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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes And All Things Fall

I can taste them!
Fall harvest
The autumn of my life is here and the autumn of the year. The mornings are chilly with a little bite in the air but it warms into a beautiful day. The rains have stopped for the moment and the mornings have a foggy look since the air is cooler than our water. Hubby has had a fire a couple of mornings.

Things still grow and Marcy is harvesting and putting up for winter. The squirrels are storing nuts too and it is a battle to see who gets the pecans first.

Fall is a sad time, an end of running barefoot through the grass and playing in the creek in the heat of the day. The grass will slow its growth and wait for the first frost to change it colors.
The leaves are beginning to turn and will soon turn loose and fall to the ground...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures tonight! I always feel a little sad to see the first frost get my flowers but then I get busy thinking of the upcoming holidays and planning for next year's flowers.

Gramma Ann said...

Gail, Maybe you should move to Australia for the winters because they have summer during our winters. They are just starting to enjoy summer. It was just a thought. hee, hee.

Those watermelons look good. Are they sweet and juicy?

The Green Stone Woman said...

Does fall make you melancholy, Gail? The photos are beautiful. I love the one of the leaf. It's 67 degrees in the apartment, but I'm not turning on the heater yet. I like it a bit chilly. I have less hot flashes. I hope you'll make pumpkin pie and invite me!

cwa said...

Beautiful photos. Fried green tomatoes were a treat when I was a child. My aunt could make some of the best ones in the world, I swear. I had to live somewhere once where the seasons never changed. You might be surprised by how much you miss seeing nature evolving throughout the year. Blessings to you.

Nezzy said...

Again beautiful pics. We broke down and turned on the furnace this afternoon. I mourn the exit of summer like I would mourn a loved one leaving.

My cowpatty name has a story behind it. I will share it sometime soon on the blog. Yes, I have pitched a few "cow chips" in my day.

Thanks for sharing and God bless!!!

Pat said...

Fried green tomatoes - always eat them when we travel down south!

I always love the fall - especially the beautiful colors. This year we headed south sooner than normal, but September up in IL changed in temperature real quick anyway.

Your photos were lovely.

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