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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Last Hoorah

Family and fans gathered for the game with trepidation.  This would be the last game of the year, the last game for this sixth grade Melbourne Mighty Mites.  This is the last gathering of this group of young men before the game.

This would be the last warm up, the last stretches, the last preparation before moving on.

The last touch downs, the last tackles, the last two point conversions, the last bumping helmets touchdown dance and the final victory, only one defeat this season.

One team, one mind, one heart.

They gathered in victory to pose for this snapshot of their history.
Tonight they will party with an indoor pool, pizza, pop and guardians.

Next year, they go to seventh grade.  Some will play, some will not.  They will never be in this space, this time again.  My wish is they hold onto this feeling of victory and team work and success and carry it with them where ever they may be.

Thanks guys, it has been a wild ride.  Thank you, Sara, for holding the reins.

Happy Halloween!

Watch out for big pumpkins,
And all things orange
There may be webs to trap you
and baby-eating Zombies loose tonight!

Friday, October 30, 2009

We Have SUN!

See it shining on the back trees?
With dark clouds over head
I do believe the sun is somewhere in those clouds.
Blue skies smiling at me!
An early morning, during the rain, contorting around the car seat and out the window, I have snapped the white deer! You might not be able to see her but she is white and beautiful and had twins this spring. They were brown.

I Use To Bathe...

Under this large tree as a child. Either the creek has filled in or I was awfully small. I could not reach around this tree then nor can I reach around it now.

It seemed such a long trip to the creek but it is close to the house, not a five minute walk. We carried our towels, soap and clean clothes. We hurried because it was fun to wash in the creek in the warm weather.

We did not worry about snakes, because the brush was cleared. We did not worry about strangers because none came this way. We enjoyed the cool water in the hot air.

When we were finished, we bundled our clothes in the towels and trekked happily to the house, squeaky clean.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arkansas White Tail Deer

Watching me as I drive by.
Not sure to run or watch
Can you guess why they are called White Tails?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strange Light In The Sky!

The sky started to lighten as the mist still fell.
I saw a strange light peaking out of the clouds.

We shall have sun today and rain the rest of the week.
I am putting some sunshine in a bottle.

Going To Work...Coming Home

Going to work
looked like coming home.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thank You For The Rain

The dry creeks are running.
A blurry Robin looking for worms from above the great waters.

Our cup runneth over,
 and our barrels, 
our pots, our ponds, our creeks
 and our farm in general.
The colors of falls surround us.
The water skaters are loving the extra water every where.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cross I Bear

Just a catch up on things happening At The Farm. I am still lazy and since I did not have enough work to do, I am now working six days a week at my job for an indefinite span of time. Will I survive? Who knows. My replacement had an opportunity to temporarily run another office. That is a great chance for her but not for me, except for the over time. That will be good. I can prepare for my retirement and have postponed it till all is settled. Hopefully that will be soon. Idea scenario, Leshia gets her own office and I can retire knowing she is in good shape.

Marcy is still paring pears and preserving them either by drying or canning. The crop is not over yet. The frost did not seem to damage much, even though it was a heavy one. The roses are only bitten around the edges so we may still have a bouquet or two.

Nuts are still being gathered by the nuts that live here and various creatures.

Plans for The Red Barn are developing. The equipment, cash counter and some shelves will hopefully be moved in this week. The arrangement Queen, Beverly, will have her work cut out for her. This wall shall be this and this corner will be that, etc.

Gypsy's training is progressing but no one seems interested. This is sad because she is a darling dog and is good with kids, cats, dogs, horses, cattle and a goat. Amazing what that girl will do for a treat. She met her first Otter the other night and that was a adventure for her. She is presently standing with her head in my lap wanting more attention. Gotta love her, she is a sweetie pie!

I guess I have to mention my cross now. It is working full time, raising a grandson, training a dog, trying to help Hubby on the farm, and getting the shop ready, which I have been elected to run, We have Marcy's other house to sell in Randolph County. Ah, the list is unending.

You make that cross easier and more enjoyable with your visits and comments. I looked and I have seventy-one followers...yipeee! I remember being scared when it took a few days to get my first comment.

You help me realize the beauty around me and remind me I am very fortunate to be one of the custodians of this wonderful space I call At The Farm. The truth is we never own a place, we only care for it, to assure this life continues by working with nature and not against it.

Thank you, my followers, my friends. You keep me honest and humble.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Interview After The Game

What did I think of the game? For one thing those guys knocked down my brother one too many times. Let me atta 'em!
I give a raspberry for the bad call.
Football is like mouse hunting, you win some, you lose some.
Go, Andrew, you are the best, you play ball with me!
I am fluffed with pride, this team did a great job. Another win is coming just like another grasshopper, there is always another one.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Losing Sucks Eggs

We played Thayer Mo who has had football for years.  Last time we tied 8-8.  This time was different.  Thayer's coach goes to everyone games and watches.  This is a good thing for them.  I heard the coach yell, "Stop 81, keep him down!"  Four players tackled my 81 and did not ask this grandmother for permission.

This season, until today, the sixth grade had been undefeated.  Those Thayer boys were on ours like stink on shit, sorry.  They had a fumble on a touch down and the ref called it good...I don't think so.  Both sides played an awesome game, how can anyone move that has four guys hanging off.  This happened on both sides.

Final score...16 to 14...Thayer.

It was hard to see Andrew cry.

The Crop Thief

I know these pictures are not great but I had to show one of our many thieves after the pecans.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Coming Home

That always sounds so good.  Driving the gravel road, nestled between the hills, I imagine the wagons picking the easiest path, dropping into this beautiful spring fed valley I have the priviledge of calling home.

I spy two deer feeding and they spy me.  This would have been a shot for Tina's camera.  I didn't make it.  Too slow and too shaky. I could not zoom without shaking like I was naked in an ice storm.

Maybe Lisa could have zoomed quick enough.

Storm Damage

The valley over cannas
These are called "hangers".  These limbs were a danger during the ice storm and are still a danger when the wind blows.  A sheriff was skilled somewhere in Arkansas from a "hanger" while helping people during the storm.
Another view from my yard over the dark cannas.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Scare Crow...Not A True Tale

Driving through the pouring rain with seat belt unfastened, her only thoughts were the thirty-four years behind her.

Memories from those years lay piled in the back seat.  Surprised it all fit, she counted them...the safety awards, the framed appointment notices, mixed decorations and the scarecrow.  Ah, the scare crow!  He was left hanging on the flag pole one Halloween.  She had kept him although his smile was a little creepy.

Driving into deep water, the tires began to lose traction.  She thought so this is hydroplaning as she was thrown through the wind shield.

The PT Cruiser came to rest with no visible damage except for the missing wind shield.

They found her close by.  She and the scarecrow lay as if embraced.  Looking closer you could see the scarecrow's stake had impaled her.

At her feet, unmarred, lay her retirement award.

Fall In Our Valley

The crops have been gathered


and stored

The trees are changing

and football is all that matters.
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