trees fall, fences down, things washed out. My hubby, being the last to take care of himself, is very good at his job.

He could not sleep well the other night for dreaming. We can guess what was on his mind...our messes.

He dreamed the cows escaped through the many downed fences. He dreamed twenty extra head of horses came in. He dreamed of mud up to all the animals necks and they could not move. He dreamed the mud dried and the horses were sprigging grass, walking along, placing the sprigs and patting them in with hooves.

At least it had a happy ending! Now if we can train them to sprig grass, we will have lots of help!

Friday, February 20, 2009


My husband gave another meaning to Fry day! When I arrived home from work, I had FRIED pork steaks, baked potatoes and gravy too! Too delicious and so not good for you.

Beginning to see dots of green in the landscape. Could it be spring peaking out? Bring it on!

Marcy and Bev have been planting onions in every bare spot they can find. Marcy said we didn't have enough last year.

I shall do my homework 'cuz Bev will be here tomorrow ready to make miracles happen.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who's Driving?

I kid you not! This lawn mower is not running. The lights look like they are on.
See the mist above the mower?
Has someone come to help us clean up the mess?

Sky Watch and Power Tools

Power tools are the great equalizer! Ever thought about that? They have helped woman be totally butch, macho, the man!

I would always get so frustrated when I had to ask hubby to use a screw driver because I did not have the strength. Felt like a wussy, little, wimpy girl. I don't mind playing the helpless Southern Belle, when it suits me, but not when I have to!

Power tools have changed all that for me. Battery operated is even better. There is no stopping me now. I used to think I could fix anything with duct tape and a staple gun but now I have added to my tool kit.

I can screw,(pun not intended, but permission granted to enjoy) saw, hammer with the best of them now! I have power tools!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Is Me

In all my embarrassment from my computer goof. I have deleted some pictures somewhere and they seem to have deleted themselves from some of my posts. I have tried to restore and it is a work in progress. If you go to my archives, please be patient as I will get them up sooner or later...later is more likely.

If I don't run away!!!!!!!!!!

My New Underwear

Just wanted to share the fact I did purchase new underwear and am tickled to death! There are only three holes in each pair unlike my old ones that had countless holes. They are cotton and not see through, unlike my old ones through which you could read a newspaper.

There's just nothing like a good pair of underwear to make you feel good!

My underwear is kinda like my personality...simple, strong, yet soft.

I do not wear the butt floss panties that all the young people seem to be wearing. I do not wear bikinis or fancy sexy shiny underwear. I want no nonsense comfortable underwear. I do not like people crawling up my butt so I don't want my underwear to do that either. I do not let my underwear show unless you come visit too early or too late.

I'm not wearing the kind of underwear that Grandma used to wear but I'm getting close.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Battle In The Closet

Ever think how much you can get done in one day? I had a great start. Bev had helped me put the bones together in my house so I just had a few things to do. Simple things, one minute jobs, piece of cake, right!

My first job was to get a sliding door back on track in a closet. No matter what I did, nothing worked. I lifted, I angled, I talked to it...it was not going back in. When I thought I might injure the door or me, I would come check my email...only thing that saved me.

I finally decided after over an hour battling with the door, some one or some thing was gonna give and it wasn't gonna be me. Out comes the hammer and off comes the one door that was on track and working fine. I put up a large curtain rod and placed a curtain over the closet door. Problem solved. Just wish I had gotten there earlier.

This is Andrew's closet and I spent a good hour rehanging his clothes and placing his shoes in his closet, after I had cleaned it of course. His clothes had been in another closet. This is now, or will be his new preteen room. I think he is getting a little excited. He found shirts in the closet he had forgotten about!

Other than the standard laundry, dishes, sweeping, cleaning commodes and hanging one more curtain, I did nothing!

So much for my big plans.

Monday, February 16, 2009


At each other...who's the boss?

What do I see? Must be feeding time.
Seymour says, I'll keep the cows away
. Yep! It's must be feeding time.

Princess doesn't miss a feed.
Charme says, get back and let me eat, guys.
Everyone is looking for something.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Another day with Beverly. Things have been cleaned and moved and moved again. We are looking for each piece to have its home.

If you have not noticed, my style is very eclectic shabby chic or in my words, making do with what you got. The only new things I own are appliances and a mattress set. Each piece in my house tells a story, each piece has history.

I think that is the difference between a house and a home. How exciting is it to say I bought this at Thomasville? I can say I found this in the barn, I made this, we found this at a really cool yard sale and paid only ten dollars. This table is Grandma Greenstreet's, this cabinet is Granny Pruett's, this is my mother's, Dad build this for me is such a much more intriguing tale than Thomasville.

My new office corner is not quite finished. It just needs things placed in shelves and a few things put up. Remember the sleigh bed head board? Here it is from the other side, a very convenient room divider, if I do say so myself. My calendar and a few artsy things with be on this.

Chair: yard sale, two dollars, side table: yard sale, three dollars, shelf: junk store, ten dollars, Lamp: thrift store, one dollar, Plant: yard sale, ten dollars, Horseshoe horses: gift, Picture: framed Ariat advertisement. The painting from the dining room has found a new home.
Oops, I think I bought the file cabinet new about twenty years ago. The chair under the desk is Mom's and the desk is another yard sale find.

This may not be to every one's taste, but I will take Gailsville over Thomasville any day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ice Pictures By Maria

More ice art...Mother Nature does it so well.
Beverly lost many large pine trees.

When the power went out Maria and family stayed with my sister in town. Today she brought me ice pictures.
Bev and I have been working all day. Washing and moving curtains, moving furniture, and moving it again. My office corner is almost done. The computer corner is done except for some tweaking. The lodge living room is done. This shall hold my art center and computer area. The back bedroom is the sewing crafty room. I have taken no pictures today but will do so when we get closer to being finished.

I am delighted with all the changes and the rooms flow so much better and feel open and spacious. I even did some painting today. Will look forward to scaring you with them

Andrew is wondering when we are going to get his room done.

Both daughters and all three grandsons were my valentine. Both girls moved some of their stuff out so I am making head way. Thank God!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Did You Ever Notice...

How when a woman takes a day off, she works her tail off? My man takes a day off and goes fishing!My new entry corner, phone corner, whatever you want to call it corner. My favorite picture is the large one and it is called "Reflections".

I have photographed my humble home and its projects. I have two corners done in my homework. I'm in trouble! Bev will be here tomorrow to continue my organization and I am not through with the first part. This is a dusty chair in the tv room. I should have dusted BEFORE I took the picture.

As you can see one spot on my desk is clear and things are poked into the holes.

Why do I always see things after I take the picture? I will not retake it for a tilted lampshade so please imagine the shade is in place.
This cabinet was made by me by putting parts together from this and that. It is an old chest of drawers that fell apart. I made shelves and installed doors. The top shelf will hold my computer paper and the doors hide my uglies. I will unify the colors as I get to it. I emptied one box!

This old buffet was Mom's. I found it in the barn a few years ago. The veneer has come off in some places but plan to stain it all to match. I put new handles on it and also glued all the pieces back into place that I found in the floor of the barn. It had been placed at the entry door but Beverly has changed it to the tv table. I must say I love it here 'cause all the equipment can fit in one place. Behind it is an old sleigh bed head board dividing the room from my new business area(one of the places I was supposed to finish).

I know Beverly says you have to muddy the waters before they clear but boy, these waters sure are muddy right now.

Sky Watch Friday

A lazy post...I have homework.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Princess following the dozer tracks.

A Pinto Goat??

Princess found out who hauls the feed.
How can ONE goat get into so much?

The Freedom of Blogdom

I have been thinking about blogging.

What does it give us? Why do we do it? And why are there those that always seem to have something negative to say about anything? My Dad always said, "If you cannot say something good, keep your damn mouth shut!"

Here are my thoughts. You may agree, you may not. You may comment or you may not. That is your choice and your freedom as it is my choice and my freedom to talk about anything I want to from what ever point of view I choose.

Since I have entered Blogdom, I have seen a few friends insulted and forced to move their websites. I have seen people's feelings hurt by unthinking remarks. I have met many wonderful people with amazing stories and thoughts to share.

We choose to blog, to bear our souls to strangers, in hopes of finding a common thread to make our journey through life a little easier. We blog to empty our hearts and know that a shared load is always lighter. We blog to find people to listen to our woes, our triumphs, our successes and our failures. We blog for pleasure and for education.

To thine own self be true and never doubt that what you say touches someone, somewhere, someway.

Be strong, be free.......BLOG!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Before And After

The devastation is heartbreaking and overwhelming.
This is the same tree!

Down under before...
And After.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Winter Woolies

Looking down Marcy's steps.

The animals are still woolly but the frogs are singing tonight. I hope it means spring is near.

I look at all the woolly coats still around. I am glad they had them to stay warm. I look forward to their shiny new spring coats.

Ice damage is everywhere. Maybe in a hundred years, we will get it cleaned.

This is the nice spring pond filled with pines we could have logged...not now.
Last year you could not see the sky from here.
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